Waves of pleasure poured through my body, making my hips surge time and time again. I could feel my orgasm coming, the pleasure building higher and higher till I threw my head back, screaming incoherent words and felt my body surge with intense feeling. It felt so good. His thick length slid out and then he surged back inside. He was so vocal, moaning and groaning… mumbling sex words in my ear as he began thrusting repeatedly inside of me.

The spasms of my orgasm were still pulsing through my body and the deep thrust of his hips prolonged it, drawing it out till suddenly he started muttering my name over and over again then jerked inside of me several more times and cried out. He was buried so deeply inside, spilling himself and I gripped his cheeks even tighter and rolled my hips against him, rubbing over my clit and pushing myself over the edge and shattering once again. His thick cock plunged inside of me, fucking me till I could do nothing else but scream and explode around his throbbing length. Intense spasms took over my body and I was quivering in his arms as he continued to ram into me.

You'll probably wondering who I was with tonight, though it makes me wonder too why I was having this with him here in the first place and also why it's him of all people. I didn't actually care cause my reasons is to forget, feel good and complete, at this moment I'm sure I am. I want this frustration out of me, just to feel numb and not feel anything other than this warm feeling and being whole. I don't want to feel anything else or think anything else other than this man giving me pleasure, caressing me at the moment like I was his goddess.


It actually started later that night on the guild. It was late but I don't care, I just want to drink and forget. Its been a month since Lissanna and Natsu started going out, after a week they announce their relationship the guild throw a celebration party for the new couple and also upon the arrival of Gildarts, it was okay with me really. I already have my resolve and finally accepted that me and Natsu are just partners and best friend nothing more nothing less. I know I shouldn't really feel miserable right now but see it still hurts knowing that she was the one who is fated to be his mate. The one who makes him complete and the one who's spending a life time with him.

Its still hurts even though I found my resolve to move on and open my heart to others it still hurt, it stung every time I see them very happy, no I don't feel any jealousy, may be a bit but I'm jealous cause they're happy to find their other haft. I mean who wouldn't everyone in the guild are all paired with their respected haft. Even Bickslow have Laki, and everyone is very happy about it. I am the only one who wasn't, well that because mine love someone else.

"hehe… and I thought drinking would me not think about. It wasn't simple as it was supposed to be" I thought to my self, while I playing the mound of my cup with my fingers.

I sigh as I glance over the guild drinking, I mean I'm lightweight but that doesn't mean I can't drink a little I just needed something to ease my pain, or for others say forget it by drinking. And it really wasn't working at all or maybe because I'm a lightweight and drinking too much than I can take will I easily past out and I may not able to get home. With that thought I said to myself to continue this at home since their no one can see me and since Natsu stop coming at my house a month ago.

I push myself out of the bar and say goodbye to Mira. I know she doesn't notice my pain since she was busy with Freed and all. Such a cute couple I glance toward Gajeel and Levy and she gave me a worry, concern look before she say goodbye in a wave. I know the look she gave me since I told her everything, though I always assured her that I'm fine. I make my way to guilds doors and gone in an instant. It's not that I'm in a hurry, no, it just already late and the party upon arrival of Gildarts and the new couple is really making its toll on me, I mean come 'on I have a heartbreak here and celebrating with them only makes it worst. I walk to my familiar route of my home in strawberry street balancing myself in the stone pavement along the canal. Glancing at the sky and admiring the star that seems to be shinning brighter tonight. A smile creep on my lips knowing my spirits is watching me from above.

I continue my walk to my apartment since it wasn't that far to the guild it only took me haft an hour if you count me being zone out, thinking about things. Upon my view of my apartment I jump down the canal pavement and walk on the road, then I notice a figure, someone in front my apartment is sitting in the edge of canal. A person or should I say a man is sitting their staring at the river edge, he seem in thought by the look of his facial expression. I came closer to examine who it is and kind surprise to see him here.

"I thought he was in the guild… what is he doing here?" I thought. I was curious and seem he doesn't know I was here.

I spoke "Gildart?" it wasn't loud nor a whisper as I said his name. "What are doing here?"

By the name calling and by hearing the question he turn around and look at me, his kind of surprise though seeing me. It was like he wasn't expecting someone in the guild will be here. I mean he should be at guild since the party was meant for him also. I look at him quit amused, his facial expression is in somewhat confused and unknowingly saying(where am I again?) look in his face.

I said " so?..." I asked him.

"umm…" he help his head up and look around unfamiliar with the place." Sorry I think…I didn't think I ended up here.. kind a spacing out you see.." he said softly with a nervous laugh.

Then he ask, " what about you Lucy what are you doing here?"

"hehehe… I live here Gildart" I wave my hand in front of the river canal and said, " See this building here is my apartment".

He follow where my hand is waving and wear a surprising kind a smile sheepishly look appear in his face. Somehow it seems he didn't mean to ended up here in front of my home. He must be in deep thought not noticing where he was going. I wander what is he thinking I mean everyone look at him as a symbol of pride and strength or inspirations for many mages in the guild because of his achievements, experience and journeys of adventure in all of his mission. To lost concentration and thought maybe it was serious.

"Something wrong?,… it must be serious for you to space out like that."

My comment wasn't to offend him nor to push my luck for him to open up. I don't actually know anything about him other than him being Cana's Dad and a Superbly strong S-Class wizard that I think can rival any Wizard Saint in Fiore. Other than that he is a just like a old book with a hard strong lock so not anyone can easily open it to read his life for everyone to tell the details and see. I see him sigh then look up seeing the stars, a sad smile creep out on his face.

"I was just thinking about Cana's Mom" he said still looking up in the sky "I kind a miss her suddenly…I don't know why just miss her"

"So that's what it is" I thought as I look to him with understanding. Maybe he misses her because of Cana since she finally had someone (who I may add is the one and only Laxus)who can be there for her forever. The way his shimmer in the night makes me just want to stay quite. Since I don't really know I can just bug him and mingle in someone else problem but I'm not that kind of a person. Though I didn't reply or answer I just stay quite giving him an understanding hummed in reply. I Kind A get it though since he wasn't there when Cana was born or wasn't able to come back over the years not even knowing she was dead. Maybe there's a explanation of story behind it but I don't want to push it since it's a private matter. If he didn't want anyone to know it or Cana's that's fine since everything seems to be okay with them.

The silent of the night drifter further since no body want to talk, its an comfortable silence. But as the night goes by it made me thought to go in for the night though I didn't want to leave him here since my home is just there and my manner of hospitality is getting into me so I made an offer to him to join have a nice cup of tea. Since he is a bit tipsy, that made me think he's been drinking a lot before he got here. We made our way to my apartment. I said to Gildarts to wait in the living room while I prepare the tea. Once I finish I serve it to him and sit on another couch and drink mine. As another long minute pass he broke the silence by asking something I didn't really want to think over it.

"So Lucy,… how are you? I mean you know… Lissanna and Natsu…" the Crash Mage said kind a trailing off a bit and clearing his throat.

" Ugh.." I groan, " I just don't want to think of it… I kind a trying to MOVE ON… or something… just I'm okay with it…but still hurts.." I mumble the last part.

I mean come on I'm kind of down because of it and sexually frustrated since you know everyone is doing it with their lover and me being left out then by morning they tell every girls in the guild on how was it or was it good or something like that. Every time I think about it and remembering how they become intimate and passionate with one another make me irritated. Not only cause I didn't experience it, but because the moment they talk about it, it drifted me to the Take Over Mage and The Fire Dragon Slayer and makes me sad.

"I'm trying to get it over it.. since it still hurts and also makes sexually frustrated of it cause the girls in the guild always talk about intimacy with there partner… makes me kind a out of place" I said as my face blush slightly in my reply. The alcohol is getting into me.

He chuckle softly then said, "I see… well that's good your doing fine… and kind a understand you there… since I am too..is"frustated" hehe.." he emphasis which made me pout and blush.

" I mean I miss my wife for us doing that too, though I know Cana said I'm getting laid every now and then but not really NO, just some sexy magazine, and doing it with hookers but not as often as you know.." he said smiling sheepishly.

I conversation go on and on and we didn't notice the time we talk about what my friends is telling me about their sexual life with their lovers. And every time he boast himself to it saying that their nothing compare him. Then we laugh really hard until we ended up to this.

"Yeah right…" I joke laugh along with him

" Yeah that's right I mean.." he said before..

"I COULD WARM YOU UP RIGHT NOW!" we both said out loud laughing hard before we realize what we said together then silence.

A long silence filled the room as they look at each other, both surprise of they said. The look of the Crash Mage is evidence of surprise written in his face as for the Celestial Mage is the same. It was quite as the moon light lingered inside the by the window. They both know that it was a joke or just for fun, but knowing the two mages thinking the same thought makes them wonder, if he/she meant it. The Mages look at each others eye at that the answer they were looking for were clear. Both of them smelled of alcohol knowing somehow that because they're drunk to think it was its cause. At the silence answer of their knowing eyes they know they mean it. He slowly stand up and walk over her as she look up to him, he trapping her in the couch as both hand reach each side of the chair. Then they said.

"Okay let warm each other" as he crash his lip unto hers.