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PWith some clarification on the title, 'Kesshite Doriimingu' literally means

'Never Dreaming', but what it means is that Inuyasha and Kagome never really

imagined what they would have to go through to complete the jewel when they

started their journey. For this it goes into play with the fact that it all

comes down to these few last events, and they never dreamed that so much would

hang on one decision near the end./PFONT size=4/FONTB

P align=center"Kesshite Doriimingu" /P/B

P align=centerchapter Uone/P/U

P align=centerNaraku's death/PB

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P"Inuyasha!" a voice rang harshly through the air. The owner of that voice

held a bow in one hand and with the other an arrow taught. One thought raced

through her mind: This is it. /P

PShe gave one last glance to the rest of her party. Sango the slightly older

brunet was in battle-stance and held her large boomerang Hiraikotsu steady in


PKirara, Sango's cat youkai, was in her transformed state and growling

menacingly in anticipation of an order to kill. /P

PMiroku stood at Sango's side with his left-hand resting warily on the prayer

beads that encircled his right which concealed the deadly Kazana, while the

kitsune Shippo, hid cautiously at his feet./P

PThe girl switched her glance back to the task at hand, and the subject of her

last spoken words - Inuyasha. The hanyou of teenage appearance, whom unknowingly

possessed all of her affections, was locked in a one way battle with their one

most despised mortal enemy: Naraku. /P

PThey had planned this fight exactly and worked out every detail over the past

few weeks. It was falling into play but her roll was coming up fast, and if she

missed it, it would cost them all their lives. /P

PHer final thoughts were memories of the past and the realization that It all

came down to this. Everything that they had done, their whole journey, the past

eleven odd months of their lives working toward this goal, to defeat the

ultimate evil and avenge the casualties. /P

PThe girl held her breath as she watched Inuyasha play out his final attack,

and listened to her name ring through the air from his lips. "Kagome, NOW!" /P

PTime stood still as she pulled back the arrow just a bit more and aimed with

one eye closed. Her breath caught in her throat and she opened her other eye.

I'aim with both eye's open…' /P/I

PTWANG! Everyone held their breath as the arrow flew, and it seemed that all

the world just fell silent. SHLNK! /P

PThe arrow hit right on target - the Shikon shards in Naraku, which were

located in his neck. The air was dead quiet as Naraku's body below him dissolved

and he gained a look of absolute shock as his head plummeted to the ground. /P

PInuyasha stopped near Kagome and leaned on Tetsusaiga his fathers sword,

while his breath came out in heavy pants. Kagome walked up to him while the

others were still unwilling to move. She rested a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder as

they watched what was left of Naraku slowly dissolve like the rest of him -

until he did something unexpected: He smiled. /P

PInuyasha scowled and Kagome stepped back as the hanyou near death before them

smirked with an ever growing pride. "Inuyasha, you fool." The look of shock on

Kagome's face was rivaled by Inuyasha's of pure fury. /P

P"What the hell are you talking about? You're about to die and speaking

nonsence." Inuyasha spat. This seemed only to widen Naraku's smirk. "You really

are ignorant then." His eye's narrowed with his grin. "Do you really think that

my death was not anticipated?" The looks of shock spread but Inuyasha maintained

his scowl. /P

P"What the hell are you implying?" Naraku smirked malevolently. "I knew that

the miko's reincarnation would someday destroy me, but in foreknowledge I

devised a precaution." Inuyasha's scowl deepened. "You're babbling nonsense

fool." It seemed to be a battle of smirks and scowls between the two hanyou's

and neither was wavering. /P

PNaraku snorted. "If I am such a fool, why is it I can see that the wound on

your arm causes you pain?" Kagome immediately turned to see Inuyasha wince and

try to ignore his limp right arm. /P

PNaraku smirked in satisfaction. "The poison has already begun to spread, has

it not?" Inuyasha growled. "You bastard; This is just a scratch." There seemed

to be no end to Naraku's menacing grins. /P

PHe laughed. "Yes, just a scratch; but the moment I die it will become

Imuch/I worse." Kagome shivered - The pure venom in his voice chilled her to

the bone. Inuyasha said nothing as Naraku continued. /P

P"That wound will be the end of you, Inuyasha." And with that last statement,

Naraku's remains dispersed into nothing but air leaving his many fragments of

the Shikon no Tama behind. There was then an eerie calm, and for a moment it

seemed as though Naraku Ihad /Ibeen bluffing - but only for a moment. /P

PInuyasha suddenly doubled over and clutched at his chest. Kagome's brow

furrowed. "Inuyasha?" she fell to his side and when he didn't respond her

stomach dropped. Inuyasha barely managed to speak. "The, pain…I cant…move- ugh"

He suddenly clutched his chest tighter and began to tremble. /P

PKagome was suddenly frantic as the others began to come over. "Inuyasha,

where is the injury??!" Inuyasha writhed and tried desperately to answer out.

"There's no wound…ugh…pain all over my…body, aah!" With the last word he fell

limp into Kagome's lap and stopped moving. /P

PKagome nearly choked on her breath. "Inuyasha?!" Her mind clouded up in the

stress of the moment and all she could remember was to check his pulse and

breathing. As she realised he was only unconscious the others arrived at her


PSango spoke up. "Kagome, what happened?" Kagome blinked with wide eyes and

tried to clear her head thinking as quickly as she could, but as soon as it

registered she placed her shaky hands over her mouth./P

P"He-he collapsed from the…pain." /P

P* * */P

PWithout needing a moment to think the group immediately set off to bring

Inuyasha back to the village. If there was anyone that could help it was Kaede.

But by the time they had gotten back it was dusk, and now that several hours had

past it was already quite late and waiting was making them all weary. /P

PThe four of them now sat tiredly around the main room in Kaede's hut. When

they arrived the old miko had looked quite grave upon seeing Inuyasha which

hadn't helped the situation. /P

PBy midnight they were all still awake but everyone was on their last nerve.

Miroku was leaning against the wall and had been alternating between places

spots all night. Sango sat near him with an intensely deep stare. Shippo had

gotten edgy and was now pacing and Kagome sat on the opposite end of the hut,

nearest to Inuyasha's room. Out of no where she sighed. /P

PAs intense of a situation this was, she couldn't help thinking that they had

switched roll's, and wondered if this was how Inuyasha felt every time

Ishe/I was injured. And if so, she wished she wouldn't be so weak. /P

PEveryone's thought's were broken though as there was a shuffle in the other

room and Kaede appeared in the door. Every face was turned up expectantly and

Kagome stood up. /P

P"Kaede," Kagome questioned lightly, her stomach doing all sorts of strange

things caused by nervous fear. Kaede looked to them all with a forcibly calm

face. Something was wrong. /P

P"Kaede, how…is he?" Kaede's face fell and Kagome's stomach lurched. He was

all right, wasn't he? "Inuyasha, has acquired an…injury which I am not entirely

able to treat." Everyone was silent. Although Kaede was speaking to all of them

the conversation was more directed to Kagome - because in all truth, the two

were Ivery/I close. /P

PKagome trembled. "What's…wrong with him?" Kaede looked only to Kagome now.

She looked so sympathetic. /P

P"Naraku has injured Inuyasha many times and each time he has sent poison into

Inuyasha's blood. Though because of the great evil Naraku possessed as long as

he was living the poison had something to dwell on - But the new wound created

was intent and sent all the poison retracting into Inuyasha's blood stream."/P

PNo one spoke; no one breathed. They all held on to every word as Kaede

continued "With no ultimate evil to keep it dormant the poison reacted in his

blood." /P

PA brief image of Inuyasha clutching his chest flashed in Kagome's mind, and

her heart skipped a beat. "But he'll get better…there's medicine. He's going to

be fine." She nearly nodded to reassure herself and though it was supposed to be

a question it wasn't presented as one in Kagome's mind. If she said it she hoped

it might be true./P

PThe only thing she could think was how to make this better, how to fix it,

how to make him well better so he could yell and kick and wine and be happy or

angry. So things could be normal. Kaede sighed and looked to her with sympathy

as Kagome fought back burning tear's./P

P"Kagome, I have been able to stop his pain…but, the poison is coursing to his

heart. In…thirty days when it consumes it…" she paused. "..he will die." /P

PNo matter how softly or kind it could have been said, it would have made no

less impact on Kagome than the strangled feeling she experienced now. There was

nothing and no one in this world, her own, or any other that she felt more

deeply for than Inuyasha. /P

PSuddenly a very large lump formed in her throat and her mouth became very

dry. She swallowed hard and her eyes began burning. I'He's not…no'/I Her

eye's blurred her vision and the world started to spin along with her aching


PKagome was briefly aware of the gasps that filled the room when she stumbled

and fell to her knee's, clutched her head tightly and staring blankly in


PHot tears spilled over her unblinking eyes as she rocked and felt her mind go

numb. Her head ached from holding back tears and this was all way too much. /P

PSo finally, after believing only hours ago that this day would solve all

their problems, free them of obligation and begin their new lives, Kagome

blacked out, praying that her dreams would cause the whole ordeal to vanish./P

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