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… …

February 19, 2019

"C'mon, Mase," Edward said, swinging Masen up into his arms. "Let's go find mommy."

I smiled from my spot on the second floor balcony- I could see my boys playing in the sand down below, but they hadn't spotted me.

We'd been in Florida for a few days now, keeping with our tradition of having a vacation before Edward reporting for Spring Training with the team in Jupiter, Florida. Masen was almost two now, and this was the first year that he hadn't minded toddling around on the beach with Edward. This, of course, thrilled Edward to no end, as he was always looking for a way to spend more time bonding with our son.

Masen loved his father, but I knew Edward had struggled last season with juggling baseball, marriage, and a young son. Now, we were preparing to welcome a little girl into our family in less than a month. Like her brother, this baby would be very blessed to have Edward as a father. Just the fact that he worried so much about being a part of his children's life further proved how good of a father he was.

We were all very lucky.

I heard Masen babbling as he and Edward entered the house- a roomy beach house that Edward and I had just purchased the previous spring. We were planning on spending many February vacations to come in this house, and hopefully with more children added to our family.

"There you are," Edward said, walking through the open door and out onto the balcony. "Were you watching us?"

"Of course," I said, leaning up for a kiss.

He obliged, shifting Masen into his other arm as our lips met.

Masen wriggled impatiently, reaching his arms out to me.

"Careful, Mase," Edward said, lowering our son into my lap. My belly was huge- maybe even bigger than it had been when I was pregnant with Masen. This time around, we'd be in Florida for the birth, and baby girl's arrival was not scheduled. It made Edward even more nervous, but unlike when Masen was born, I'd be giving birth before the season officially started, and Edward would be able to have a few days away without missing anything other than a few Spring Training games.

"How're you feeling?" Edward asked, grinning as Masen pressed his hands against my belly. Masen loved feeling his sister kick- even if he didn't fully understand.

"Fine," I said honestly as Edward sat down in the chair across from me. "It felt so nice out here, I just had to take advantage of it. I'm definitely thrilled to not be pregnant in the middle of the sweltering summer this time."

"I still have nightmares about your swollen ankles," Edward teased, making me roll my eyes.

Nothing had changed between us, even though so much had in our lives.

… …

May 10, 2019

"Lemme see my little girl," Edward cooed, pulling Fiona out of her bassinet and into his arms.

He'd been back from the Cardinals roadtrip to the East Coast for five minutes, but already his presence had made our house feel even more like a home.

Although I loved our home and didn't mind being alone with the kids while Edward was away for games, I had to admit that it was ten times better as soon as Edward walked in the door.

"We missed you," I said honestly, reclining back against the mountain of pillows on our bed and smiling at the sight of Edward cradling Fiona. "Did you already check in on Masen?"

"Mmmhmm," Edward said, not looking away from the baby. "He was sound asleep. How was your week?"

"It was good," I replied. "I'm ready to go back to work next month, but I'm making the most of my time at home. Masen was acting up pretty badly on Tuesday, but he calmed down and has been his usual sweetheart self otherwise. And Fiona has been perfect."

"Of course," Edward said with a smile, kissing Fiona's plump cheek before carefully placing her back in her bassinet and then finally climbing in our bed.

"Come here," I murmured, opening my arms to him.

He obliged, grinning as he kissed me good and hard. "I missed you, baby," he said in between kisses.

"I missed you, too," I answered, resting my head on his chest and reveling in the feeling of his strong arms around me.

"I know we just had Fiona…"

"A month ago," I interjected, rolling my eyes.

"Seven weeks," Edward corrected, gently pinching my side. "Let's have more babies, Bella."

I snorted, pinching his side right back. "One at a time," I cautioned him. "We've got two babies under the age of two, Edward."

"I know, I know. I don't mean now. I just want babies with you."

"Lots of babies, obviously," I teased."

"Lots of babies," Edward repeated, grinning cheekily as he kissed me, lower and lower, until…

… …

August 3, 2024

Nine years ago, I would have never guessed that I'd end up married to a successful Major League Baseball player, that I'd only be working at the hospital two days a week, or that I'd end up having five children with said baseball player.

But that's where we were, and we couldn't be happier about it. Masen and Fiona had been joined by Oliver, and then much to our surprise, twin sisters Lily and Molly.

"Happy Anniversary." I jumped slightly at the sound of Edward's voice- I hadn't even heard him come into our bedroom.

"Our anniversary is in November," I said, playfully narrowing my eyes at him. "What're you playing at, Cullen?"

"Nothing, Cullen," Edward said, pecking me on the lips. "And not our wedding anniversary. Don't worry, I finally managed to commit that one to memory," he joked, tapping his temple. "Today is the anniversary of our first date."

"No way," I exclaimed. "Wow…it is, isn't it?"

"I had to go back to 2015 to check the calendar on my phone," Edward admitted. "But yeah, it is. Crazy, isn't it?"

I agreed, totally shocked. In some ways, it seemed like decades had passed. We did, after all, have five children together. But in other ways, it was like no time had passed at all. He still took my breath away and made me feel weak in the knees, and I knew that I still did the same thing to him.

Life was crazy, and it would never be easy. But nine years ago, Edward and I were both given the opportunity of our lives. Every day, I thought about how thankful I was that we had taken the opportunity offered to us and fell head over heels for each other and into the most powerful, loving relationship I could have ever imagined.

… …

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