Underwater Friend


I do not own Harry Potter or its characters. Only Topaz which is my own character I made up. -

"Get back here POTTER!" Dudley says after a young boy with untamable black hair. His goons following right behind his round body being the cause on how the boy managed to outrun them and hide behind a tree near a small lake. The boy waits patiently for the other older kids to run pass him and out of sight. He lets his body relax, sliding down the tree trunk he was leaning on.

"Who are you running from?" his emerald eyes widen, looking around for the voice thinking it belonged to one of his bullies. But then he reprocesses he voice in his head seeing that it sounded female instead of male. "Who said that?" he asks, his eyes scanning his surrounding completely ignoring the water in front of him. "Me. Hello." she answers waving her hand to grab his attention. He shifts his eyes toward the lake where indeed a girl around sixteen with long straight black hair, blue topaz eyes staring at him. Her skin flawless as he could see along with being topless which indeed got him to blush a little.

"Who are you?" he asks. Her smile made her seem as if she glowed. He had to rub his eyes to make sure he did not see things. "My name is Topaz. What would yours be?" she answers placing her arms on the edge leaning closer. "Harry Potter." He moves closer to the water which is when he sees her blue tail which color is similar to her eyes. "You..are nnnot human," he stutters as he speaks. Topaz tilts her head to the side, "Of course not. I'm a siren, and you are a wizard." He is taken aback by her and quickly asks, "How do you know I'm a wizard?"

She places her head on her arms, "I can feel your trapped magic, and it is sad it wants to be freed." She says with a sight. Trap? What does she mean? "What do you mean 'trapped'?" he asks. She lifts her head to look at him in the eye while saying, "You have glamours and spells on you which are the cause of your magic being sad." She watches his face drop in defeat, bringing sadness to her, so she takes one of his warm hands into her cold and wet ones giving it a squeeze.

His lips lift into a small smile as he lifts his head returning the squeeze, "I have lived a lie for years." She shakes her head and says, "It is not all bad because of a lie. We meet and became friend well if you want to be my friend that is?" his face lit up with a full smile, "Of course!" she grins releasing his hand as she swims farther in and jumps in happiness saying, "Yay! A two-legged friend!" he laughs

at her antics.