Structured Guidance

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Summary: Follows Family By Blood. Gabriel is struggling.

Warning(s): Spanking; spoilers for anything to do with the three Summers brothers in the X-Men comics; AU

Verse: Comic

Author's Note: Written for the mini-ficlet challenge at Spanking World on Livejournal.

"What did he do this time?"

From his position in the corner, Gabriel could hear the note of exasperation in his oldest brother's tone. He sighed as he watched the wall and waited to hear Alex's response.

"He tried to stop a new villain. On his own. No backup. Then lied to me when I asked him how he got hurt. Figured we both needed time to calm down, so that's why he's standing in the corner." A more wry note slipped into Alex's voice as he added, "He's lucky I brought him here before I said anything."

Gabriel wasn't sure he could call himself lucky. While it did sound like Alex had calmed down, being calm meant he was going to have to face both of his big brothers.

As if Scott had read Gabriel's mind, he called, "Gabriel? Come out here."

Taking a deep breath, Gabriel turned round to face his brothers... both of whom were looking at him with almost identical expressions of disappointment. It was a look he was seeing often, but no matter how many times he put it there, he couldn't seem to curb his own behaviour.

Alex was seated on his own bed, closest to the corner Gabriel had been using. Scott stood just to the side of him. Wearing the glasses normally made it impossible to tell what he was thinking... only the fact that Gabriel knew his brother's posture so well by now giving him any insight into his oldest brother.

He knew what was about to come, but he wanted to get it over with and walked, dragging his feet, towards his brothers.

"So?" Alex's voice was serious... even stern.

Gabriel tried not to squirm as he remembered being sent into the corner to 'think about why you keep putting yourself in danger'. If anything, it was more embarrassing to have both of his brothers there... not to mention, he wasn't sure if Scott intended to take him in hand along with Alex. "I don't know?"

"Gabriel." Scott stepped forward, drawing his gaze. "I can safely speak for Alex when I say that neither of us enjoy punishing you, but you've been putting yourself in unnecessary danger since we brought you back here. Since Alex freed you."

Gabriel was aware of how much he owed his brothers and Alex in particular. He didn't need Scott to reiterate it. He was also aware of how much he'd put them through while he'd been possessed by the living planet. Not just them... but everyone else. He couldn't think of any other way to make amends for what he'd done apart from to throw himself into doing good.

When Gabriel didn't say anything, Alex sighed and raked a hand through his blond hair. "Okay, kid. Here's what we're gonna do. I'm going to take you over my knee for a warmup. Then Scott's going to finish with a few strokes from his belt. Maybe that will help remind you to think next time."

Apart from the flat of his own blade being used, Gabriel had yet to be spanked with any kind of implement... even though he was aware it was a possibility. He couldn't help but tense up, trying hard not to resist as Alex took hold of his arm. He stepped closer to his brother and felt Alex tug him across his lap.

This was a position becoming far too familiar to him.

Gabriel couldn't help but bury his head in his arms as Alex lowered his pants and underwear. He jumped when the first smack landed hard... and bit his lip to stop a sharp cry from escaping when a second fell.

Alex spanked hard, going from the crest of Gabriel's backside down to his thighs before starting over from the top. Despite having decided not to fight the punishment, Gabriel couldn't stop squirming around... gasping quietly with each hard smack.

He couldn't understand it. In a fight, he could work through an injury. But when one of his brothers took him in hand? It didn't take much to reduce him to helpless tears. It wasn't as if it was truly that painful.

No. What hurt worse was the weight of their disappointment.

Gabriel was close to true tears when Alex stopped, his backside stinging terribly. He felt Alex stroke his back and then stand him up. He was surprised to find himself guided over Scott's lap... but that was quickly forgotten when the first burning stripe landed. He hissed out a breath and threw his hand back, but found it quickly moved out of the way and pinned against his spine.

The leather continued to fall, drawing tears to Gabriel's eyes at the force and speed. His entire world shrank down to the feel of the belt... his brother's legs under him; the hand that held tight to his, stroking gently and reassuringly.

Gabriel went limp over Scott's lap, crying so hard, his tears threatened to blind him. He was only dimly aware of being held... rocked, like he was a child once more. Not that he'd ever had a childhood.

"It doesn't matter how guilty you feel." Alex was embracing him from behind, his voice a soft whisper in Gabriel's ear. "We're not going to let you get yourself killed. Every time you put yourself in danger, this will happen again."

Gabriel wondered if he shouldn't feel relieved... but his brothers' understanding was enough to allow him to calm down; to accept comfort from Alex and Scott, even though he didn't think he deserved it.

Maybe one day, he'd feel like he could.

The End