I had written this a long time ago and have forgotten all about it. Enjoy!

Nicholas P. Wilde







Favorite color is green

Today outfit: Green pullover with Jeans

Today's meal: Crickets

Nick stood casually on the side of the street waiting for his and Finnicks next move.

He has been a resident of Zootopia for half of his lifetime, he was an orphan who escaped that dreary place and was later picked up by a crime boss who needed his tiny self to scam others. It was easy to pull tricks especially if you were a child. Their boss partnered him up with Finnick at the age of 16 and they have been partners ever since. Finnick was picked up along the side of the road at the age of 11 claiming he ran away from his family, and he never wanted to look back.

Their boss, a large black panther named Saul recruited orphanages and runaways to use them to steal and to pull off jobs for him. Nick was his right hand man.

Today's job,

Stealing a briefcase filled with gold that was being transferred from the museum into the Mayors of Zootopia's special vault. Saul wanted it and Saul always gets what he wants.

The plan? One of his henchman were going to intercept the truck at 135th and Broadway while Nick and Finnick broke into the back of the van and stole the case. Nick chewed on his toothpick, waiting for his phone to buzz.

The vibrations sent an unpleasant feeling down his thigh as he motioned for Finnick, it was time to move out. They spotted the gray truck that was parked in front of the Museum of Natural History, a Rhino Police Officer did the honors of carrying it down the steps and handing it to a young otter who placed it in the back of the truck

Too Easy

"So are we moving or what?" Finnick grumbled

"Hang in there big guy, you have to wait patiently to get what you want" Nick smirked as he flicked the toothpick at the poor fennecs foxes big ears

"You sound like Saul" he snapped

Truth be told he was starting to act more like Saul, Nick was Saul's favorite, maybe because he saw potential in him, he doesn't know. Saul was the closest thing he had to a family, him and finnick.

The truck pulled out of the lot as it headed down Broadway St. Nick casually strolled with Finnick behind him as they waited for the optune moment that the truck was to be intercepted. Right on cue, a big black van stalled the truck to continue any further down the crossroads.

The moose driver stepped out, "Hey! Move out of the way"

In the front seat of the van were the two twin honey badgers, they joined Saul's group not too long ago. Their names were Roxy & Ramona, nasty things with big attitudes. They casually took the verbal blows the moose was throwing at them as they leaned back in the recliners of the black van. Nick snickered

What little shits…

Finnick made his way to back of the van, using his claws to pick the lock. Nick whistled, with his hands in his pockets with not a care in the world. The truck doors opened slightly as the little otter stepped out. Finnick grabbed his collar and threw him from the truck, he dashed in and out with the briefcase under his paw.

"You're getting better at this" Nick laughed as they made a run for it down the alleyway.

"Stop! Theifs! They have the briefcase!" the otter shouted as he tried to sit up from the hard paved ground. Finnick and Nick continued to bolt, heading towards Grover St. where they would get picked up by the badger twins. Their ears perked at the sound of sirens.

Shit….the ZPD

"We can out run them Fin!" Nick shouted, he could hear two pounding feet heading into their direction, Rhino? Hippo? Those fatties

Nick came to a halt as Finnick looked back at him confused, "What are you doing you ass wipe!" he sneered

"They can't catch us both, let's spilt up! I will meet you at the van" before Finnick could get a word in Nick darted off down Cleveland Blvd.

His ears twitched left and right, the fuzz still on his tail. He skidded a corner before a flash of gray pounded into his side, sending him flying into the brick wall. Nick gasped for air that was knocked out of him


He didn't face the potential threat, he kept his eyes on the ground, not letting the sneaky bastard look down on him in pity.

"ZPD! Hands in the air!" voice was soft as silk but as aggressive as a predator on a bad day.

"In your dreams" he whispered, he knew how to deal with cops, he just needed to get one punch in and make a run for it. He balled his hand into a fist, ready to pounce at the unknown threat. He hopped up as quickly as lighting, turning around to face his threat.

Emerald eyes met purple

His heart burst into two

It's you…

It was Judy Hopps

His best friend growing up in the orphanage

Who believed in him

Comforted him

He would know those eyes anywhere

It had been 15 years since he saw her last, disappointed her, ruined her. And here he was, about to attack her and she was standing firm with a pistol aiming at him.

She was a police officer, just liked she always dreamed she would

But…she didn't recognize him

Nick was at a lost for his words, his throat going dry. Time had stop, fate has brought them back together again.

"Don't move!" she shouted at him, venom tickling her tongue.

Nick's arm went limp at his sides, staring hopelessly at his friend he had shoved out of his mind for 15 years. She was beautiful, grown up, strong, independent….

He had missed her

"Judy" he whispered

The rabbit was sent aback, "How do you know my name?!" she snapped

"It's me….Nick", gravity pushed him forward as he wanted to reach out for her. The rabbit who wiped away his tears, the rabbit who told him stories in the dark. The rabbit who was his weakness.

Judy froze, lowering her pistol. Her ears pinned back in shock as she recognized her long last friend. Her chest felt heavy, her arms began to shake

"Nicholas?" she whispered

Nick nodded as he watched Judy's face of pure sadness and relief turn into undying anger and rage. The 15 years of anger fumed into her eyes as she aimed the pistol and shot the tranquilizer dart into his shoulder.

The rabbit who was his family….

The rabbit who he abandoned…Just knocked him out cold...

"I guess I deserved that" was his last thought before the world he questioned turned black.