Whoa has it really been 4 years since I was last on here?! Damn well, I'm back and I need to get the old creative juices going again! I'm out of school for a while and seeing as my old friend NovelistoftheSky is trying to kickstart the old group again by enticing us with awesome stories by him I have to take him up on his bait. So here I am with alittle story this is gonna get me warmed up nicely for either a reboot of my first series or a totally new thing I want to do I may ask for Oc's for that in the future so if you guys think of anything save it for when I ask for 'em k?. So without further ado enjoy the story!

A young woman giggled ecstatically as she walked out her bathroom and flew onto her large bed. Her long brown hair still slightly wet from her shower. The smell of lavender wafted the air the candles that flickered softly on the dresser across from her. From her balcony she could hear the bustling night life of Barcelona, Spain. She sighed joyfully, it had been so long since stayed in a room so nice in a country even nicer. It was her week off. Even though it wasn't a whole week it was still a few days off not worrying about work, just time to relax and enjoy her birthday in Barcelona considering she was constantly on assignment and hadn't even taken a real vacation in almost three years and tonight she was going to enjoy it by going out on a nice date with a gorgeous guy. Of course, in her line of work down time was usually a luxury that was as rare as it was yearned.

Leya Hayato wasn't some young corporate mogul or government agent, she was a Digidestined and not just any one; she was one of the Heroes of the West, a team of Digidestined that prevented a large-scale war from breaking out in both the Real and Digital Worlds. Ever since then she had be tasked with traveling all over both the worlds defeating rampaging Digimon, Dark Digidestined and doing reconnaissance for her "boss" if she could even call the digital human Gennai that. Leya always saw Gennai more of a mentor or even a grandfather than a boss. But that was irrelevant right now, tonight all Leya was focused on was celebrating her 21st birthday in Spain.

Dressed in a sleek shoulder less black cocktail dress and open toed heels (as opposed to her usual attire of a hoodie, some slacks and sneakers), she went over to the full length mirror in her hotel room to make sure she looked fine. Her hair flowed gently down past her tanned shoulders and was slightly parted over to cover a faded but still visible scar over her left eye and her mother's gifted heart necklace rested on her chest.

Leya sighed to relax her nerves. Her date will think she looks great, hell she does look great and if she's lucky she might get lucky. Her trailing thoughts were interrupted by the harsh sound of her phone ringing. Leya groaned, she knew immediately who was calling based off of the ringtone and had a pretty good idea why. She let the phone go to voice mail before texting the caller a quick message.

"I'm sure you guys can handle things w/o me besides it's my day off remember?"

She then grabbed her purse slid her phone inside, blew out the candles and promptly left her hotel room. Surely whatever the problem was those four knuckleheads can deal with it by themselves, Leya smirked to herself. What could go wrong?

Normally when you go on a date to a fancy restaurant with a really cute guy you just met the night is supposed to end out either with both of you slightly drunk and going over the other's house for the night or really sweetly as he drops you off and he gives you a kiss good night promising to see you again soon.

Not for Leya unfortunately.

All throughout dinner, her phone went off so much that she had to awkwardly apologize to her date, Cadmael, that it was just her job even though he was on vacation and turn it off. There was no way she was going to let those boneheads ruin her night. Besides Cadmael was as funny and interesting as he was gorgeous, he was a normal human but he was owner of one of the hottest clubs in the city that he also started by himself.

"So, do you maybe want to head back to my place for dessert?" Cadmael's Spanish accent sent chills down Leya's spine as he uttered the words she had been waiting all night for, "This place is only known for their main courses."

"Yeah definitely." Leya rose to her feet but just as she was about to grab her purse, the front window of the restaurant suddenly shattered as a large figure crashed through it and several tables scattering dozens of dinner goers and landing a few feet away from her and her date. Cries of fear and confusion rang throughout the building as people either tried to run out of the building or get a closer look at the creature.

"What the hell is that thing?!" Cadmael swore, cautiously backing away. At first glance, the figure looked like a small bear wearing oversized bear claw gloves.

"Oh no…" Realization hit Leya like how the bear hit the window.

"HEEEY LEY-YA! T-THERE YOU ARE!" A slurred voice bellowed from outside the restaurant. The drunken tone did nothing to hide the unmistakable Irish accent she had grown acquainted with over the years. Leya turned to a -at this point in time- painfully familiar face. His already usually messy brown hair was extra ruffled and his light grey eyes were glossed over yet still focused on the sprawled out creature next to her. His navy blue shirt was covered in dirt and debris as well as his blue jeans from what Leya assumed was caused by the fight he and the bear were just in. Behind him, another young man staggered into the building. He seemed less stable than the first man but cleaner to say the least. This man's short black hair was just naturally unkempt to Leya and his eyes were just as glossed over as the first but also trained on the creature in case it decided to get up.

"L-LEYA!" cried the second young man, "Didn't expect to see you h-here!"

Leya said nothing in response. She just walked up to the young men with a smile on her face.

"William Murphy…Trace Hinata..." she said in a strained voice. Neither Will nor Trace couldn't stop themselves from hitting the floor from Leya's sudden punch to the back of their heads.