**** Chapter Twenty-Eight ****

Soon enough, the three witches arrive, standing their ground fifty metres away from the Cullens. Everybody, including the hidden wolves, are sizing up their opponents. Carlisle on the other hand, is waiting for the signal to reveal whose side he is really on, and to try and convince Bella to go with him and the witches. If that doesn't work, he knows he is going to have to use force.

"Well, this is rather a surprise," said Agatha, shooting a quick questioning and accusatory glance at Carlisle before looking around at everyone again. "I didn't expect you to know of our arrival."

The glance didn't go unnoticed by anyone.

"We have our secrets like you have yours," replied Esme. Her motherly instincts kicking in as she predatorily takes a step forward, needing to protect those she sees as her own sons and daughters.

"What are you doing here?" Emmett said, also taking a step forward.

"Why," Kamila, Agatha's sister, responds. "We're here for Bella, of course." She looks straight at Bella and smirks.

"What do you want with her?" Rosalie growls out, fists clenching at her sides.

Clarisse, the third witch, turns her focus onto the blonde vampire.

"That's none of your concern, sweet cheeks," Clarisse drawls out.

"You don't have a say in what does and doesn't concern me," Rosalie fires back. "But here's an idea: How about we go straight to the part where I tell you that there is no way in hell either of you will be getting your filthy hands on Bella, and where I kick your ass!" Rosalie takes a few steps forward, about to carry out what she just said but Emmett takes a hold of her arm, stopping her from doing so.

She growls back at him but doesn't try to break out of the hold.

"I think it's best that you leave before things get ugly," Esme tells the witches. "Because believe me, it will."

"We will take our changes," Kamila chuckles, looking at her sister and friend in amusement, who also shares the same reaction.

"Fine by me," Emmett growls out, ready to fight.

Agatha pointedly looks at Carlisle, silently telling him to speak up. Taking a step forward, he turns his attention from the witches to his 'family'.

"I think it's best if Bella willingly leaves with the witches to prevent any unnecessary deaths," he says clearly, without any guilt or shame.

"What?" Esme hoarsely whispers, her head snapping towards him, unable to believe what her husband has just said.

"Bella should go with the witches. It's a selfish act if she does otherwise," he says as though it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Esme shakes her head in disbelief.

"I don't understand," she says, starting to regain her voice. "We've always stuck together. We've always fought for and alongside our family, that's never changed for us. What's going on, Carlisle?" She reaches out for him but he shrugs her away.

"Nothing has changed!" He yells at her. She recoils at his volume. "I am still fighting for my family! Edward is my family, I am doing this for him!"

There was a moment of silence before Esme quietly and emotionally said, "So none of us are considered family to you?"

"Of course you're all my family," he said.

Rosalie shakes her head in anger, "No. We're not. And even if you believe that to be true, the fact still stands that you would rather all of us, including your wife, fighting for our lives just so your DEAD 'son' gets what he wants?"

Rosalie's words fuels up Esme's own heartbreak and anger at her husband's betrayal, causing the woman to take a few menacing steps towards Carlisle.

"You know," she says. "You spend most of your time saving people who are injured or sick, when you're the sickest of them all."

Carlisle, now humiliated at his family's disrespect for him yells out, "Fine! If Bella won't give herself up, I'll do it for her!"

He rushes over to Bella and grabs her arm, about to throw her over to the witches when two pairs of strong hands latches onto his arms, prying them off of Bella. Once he has unwillingly released his hold on her, Alice swoops right in, giving a hard kick to his chest and sending him reeling backwards into a tree, snapping it in half. There's a loud booming sound as the tree crashes to the ground.

Carlisle gets back up and shakes himself off as he readies himself to go after Bella again when the witches tell him to stop. He looks over at them, both in annoyance for interrupting him and curiosity as to where they were going with this.

"This is your last chance to come over to us willingly, Bella," Kamila tells her.

"Go to hell," Bella growls out.

"Have it your way, then," Agatha says as she swiftly raises her arms to point to either side of her as she quickly moves her arms close together, causing two large trees to snap and fall down towards the Cullens.

They quickly start moving out of the way of the falling trees, but soon enough, Kamila raises one hand with her index finger pointing up towards the sky as she moves her hand in a circle, causing a great gust of wind, leaves and dirt to form around them. The Cullens struggle to see through Kamila's formation.

Alice makes sure to grab on to Bella's hand, making sure they don't separate from each other. Jasper manages to work his way through it and towards Kamila. He's about to jump at her when Carlisle attacks him from the side, causing a brawl to break out between the two vampires.

Clarisse walks her way into Kamila's earth magic, not getting caught in the middle of it as Kamila manoeuvres it around her. She makes her way towards Bella when Seth in wolf form comes bounding out from behind a few large trees and bushes to pounce on her. Caught off guard, she doesn't have time to react as Seth bites into her side and then straight away mauls her head off of her shoulders as his front paw holds her down.

He throws the witch's head to the side, growling at the other two witches whose eyes grew wide at unexpectedly seeing this giant wolf appearing out of nowhere to fight alongside the vampires. Seth's teeth and drool dripping to the ground filled with Clarisse's blood is enough to wake up the other two witches.

Their anger renewed, Kamila stops the gushes of wind she created and fixes her glare on Seth. Agatha takes an angry step forward and reaches her arm out as though she's going to strangle him. Seth starts wincing in pain and thrashes back and forth. Even though the two of them were merely twenty-five metres apart, Agatha was in fact strangling him.

Bella was quick to realise this as she focused on her shield, imagining it moving out towards him, encompassing him in her supernatural shielding bubble. Almost immediately, he stops wincing and regains his composure. He looks back at her with a thankful look in his big eyes. She nods her head in return before looking back at the two remaining witches.

The two look baffled for a moment before looks of realisation dawns their faces.

"I see someone's been practicing their gift," Kamila growls out, glaring daggers at Bella.

"Impressed, are we?" Rosalie smirks, speaking for Bella.

"More like: Curious. Let's see how well you've trained yourself, Bella."

Kamila places her arms out in front of her, laying her palms open and facing the sky. A storm starts to brew above them as the wind starts picking up and birds fly from their homes in the trees in fright. Agatha places her hand on her sister's shoulder as she closes her eyes to focus. A green glow starts to form its way around the two witches, momentarily distracting Carlisle, unintentionally giving Jasper a clear opening to get Carlisle flat on his back as he rips the man's right arm off.

Carlisle lets out a strangled cry of pain as he uses his now only arm to place his hand where his arm was just torn off. The scream of pain was enough to momentarily startle Bella out of her focus on her shield, causing it to drop right at lightning shoots down from the sky, narrowly missing each Cullen it came to strike down.

With the green glow encircling the two witches caused by Agatha, the storm becomes more powerful and more dangerous as the Cullens continue to try and dodge the lightning strikes.

"Bella!" Alice calls out to her lover. "Use your shield!"

Bella calls back, "I can't focus long enough for it to shield everyone!"

Jasper, out of the way of the storm because of how close he and Carlisle are to the witches, abandons his fight with his once father figure to tackle Kamila to the ground. However, before he could, Carlisle manages to move past his pain enough to block Jasper's path before he was able to get to Kamila.

Seeing everyone struggling with the witches and not really getting anywhere, the rest of the hidden wolves make their presence known as they jump out from behind the trees and land in front of the Cullens, in front of the storm. Growling and taking a fighting stance, Agatha opens her eyes to see the many wolves now stalking towards them with their teeth bared.

She takes her hand off of her sister's shoulder and the green formation encircling them now dissipates into thin air. Kamila's storm begins to lack its severity, though it is still strong enough to keep the lightning strikes falling down, aiming for the Cullens' heads.

Jacob in his wolf form dives for Agatha, aiming to rip her head right off her shoulders. But expecting this move, Agatha quickly retaliates before Jacob could inflict any damage onto her by sending a log flying from the side straight into his rib cage, hurling him through the air to the side as he crashes into the ground with a thud.

The other wolves quickly surge forward but Agatha uses a great gust of wind to send them flying backwards. A few landed in the Cullen's storm circle, but before they can get up to try and move out of there, all but one gets struck with the lethal lightning, killing them instantly. The other wolf tries to protect Bella as she focused on expanding her shield.

The wolf shoves Bella out of the way so she wouldn't get struck by a lightning bolt coming her way but by doing so, he got struck instead and fell to ground lifeless. The battleground is crazy. The Cullens can't find their way out of the deadly storm Kamila has created, Jasper and Carlisle are fighting on the ground with Carlisle having the upper hand from his surprise attack when Jasper tried tackling Kamila, Jacob is motionless to the side of the field after being hit hard in the ribs from a log and the werewolves are struggling to get behind Agatha since they're aware that witches can't use their magic on anyone or anything behind them.

As quick as the storm had been brought on by Kamila, it stops.

"Why did you storm the storm?" Agatha demands.

Kamila shakes her head, "I didn't."

The Cullens turn their attention back to the two witches and are about to attack when what they see stops them in their tracks,

Kamila and Agatha see the Cullens looking behind them with shocked expressions on their faces. They cautiously turn around to face whatever is behind them. All they see is a blonde girl, a vampire, who takes on a great resemblance to Rosalie.

"Hi there," Lilly says casually with a smirk plastered on her face. "Am I late to the party?" She directs her question to the Cullens but her eyes never leave the two witches who are staring back at her in wonder.

Lilly's voice distracts Jasper during his fight with Carlisle, giving the traitor an even more advantage over the ex-soldier. Carlisle flips him over until he is laying on his stomach. He places his knee between Jasper's shoulder blades and with his one hand, he starts to slowly pull Jasper's head backwards, trying to rip it off of his shoulders. Cracks along the bottom of Jasper's neck start to emerge, but before Carlisle could fully put it off, he stops, stuck frozen in pain.

He lets go of Jasper as he falls to the ground, allowing Jasper to slowly start to heal. Still unable to move from the immense amount of pain he is feeling, Jasper recovers enough to get back up. He grabs Carlisle by his sleeve as he hauls him up to his knees and growls out, "Tell Edward I said 'Hi' for me, will ya?" And with that, he yanks Carlisle's head off and throws it to the floor.

Esme's scream could be heard from a mile away. She rushes forward, trying to get to Carlisle but Emmett holds her back.

"He was a traitor, Esme," Emmett says to her, his voice full of sorrow.

"He was my husband!" She growls at him, fighting to get out of his grip. He's too strong though, and eventually she gives up fighting and slumps into his embrace. Emmett holds onto her, trying to provide whatever comfort to her he could in the middle of a supernatural war.

Bella, breaking out of her shock, immediately focuses on expanding her shield, managing to cover all of the Cullens and a few wolves.

Rosalie takes a step towards her sister, "Lilly, where'd you end up going to?"

Lilly, still keeping her main focus on the two witches merely smirks and replies, "I brought along a few friends to help out with this battle. I hope you don't mind."

Not a second later, cloaked figures make their way out from behind the bushes and trees to make themselves known. When they stop walking, they take the hoody off of their heads and looks up. Everybody gasps in response.

"The Volturi," Alice whispers out in shock.