To all Reyna fan's and readers of my Lord of the Rings stories:

This is not an update, I simply wanted to notify any who's been reading/has read or whishes to begin reading this story that it's slowly being updated and gramatically corrected. I appreciate all the attention my story is getting even after its completion and as thanks to those who are still reading and those who may wish to re-read my story, I am going through and making sure it's at utmost readability and grammatically sound for the reading pleasure for anyone who may wish to look it over. Enjoy.

Tainted Elf

P.S. If you wish to hear of what happens to Reyna, Legolas or any other characters beyond this story, The Lost Ones is a continuation of this series and there is also a prequel called The Broken Stone telling of Reyna's time in Caras Galadhon and her relation to Haldir as eluded to in this story.