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Pete held his hands up in protest. "Now hold on a minute! Look at him. He's already dying! And by you delaying us, there's a good chance that he will die! So why the need to shoot him?"

Michael smirked. "Because he will be dead by my hand. Now hand it over!"

"No! Just leave us alone!" Penny screamed.

"Sorry, no can do. That evidence is about as important has a human life... Perhaps Mr. MacGyver's here?"

Michael then positioned the gun once again on MacGyver's head, jamming it hard against it, and grinned. "Say bye-bye!"

"WAIT!!" Pete screamed.

"What's the matter, Mr. Thornton? Second thoughts?"

"All right, we'll get you the evidence, but it's back at the Phoenix Foundation."

"Aw that's too bad. I can't do that. Sorry."

"What? Why not?" Jack asked.

"Because, I'm not stupid! It could be a trap!"

Pete shook his head. "No, please, you don't understand? MacGyver is my best friend; he's like family to me. Do you really think I would jeopardize his life by tricking you?"

"We would do anything for MacGyver," Penny agreed.

"That's right, because he's always been there for us. We would never want to let him down," Jack included.

"Well why this is all very touching and such, I still can't take the risk."

"But you're being totally unreasonable! You're not even giving us a chance to help him! Please, there's gotta be something!!" Pete pleaded.

"Okay, fine. Have someone bring it here. If I don't have it within two hours, then he's dead."

He then got a remote control device out of his jacket and pressed a button. "And just to make sure you meet your deadline, here's a little encouragement. I've attached wires all around the plan as you can see-"

"I thought this looked a bit unusual," Jack stated looking around.

"Yes well, one push of this button and you all are first going to be electrocuted, and then so there's no other evidence against me, I've also attached twelve pounds of dynamite to the bottom of the plan. And I've attached a solid lock outside the door. And with MacGyver out cold, I doubt if you will be able to get out. And if you do, I'll shoot you dead myself."

Pete's fists clenched with frustration and rage, a light bulb suddenly going off in his head. "Wait a minute, how did you know about MacGyver being that smart?"

Michael turned the other way, removing his mustache, beard, and wig. "Because, Peter, we all go way back," he replied turning around, with an evil grin on his face.

Pete's eyes widened suddenly. "Murdoc!!"