It was raining that day. The column of vehicles was moving up a treacherous road, a sharp cliff just a few centimeters away. A lone Panzer III trudged behind a fellow tank near the rear of the column. Suddenly, there was a great flash and a deafening bang as lighting struck somewhere. The earth moved underneath the Panzer III's tracks and, before the crew knew what was happening, the road collapsed. Earth, mud, and tree branches rolled down the cliff, carrying the Panzer III with it. The tank plunged into the raging river below. Water rushed into the crew compartment, the crew screaming in fear as they desperately tried to get out. The gunner managed to kick one of the side turret hatches open, but this caused more water to stream in. The commander and loader managed to swim out through the open hatch. The driver managed to kick her own hatch open and swim out, pulling the unconscious radio operator. But the gunner remained in the vehicle.

She did not have the energy to swim out through the hatch she just opened. Everything around her appeared as a simple haze. The water grew darker and darker. She thought she felt someone's hand on her shoulder, but it must have been an illusion. Right?


Maya Nagase woke up at the normal time in the normal situation. Half asleep from jet-lag and unexcited. It was around five in the morning. She had practiced waking up early so that she would not fall asleep in class when school starts. The jet-lag was not helping. She got up and took a shower to wash away her drowsiness. Once she ate her breakfast, she went back and grabbed her toothbrush. The scrubbing of the brush on her teeth barely permeated through the room.

She lived alone.

Property tax and such was handled by her parents back in Japan. Maya got an allowance every month, allowing her to buy her own food and such. Black Forest Peak Girl's High School had a high tuition fee. It was not something she had to worry about now, though. Today was the first day of her new school. Maya changed into something more suitable for school. She was used to wearing a uniform, seems to be a common thing in Japanese high schools, but now she wears a long sleeve shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Very unusual for a Japanese school girl going to school.

As she opened the front door of her apartment, she could see the building that would be her new school indefinitely.

Maya sighed.

Her English was still relatively crap. Maya only knew some basic phrases and such. Her parents said that the school will have a translator with her for most of the year, but he would not be back until summer break ended.

Maya lay back onto her bed, taking a short snooze before another alarm woke her up. Now it was around seven. The school was bustling with activity. She picked up her backpack and walked out of the door.


Maya entered room 587, which would be her homeroom for the duration of her stay in America. The individual desks had names on them, probably so that the occupants know where to sit. She found her seat, which had her name written in Japanese (長勢麻耶) as well as in English. The remaining students streamed into the room. Maya sighed, and took out her schedule. It seemed that majority of her classes were dominated by ESL (English as a Second Language) classes with Algebra 3/Trigonometry and Programing Honors mixed in, as well as some other classes that she did not care about. It seemed that her entire schedule had Japanese subtitles written under each subject.

The bell rang and she went to her first class. It was an ESL class, nothing special. Then she went to the Alg3/Trig class. Apparently there was no assigned seats. She could tell by how the teacher's seating chart was blank. After she sat down, the next to her clattered. She jumped slightly, not expecting anyone to voluntarily sit next to her. The Asian boy next to her had black hair and was wearing a red sweater and jeans. He nodded in her direction, a smile on his face. Maya replied with a small bow of her head.

The teacher said something, possibly an introduction, and began passing out papers. Maya pulled out a folder, designated for Alg3/Trig, ready to put the paper in the folder. The boy seemed to raise an eyebrow at the folder. He quickly took a scrap of paper and wrote something on it. The paper appeared on Maya's desk a second later.

"Japanese?" was the only thing written on the paper. In English. At least it was a simple word she understood. Maya nodded.

The boy then pulled out a paper from his own folder and handed it to Maya. The paper was titled "Curriculum." It was typed in Japanese.

"I guess you're the new transfer student," the boy said. The rest of the class was chattering randomly now, waiting for the bell to ring.

Maya jumped slightly at the boy's sudden use of Japanese.

"I… um…" The boy chuckled.

"Surprised?" he asked. "The guidance office did tell me that they would ask me to translate and such if a transfer student from Japan ever came here. Never expected it to actually happen, though."

The bell rang.

The boy got out of his seat and picked up his backpack. The backpack was a blue L.L. Bean backpack with three Omamori charms dangling from the zipper handles. The boy turned back to Maya and held out his hand.

"I'm Karl Ogawa. I'll be your translator for this year, maybe even next year. Nice to meet you."

Maya took a second to realize he extended hand was for a handshake and not for any other purpose. Any sort of accusation of perversion disappeared at that moment.

Maya smiled. She shook Karl's hand.

"I'm Maya Nagase. Nice to meet you."

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