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Chapter 8

I smirked and turned to look and Jemma. I mocked a surprised face,

"oh Jemma I didn't see you there" she scowled at me

"bye Pan!" my friends yelled as they sprinted to catch their buses.

"bye!" I yelled after them, and turned back to Jemma "bye" I said smirking still. And me and trunks got in his car and sped off.

*** Next Day At School ***

"so…….." Alex said walking up next to me the next day "where did you and Trunks dissapear to yesterday" I blushed

"um… no where interesting" I said grinning, she laughed,

"yeah, sure, what ever Pan" and we both giggled as we walked into our next class.


"He's such a sweetie" I told Alex while we were sitting in class waiting for the teacher, she smiled, "he said just to let me know if he was going too fast or if I felt uncomfortable or anything"

"awwwww" she smiled and I blushed. Without warning I suddenly felt a large burst of power, it was such a large Ki it nearly knocked me off my seat.

"holy shit" I said out loud without realizing and just as the teacher walked in as well, she glared at me.

"I will have NONE of that language in my class thank you very much Miss Pan"

"heh, sorry miss"

"what was that, what's wrong?" Alex asked

"something with a fucken huge power level" I replied in awe. Alex was one of the only people that knew I did martial arts and things,

"wicked!" she said excitedly and I laughed

"I wonder if Trunks felt it" I asked myself.

"Pan and Alex!" we both stuck our heads down and did our work.


Me and Alex shot out of class like bullets and ran down the hall to get my cell phone out of my locker, everybody stared at us strange, mind you, they usually did any way. We skidded to a stop in front of my locker and quickly opened the door, I grabbed my phone and saw there was a message on it, it said:

Hey babe. Howz u? I was jus wndrnin if I cood cum c u 2day? Luv Trunks.

I smiled happily and practically jumped up and down, Alex laughed

"hurry up and txt him back dumb ass" and I did so quickly. He was at school in 5 minutes, it was interval. I jumped on him as soon as he got out of his car, he laughed and hugged me tightly, he pulled lightly to kiss me softly on the lips.

"oh my god, that's so cute" Alex said walking around the corner, Ashley walked round behind her and cracked up laughing.

"Trunks, never would have guessed you with Pan" I blushed and hid my face in his chest, he laughed.

"oh yeah I needed to talk to you Pan" he pulled me away a little "did you feel that Ki today?"

"hell yeah, I nearly fucken got blown over" I said in awe

"yeah it was bloody powerful alright," he said seriously "even my father was a bit surprised"

"so do you know what it was?" I asked a little scared

"not yet, but I think I want you to come train with me for a while, my father's already talked to your dad, and he agreed" I looked at him confused

"I didn't even know our parents knew each other" he looked a bit nervous

"yeah well, things happen" he leant down and kissed me softly and I automatically forgot about what we were talking about. "so you gonna train with me?" I nodded and he smiled.


Love u all.