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p center "Kesshite Doriimingu" /B

brChapter Useven/U

brFevered Recoveries/center


PThe most beautiful sight in the world could not compare to image of smoke

billowing up ahead above the treetops. The first sign of civilization in days,

and after the recent tragedy it was a godsend. /P

PInuyasha led the group grimly with the rest of them barely alive. Shippo was

the only one in decent health, but he was in horror over their state. As they

passed through the tree's coming up to the village Miroku walked ahead to

converse with Inuyasha./P

PHe looked troubled and unwell. "We have enough to stay at the inn, though it

would be wise to get two rooms." Miroku offered. Inuyasha barely made

acknowledgement. "Do what you want, its no concern of mine." Deciding not to

argue, Miroku left Inuyasha alone and went on ahead to reserve the rooms./P

PFrom Kirara's back Kagome barely observed the exchange between the two but

was able to note the amount of avoidance from Inuyasha. His apathy was getting

her but she could do nothing about it. After all the reason they were finding

shelter was mainly for her. She'd caught a fever. /P


PBy the time they had reached the inn Miroku had already taken the liberty of

paying for a hot meal. Sango at least tried to smile as she helped Kagome into

one of the rooms to get warm. Inuyasha and Miroku shared the next room while

Sango and Shippo stayed with Kagome, intent on breaking her fever. They settled

in for hopefully short stay./P

PIn the first room Miroku ate quietly as Inuyasha went immediately to the

corner of the room and sat against the wall. After a long while it became

annoying. "If you're worried there are better things to do than sulk in the

corner." Inuyasha's eye's snapped open to a glare./P

PMiroku was unfazed. "Cheer up a Ibit/I will you, it's not stone set

prediction that you will die." He didn't unfix his glare. Miroku blinked. "And

even if it was," Inuyasha tilted his head watching dully. "You should still tell


PInuyasha rested his chin on his palm. "What the hell are you talking about?

Tell who what?" he snapped like it were such an idiotic thing to say. Miroku

made no point to flinch. "You may be able to pull that off with people who don't

know you, but we've been friends for nearly a year." Inuyasha stared at him, but

after he'd said his piece he got up taking his empty bowl with him./P

PBR"I'm going out for a bit. Do what you want." He made a point to mock him

there, but Inuyasha was left thinking. He sulked back against the wall staring

at the ceiling. "Should I really tell her..?"/P


PIn the other room things weren't going so well. Kagome was starting to look

very pail and becoming more dizzy. "Sango..?" she blinked away the blurring in

her vision. "I'm here Kagome." She sat down by the bed side and rested a cool

damp cloth on her forehead. Kagome tried to look around but wasn't able to get

up. /P

P"Where are we?" she looked up to Sango. "We're at the inn. You have a fever

and we're resting up. I sent Shippo to get some towels" She smiled kindly.

Kagome blinked twice again. "Wh- how is Inuyasha..?" Sango's smile ironed out

for a moment. "He's in the other room, he's alright. We're all worried about you


PKagome shivered from chills. "But I'll be fine…I'll be better soon. I'm just

a little…bit sick." Sango didn't seem too reassured. "You should try and rest

now." But she didn't need to say much because Kagome had already blacked



PAfter a day Kagome had not gotten any better. In fact she had gotten worse.

She had been falling in and out of conciseness steadily up until night, but then

would only toss and twitch as her fever rose. She was entirely pale and sweating

with chills. They were being delayed but no one was thinking of that now, not

even Inuyasha who had been reduced to sitting outside her door waiting. /P

P"Inuyasha you should get some sleep too," Inuyasha looked up to see Sango

walk out of the room. "She's not the only one who's unwell. We don't want you

dying on us ahead of time now." She commented with a little light humor.

Inuyasha noted how she'd taken on a motherly roll recently./P

P"I'm fine here." He said without the usual edge to his tone. Sango sighed and

turned to resume her errand. "Is there anything I can do?" She turned back to

him. He had stood up and his eye's pleaded. Sango nodded slightly. "If you

would, I think it would be best if Shippo didn't see her like this." He nodded.

"Right." /P

PInuyasha went to open the door but paused as Sango bumped into Miroku. "Oh,

I'm sorry." She flushed as she bent to pick up her towels. He took them first

and handed them to her. "No problem." There seemed to be an odd intensity

between the two. They had apparently decided to ignore their previous fight./P

P"I've got something that may help Kagome." Sango nodded quickly. "Right,

right. I'm going to get soup." Her speech was entirely too fast as she hurried

off. Miroku seemed ignorant to it though as he handed a small bottle to

Inuyasha. /P

PInuyasha looked from the bottle to Miroku quizzically. "It's a medical drink.

Hopefully it will bring her fever down. Just get her to drink it down." He

looked him in the eye's as he said it then began to back off. "I have something

to take care off." He turned and walked away./P

PInuyasha looked back to the bottle then nodded to himself. "Right." He walked

in the room and stood frozen for a moment at the intense silence in the room.

Shippo was curled up on one of the two beds and Kagome was in the other./P

PPrompted by the silence he closed to door very quietly. He walked to Kagome's

bed and sat down by her side. She was completely pale and her hair was damp with

sweat. Seeing her like this was a horror in its self. He would have thought she

was dead except for her sharp quick breaths and jittery movements as she tossed

every so often. She was having nightmares./P

PHer eye's were screwed tight as she turned again. It pained him to watch but

he was propelled help her and reached his hand to her forehead. As soon as he

did he drew it back quickly. She was burning up. He felt her hands and they were

like ice. She really was sick. /P

PHe had a sudden pang of regret for all of this and having her come. In her

own time she would be all right. Fevers were common there and people never died

of them. Not being able to watch this much more he turned his attention to the

bottle and tried to open the top. /P

PHe realized in frustration how much harder it was to open things without

claws, but he managed to get the cork out. Out of curiosity he sniffed the

liquid. It smelled of grapes and aloe. At least his sense of smell was still

strong as always. /P

PHe lifted the bottle to Kagome and touched it to her parted lips. He tipped

it slowly so she wouldn't choke until she'd drunk it all. He put the bottle down

and watched her for any sign. A moment later she stopped tossing and lay still.

Inuyasha smiled and sighed, and without caring for once he leaned forward and

kissed her forehead. /P

P"Get well, Kagome. If something happened to you, I wouldn't try to keep

living." He stood up and walked to the other bed picking up Shippo like he told

Sango he would. And he left feeling better than he had in nine days./P


PI know it was short, I'm sorry. -.- but I hope you liked it anyway./P