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This takes place 9 and a half years after the first book, like none of the books ever happened. It's in Holly's POV (Point of View, if you didn't know) because I wanted to see if it was easier writing. It's not.

Gods, when I look back, I cant believe its been almost a decade since the entire Artemis Fowl incident. 9 and a half years since I was kidnapped and held for a ransom by a twelve year-old mud boy.

Now I'm sounding pathetic. A mud boy. He was only twelve!

But...Let's not forget that this mud boy that had taken me was not normal at all. Besides being absolutely insane in my books, of course.

No...He was a d'arvitting genius.

I had the absolute WORST time sleeping after my abduction. Terrible visions and nightmares of Artemis Fowl plagued me in my dreams. Him coming after me again, being in that terrible, cold basement again as the walls slowly closed on me and my vision went black.

Just thinking about it now, I shuddered.

But years passed and, after a while, those horrible nightmares and fears that I had about Artemis Fowl subsided. I went back to work in the LEP soon after I returned, and Root promoted me to Major almost immediately.

The promotion was because I worked hard. Harder than most LEP Captains. But I was not happy at all about the idea of becoming a Major, at first. It was a career move that I decided I did not want right from the start—when I began my training at the Academy.

But then, I really started thinking about it. What Root saw with me, and I began to warm up to the idea of becoming a Major.

Sure, becoming a Major meant more paperwork at a desk rather than flying on the surface and doing Recon missions, but that was just the thing. I, at the time, wasn't exactly too thrilled to go back to the surface. At the time, I was still traumatized by Artemis Fowl.

That decision, to become a Major of the LEP, was on my mind as I stumbled through the front door of my flat, three grocery bags on both of my arms.

I groaned heavily as I heaved the bags onto the counter, starting to put the items in them away so I could relax.

Now that my fears of the surface and being abducted again were gone, I realized how stupid I was.

Long, vicious hours of paperwork were still piled high on my desk and I had to admit...I was bored beyond belief.

I was excruciatingly bored. Flying high in the sky and stopping rogue dwarves was in my blood, for Frond's sake! I groaned at the thought, putting the apples away absentmindedly.

My life had become increasingly dull, and I absolutely hated it.

I leaned against the counter and rubbed my tired eyes with the heels of my hands. Gods, I had to go back to work tomorrow. The week couldn't end fast enough.

Suddenly, I heard a familiar chuckle come from my living room. One that made my blood turn ice cold.

It was a new policy for LEP members to keep their neutrinos in the LEP building when we weren't on duty, so I grabbed a chopping knife from my plastic knife block on the counter. I slowly, but stealthily, crept into the living room.

In there, was one of my most recurring, terrifying nightmares come to life.

In there, sitting on my dark couch with his perfect suit and signature vampire smirk...Was Artemis Fowl.

I could feel my eyes widen dramatically as my heart started to race just by a glance at him.

A mud man was in my living room. The same one, mind you, that had plagued my mind for years.

"What the HELL are you doing here, Fowl?" I raised the hand with the knife in it, trying to keep the shakiness out of my voice. "More importantly, how the hell did you get here?" I needed to know. The LEP officer in me was rerouting all the tunnels and shuttles that I could to figure it out.

Artemis chuckled again, not turning around to face me as he started to speak in his Irish accent. "I am still a genius after all, Major Short. My method of madness hasn't changed at all."

The back of my brain told me that something was definitely wrong. Not only was public enemy number 1-and my personal enemy- in my living room, in HAVEN, but he knew that I had gotten promoted to Major. I tried not to dwell on it too long before I scoffed, "Oh, you're mad all right. Crazy mad." I strode up to him and, even though he was making no move to hurt me, I pressed my knife against his throat just to be sure.

Gods, he didn't even flinch as the cool stainless steel touched his neck. Usually, I would have some sort of reaction. It was horrible not knowing what was going through that maniacal head of his. "You won't hurt me, Short."

I growled next to his ear. His stupid, pompous ass..."Oh, really?" I held it tighter against his throat, challenging his words. That would teach him. "And why wouldn't I just slit you throat right now, you horrible bastard?"

Another dark chuckle erupted from his mouth, only goading my hand further. It had started to shake slightly from anticipation. "Because there is a reason this 'horrible bastard' is here. And, if you kill me, you'll never know."


I knew better than to listen to him. I knew that, I really, honestly did. However, I found myself pausing and thinking for a moment. He was right, the stupid genius. He had to be there for a reason, and my police curiosity was definitely getting the better of me.

I pursed my lips, balling my free hand in a fist as my eye did this angry, twitching thing. "Fine." I growled. I had to know. "Tell me why the hell you're here."

The pompous bastard tsked quietly and sharply, only making my blood boil even more. Here I was with a knife against his throat, and he was scolding me?! "Not quite yet." His ice blue eyes finally flicked up to her. "Perhaps once you take this knife off my neck and put it back where it belongs, we'll relax and I will tell you."

I paused again, glaring at him furiously before growling in the back of my own throat and taking the knife away. Instantly, I felt even more threatened before, knowing my only weapon would be gone soon. I stomped to the kitchen and put it back.

I leaned against the counter, staring in the living room at him. My whole being was telling me not trust him. Hell, I never trusted him before, so why the hell should I start now?

I suppose it was just that small glimmer of resistance inside me. The part that refused to listen to LEP regulations and go with my gut. The part that remembered the twelve year old genius who was so terrified of losing his mother, he did everything he could to save her.

Besides, I could always go hand to hand with him. It's Artemis Fowl. He has the physical capacity of a chicken. With one leg.

"Fine." I flopped on the chair in front of him, still in a mildly defensive position against him. "The knife's away, but my fists aren't so don't try anything. Tell me why you're here."

Artemis sat back, folding his hands on his perfectly pressed pants. "A cup of tea would be wonderful." He commented, ignoring my comments.

My right eye twitched slightly in frustration. "You said-"

"I told you that perhaps I would tell you when you put the knife away." He smirked at me, making me ten times more mad than ever.

I bit my lip, my mind forming a variety of nasty, mean, and harsh things to yell. But right now, he was holding the cards. He was in MY house, and he was holding the cards.

Rolling my eyes, I sighed and forced myself to comply to him. I glared at him, resisting to hit him upside the head as I walked past him back to the kitchen.

"Stupid mud man." I muttered, grabbing two cups and filling them with hot water before grabbing the tea bags I kept stored. He was lucky I even had any tea. "Telling me what to do, commanding me to-"

I stopped, feeling a presence behind me just as I picked up the two mugs. Pale hands wrapped around mine and lowered the tea-filled cups back on the counter. I whirled around, almost yelping when I saw Fowl so close to me. "Fowl..." I trailed off, looking down and away as he took a step even closer to me.

"Yes?" He mused, the slight smirk on his face making me want to punch him even more.

"You are in my personal space." I muttered, still not able to look at him. My brain felt clouded all of a sudden, my limbs heavy as my mind raced with panic.

Right then, he reached up and took hold of my chin, my head so my eyes met his. The other hand was propped against the wall above me so he could lean over me. "Yes, I believe I am." He replied at the same hushed volume as me. "Tell me, Holly. In the decade I haven't seen you...How could you not have a single relationship?"

I was completely taken back by his question, my mind still processing it as I talked slowly. "Artemis...You shouldn't be this close to me." I tried to break the grip he had on my chin, but he held fast, his grip surprisingly stronger than I would have expected. "And...As to your question, I don't believe that is any of your damn business. How did you even get that information?"

Artemis clearly ignored the first part of my statement, his smirk growing and my nervousness growing with it. "Ah, but you see...As a genius, I have an undying curiosity to know that things that are hidden from me, and to know all things in general as well—with a little research. And one of the most puzzling questions I have had to turn on myself was..." He took his free hand and pushed the loose strands of hair in front of my face to the back of my ear. "How can such a beautiful woman go more than ten years without finding someone to promise the world to her?"

I didn't respond to that. Gods, I couldn't Not with his fingers gracefully touching the outer shell of my ear. My breathing sped up a bit and I moved my head back, my eyes fluttering closed slightly. "Fowl-"

"Shh..." He stopped me, leaning into me and placing his lips by my other ear. Artemis didn't stop toying with my other, increasing the pressure as the seconds passed slowly. His other hand let go of my chin to slowly move down my neck to the side of my body. "Holly, you must know my full intentions of this visit by this point." He breathed against my ear, making me shudder. "In ten years, I haven't once stopped thinking about you. For the past decade, I have gone absolutely crazy doing so."

To say that I wasn't aroused by this would be a complete and total lie. I could smell his minty aftershave with him this close, and I realized that the stupid genius was right. It had been way too long since I had a relationship. Or, not even a relationship. Just a sexual encounter at all. That's what was flitting through my mind as my body started to yearn for him. Suddenly, that nervousness and panic that made my heart thump was replaced by something that made my chest feel like it might burst.

"I'm here for repayment, Holly." Artemis breathed against my ear, and I shivered against him, his breath tickling my ear. "Let me take care of you."

No! My mind screamed at me. He was a human! I couldn't possibly have sex with a human...Could I? Nonetheless, I didn't get much more time to think about it as he placed a soft kiss below her ear, pinching the tip of the other.

This caused me to yelp and my mind to go even more blank. I jumped against him, which just made him kneel down pin my hips to the wall with his own. "Tell me, Holly." He demanded. "Do you want this?"

"We...We shouldn't do this, Artemis..." I whispered breathily. "It's wrong."

Artemis leaned back, letting go of her ear to stroke his thumb up and down her cheek gently. Holly closed her eyes, suppressing a soft whimper. "Oh, but you know it will feel so good, Major." He slid the hand on her side to her hip. "You know I could make you scream."

Oh Gods. I wanted to melt right then and there. It was so hard to hold a complete thought. Artemis' hands felt strong against my hip, pinning me the the wall behind me. My breathing was slightly labored as I felt his hand start stroking my neck instead of my cheek.

He leaned back, looking at me. I glanced up at him with wide eyes and it seemed like time had stopped. His smirk was gone, replaced with a genuine smile.

I couldn't hold it back anymore, his hips pressing into mine and the evidence of his arousal rubbing against me every time either of us moved. I moaned, closing my eyes and leaning against his chest.

"Are you going to let me show you a good time?" He repeated softly, his breath tickling my sensitive ear again. I moaned softly again, nodding. "Words." Artemis whispered, feeling his tongue slightly as he licked his lips.

"Yes." I breathed and still nodding eagerly. "Gods, yes, Artemis..."

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