After I got out of the bathroom, I looked through my closet and sighed. The one that Artemis had ruined was my last uniform. I put a request in my tech pad to get them cleaned by tomorrow and put on my civilian clothes, jeans and a dark green polo. This was the best that I could do. Now I was going to be extremely late and dressed unprofessionally.

I closed the closet door when I was done and turned to leave, stopping in my tracks. Artemis was leaning against the door, smirking at me. His hair was still damp, but his clothes were on. The look in his eyes told me, however, that he wanted to remedy that and do the same to me.

I shook my head, crossing my arms. "No."

"What?" Artemis asked in disbelief, looking me up and down. "I'm just thinking about how much you enjoyed that."

"Stop looking at me like you're going to kiss me, throw me on the bed, and keep me from work even longer." I countered.

"I was actually thinking about pinning you to the wall again." Artemis confessed, his eyes never leaving me. "It seemed to work very well last time."

That made me scoff, walking over to him. "Move." I said sternly, not being able to get by because his mud man body was blocking the doorway. "And stop-"

I couldn't get anything out before Artemis pinned me against the wall, pressing his body against mine. He kissed me, passionate and hard. His breath was harsh against my lips, and I kissed him back, moaning softly and putting my hands on his chest, grasping his shirt and pulling him even closer to me.

But it couldn't last long. I knew that. I let go of his shirt and pushed Artemis away, just enough to catch my breath and regain my thoughts again. I panted softly, looking up at his blue eyes. "Gods, you can't keep doing that any time I need to leave."

Artemis' lips quirked back into a smirk, and I could have smacked him right then if he hadn't grabbed my wrists quickly and wrapped one of his hands around them, trapping me against the wall. I suppose that's why he was holding me down, but it was even more infuriating. I tugged at my wrists again, grunting, but that seemed to just ignite the fire in him further.

He leaned down and kissed my neck, burying his nose in my hair. "Mm, Gods, you are intoxicating." He murmured in my ear, kissing it and making me shudder from the feeling. "And I have you right here in my grasp. You're not going anywhere anytime soon. Not unless I say so."

I scoffed at that. "Who do you think you are?"

"I am the man that can make you scream in pleasure. I can run my fingers over your body and make you twist and writhe any which way I please. And I will keep you here, my body pressed against yours for as long as I want. I will let you go when I want. Are we clear?"

I looked up at him, my breath heavy as I looked in his eyes. They were dark, playful, and demanding. "Artemis, this is-"

"Am I clear?" He repeated more forcefully, tugging my head back softly by my hair. I gasped softly, my eyes widening.

"Crystal." I responded, looking up at him. I couldn't tell if this was him playing, or...what. But, it was stunning me. His body pressed against mine, and I couldn't do anything to help it. Every inch of me was screaming to fight his grasp, to leave.

His fingers wrapped around my wrists didn't help either, But his words made me want to stay, tell him to show me what he was talking about. Challenge him and stay in bed all day. But I couldn't. I couldn't let him stop my world from turning.

"Would you like to leave?" He asked, pulling away from my hair and raising an eyebrow at me.

"Mhm." I nodded, taking a deep breath. I felt as though if I opened my mouth, I would tell him to push me on the bed, rip off my clothes, and take me hard and fast.

But he wasn't through, apparently. He chuckled darkly and shook his head, stroking my hair. "That's not how we respond."

I scoffed again out of disbelief, looking up at him with my mouth agape. "Yes." I managed to force out.

Artemis growled and forced his lips against mine, pressing against me more. "Yes, what?" He demanded against my lips, not letting me get a word in afterwards because he kissed me again, pressing hard and fast against me, working my lips with his. I moaned and opened my mouth feeling his tongue slip in my mouth and run against my own tongue. He groaned when I sucked his tongue gently, pressing my body against his even more.

I could feel him rocking his hips against mine, and I barely had enough strength to turn my head away, panting heavily. "Yes, sir."

That forced a chuckle out of Artemis' mouth, and he dropped my hands, keeping his body pressed against me as I panted and groaned against him, my body falling against him. "Mm...You're more resilient than I thought." He murmured, smoothing my hair behind my ear. I shuddered again, taking his hand and stopping him.

I looked up at him, still breathing heavily. "And you're a...virus of sex and seduction." I managed to get out. He smirked, but didn't say or do anything, knowing I was serious. He was holding me up because he knew my legs would give out if I tried now.

"Then turn me in." He challenged, smirking.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Shut up." I murmured, kissing him for a quick moment before pushing him away. My knees bent for a moment and I felt like I was going to fall, but I shook it out, getting up and rolling my neck. "I'll be back later."

Artemis nodded, leaning against the wall and watching me. "I'll be waiting for you." He smirked again.

I rolled my eyes again. There was definitely a pattern going on. "Oh, I will find a way to get back at you, Fowl."

He exhaled softly through his nose, leaning over toward me. "And like I said before, I look forward to it." He ran the back of his hand over my cheek, his thumb caressing my jawline. "Go." He told me softly. "Before you get fired. Then you'll be trapped here with me for a while."

I laughed softly, turning and walking out the door.


I knew it was going to be a rough day. I was late, didn't have my uniform on, and Blaize was constantly reminding me how bad I was doing during afternoon training. In truth, I was probably one of the best officers there, kicking the ass of two fairies during a flight simulator.

However, it was nothing compared to my hand-to-hand combat training with Blaize. He knocked me down so many times, I needed to heal my arm. And every time he smirked down at me, and didn't offer to help me up. But I got up every time. Some might call it stubborn, but Artemis' word of "resilient" kept ringing through my head.

Then I got reamed by Root for my tardiness and my clothes. I knew it was coming, I did. I was more than 2 hours late. But I was having a rough week, and Root made sure to outline it for me in detail. He had to.

Still, I couldn't help but think that Blaize wouldn't be lectured this much.

I didn't care, though. The entire day, I just kept thinking about Artemis. Gods, he was in my head constantly. It was almost infuriating, but so entertaining at the same time.

Needless to say, by the time I got back home, I didn't particularly care about what had happened that day. Sure, my body was sore, but I just wanted to put this week behind me. Start fresh next week. Besides, the weekend was here. I could stay inside all weekend with…

"Hey," I called as I opened up the door to my flat. "Artemis?"

He wasn't in the living room, like he usually was when I got out of work. That made me nervous. Not that he left. I didn't care about that. But that he was up to something. I needed to be wary of what might happen after this morning. "Artemis?"

His head popped out of the bathroom, looking me over. "How are you feeling?" He asked me.

I sighed, giving him a confused look. "What are you doing in there?" I locked the door out of habit and put my keys to the side.

"Mm, I don't want to tell you." He came out, dressed in a robe.

"Aww, did you shower without me?" I ran a hand through my hair, looking him over. "We took a shower this morning. How did you dirty yourself that quickly?"

Artemis walked over to me, chuckling and pulling me closer. "You're funny." He kissed my neck, sucking on my column and putting his hands on my hips. "Very funny." His hands started pushing up my shirt, revealing my torso to him.

I leaned my head back, letting him touch me. His fingers danced around my sides, probing my skin before he stopped, pulling away. That was strange. I frowned and opened my eyes, looking over at him. His fingers trailed over my side. "You have a bruise." He murmured, pulling me up and setting me on the top of the couch. He kept staring at my side. "It wasn't there this morning."

I sighed, pulling his hand away from my side. "Artemis, don't do this."

"Do what?"

"Act like you care," I told him, but the look in his eyes told me he wasn't going to give it up that easily. "Look, I had hand-to-hand combat training today. I got knocked on my ass a few times. I'm sore, but I'm okay. I was a little distracted."

"By what?"

"Oh, I don't know, Artemis! I'm sheltering a mud man at my house. A mud man that any time I get within three feet of him tends to kiss and suck and finger and shove his thick co-" Artemis cut me off with a bruising kiss.

"Gods, no wonder you were distracted." He pulled me close, my legs going around his sides. "That sounds absolutely amazing. But let's get back to the matter at hand. Does it hurt?"

"What hurt?"

"The bruises."

"A bit." I narrowed my eyes at him, wondering what he was up to. "It was rough training." I looked him over, running my hands over the robe and undoing it, running my hand up his bare chest. "Are you going to make me forget about it?"

"That's what I've been thinking about all day," He murmured, pulling my shirt over my head. "Why didn't you heal them? The bruises. Did you not have enough magic?"

I kissed him, grabbing his hands and putting them on my waist. "I was too tired." I told him, trailing my fingers through his hair. "But…" I shrugged, leaning into him and kissing his neck this time. "Heal."

I knew Artemis was looking at me as the blue sparks licked over my body. He pressed into the small of my back and I gasped, leaning into him and pressing closer. I rested my head on his shoulder, running my fingers through his black hair. "Artemis…"

"Shh…" He murmured, pulling away enough to get me to lean back. His hands trailed down my body, going to the button on my jeans. "Are you too tired for this?" He asked.

I bit my lip, looking down at his hands and back up at him. "You really think that after you got me all hot and bothered this morning that I would be too tired for any kind of sex? I'm sore, not tired." I hopped off the couch, taking off the jeans and pressing him against the back of it, reaching up and kissing him deeply. "Now, are you going to take me or what, Fowl?"

He just chuckled, going to the bedroom and coming back later with a robe. He set it on the back of the couch. "Here's what I'm going to do," He whispered lowly, taking my hips and pushing me backwards until I hit the arm of the couch. "I am going to strip you naked and put you in the robe." He grabbed a clip from his pocket that he must have found in my room, pulling my hair up and pulling me to him, kissing up my neck. "Then I'm going to surprise you. And by the end of all of this, I promise you that you will be tired and sore for another reason entirely." He snapped my bra off, throwing it off to the side and pushing me on the couch.

I shrieked slightly, falling back on it and looking up at him. He leaned over me, running his hands up my legs and kissing my stomach. I moaned softly from the feeling of him pulling off my panties, running his lips up my body and sucking on my neck. He pulled my legs apart, wrapping them around him. I let my head fall back, feeling his body pressed against mine with barely any clothes between us and his lips pressed against my neck, sucking and nipping. "Artemis…" I moaned, rocking my hips towards him.

"Mm, you're wet." He pulled away, running his fingers down my slit. I gasped, arching my back into him.

"Well, what did you expect?" I reached up, running my hands through his hair. I kissed him, running my tongue over his lips and sucking on it. He moaned, pushing a finger into me almost painfully slow. I panted, kissing him over and over again as he played with me.

It didn't last long, however he pulled his fingers out of me and sat up, pulling me with him. "Put the robe on." He kissed me again gently, grabbing the robe and handing it to me.

"What?" I asked hazily, looking up at him. I was straddling his lap in this position and could feel his cock against my core. I whimpered, kissing him and rocking my hips against him.

Artemis growled, pushing me against the side of the couch to stop me from tempting him. However, this just pressed his hard cock closer to me. He pulled his lips away from mine and pulled my head back by my hair, not too hard. "This has gone on long enough. As much as I love the feeling of you against me, I can't take much more of this and I want to show you something." He kissed me roughly, and I could feel the lust and need in him. He pulled away, panting. "Get the damn robe on."

I bit my lip, taking the robe from him and pulling it around myself. It was nice. Red silk that glided over my skin and was slightly cool against my heated skin. Artemis watched me intently from the other side of the couch, his eyes roaming over my body as it disappeared under the robe. "There." I crawled over to him, kissing up his chest slowly before reaching his lips. "Happy?"

Artemis exhaled, kissing me back for a moment before taking my hand and pulling me up with him. "Come on." He started to lead me down the hall.

I laughed softly, clinging to his arm as we walked down the hallway. "Artemis, what is this all...About…" I slowed down, glancing into the bathroom.

Artemis smirked, pulling me to him and walking me into the bathroom. The lights were dimmer than usual, which I guess was possible but I had never used the dimmer in the bathroom before. There were candles everywhere, and the room smelled sweet of flowers and earth. The tub was filled with water, a skin of bubbles across the top. He pulled my back to his chest, kissing my neck.

I leaned my head to the side, falling into him. "Artemis...What are you doing?" I asked softly, feeling him suck on the side of my neck, nipping at it gently when I spoke.

"I wanted to surprise you." He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. "I know you had a rather rough week, and I feel partially responsible for it. So, we are going to relax." He kissed my neck again, his hand slipping under the robe. "I am going to make you relax."

I moaned softly, arching into him and reaching up to run my fingers through his hair again. "Gods…" I felt his hands roam over my skin, running over my sides and stomach. "This is…"

"Shh," He whispered, trailing his lips up my right ear. I gasped, leaning into him more and losing my trail of thoughts. "Relaxing, remember? Just feel me." His hands left my skin for a moment to untie my robe and move it off my shoulders. "And relax."

"Relax?" I smirked, looking up at him. "With a mud man in my house? I don't think that's possible. Besides, we had a shower this morning. If you're trying to fuck me everywhere in my flat, you're kind of going backwards."

Artemis chuckled behind me, running his hands down my arms and letting the robe drop to the floor. "Let's make it possible," he murmured in my ear. "And I plan on taking you in a different room each day." He kissed one side of my neck, "Tomorrow I'm thinking about focusing on the attic." He laughed again, kissing the other side of my neck.

I turned to face him, looking at him up and down. "Funny. But you won't be able to fit, you know." I told him, biting my lip as I thought.

That just made Artemis smirk, pulling me close to him and kissing me deeply. "I think I've already fit, darling." He ran his hand up my back. "Multiple times, I believe, at this point."

I scoffed, looking up at him in disbelief. "Artemis!" I smacked his chest lightly, and he grabbed my wrist, kissing it.

"What? It's true," he chuckled, kissing me again.

"Mm, I have an idea." I placed a chaste kiss on his lips before leaving. I felt Artemis' eyes following me as I walked out of the room.

I came back with a box. I kept tools and gadgets that Foaly let me try in the field there. "I know it has to be here somewhere…" I sighed, putting the box on the counter and pulling out a silver band. I pushed a few buttons on the inside, looking at him. "Try this."

Artemis took it, looking at me suspiciously. "What is it?" He ran his fingers over it, examining it. However, it was alien technology to him. He wouldn't be able to figure it out by himself, even as smart as he was.

"Trust me, Artemis." I took it from him, placing it on his wrist and pressing a button. Immediately, the magic started to work, and he went from human size to elf size in a matter of seconds.

He looked himself over, looking around. "Interesting." He murmured, looking me over. "I'm assuming it turned you human size?"

"Yep." I murmured, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. He wrapped his own arms around my waist, pulling me close. I moaned and pulled away after a second, running my hands down his shoulders, untying his robe. "So…" I kissed his neck, pushing the robe off of him. "Are you going to make me wet or what?"

Artemis looked me over, pulling me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. I laughed softly, kissing his neck as he set us in the bathtub, turning me around so my back against his chest again.

"Artemis.." I nearly whined, wanting to straddle his lap. I made a move to turn around once again, but he grabbed my wrists, holding them against the sides of the tub.

"Oh, no," he murmured, nudging my head to the side so he could kiss my neck. "You have a little bit more relaxing to do before I make you tired and sore." Artemis sucked on my skin, trailing down my neck to my shoulder, nipping at a pressure point and making me gasp, my back arching.

I moaned, tugging at my wrists and biting my lip. "Gods…" I rocked my hips against him, hoping to find some form of friction from under me. It made Artemis chuckle, nipping the tip of my ear. I cried out, throwing my head back.

"Put your hands in my hair," he ordered, letting go of my wrists. I didn't feel like disobeying him, as much as I wanted to turn around and sink down on his cock. So, I did as he said, grabbing his hair and panting.

"Good girl," he praised, running his hands over my legs bending them so that I was on my knees, my legs on the outside of his. I could feel them up my sides, cupping my breasts as he tended to my neck once again. I moaned, rocking my hips and letting my head fall back against his shoulder.

"Gods, Artemis!" I groaned, tightening my grip on his hair. Breathing heavily, I turned my head, pushing my lips into his and kissing him roughly. He moaned, his hands moving down to my navel, cupping my sex.

I cried out into his mouth, pushing into his hand as he pushed two fingers into me slowly. I could feel everything he was doing to me, kissing him demandingly and moaning. "Artemis…" I panted, pulling away from his mouth, my back arching high as he toyed with me. "I...Gods….Ah!" I almost screamed as he rolled my clit with his thumb, pushing his fingers into me more.

Artemis chuckled darkly in my ear. "Let me do the talking, since you can't seem to get a clear thought out." He pulled his fingers out of me just as slowly, pushing them in again right after, earning a loud moan from me. "I'm going to keep you here, Holly. My fingers going in and out of you, doing exactly what my hard cock will be doing to you shortly." He pulled me closer, and I could feel his cock press against my ass. I whimpered, breathing heavily as I listened to him, feeling his fingers move in and out like he said. "You are going to orgasm, and I am going to flip you around and shove myself into you. Hard and fast. Then you can move. Do you understand?" He tugged at my earlobe with his teeth and I cried out.

"Yes.." I breathed, wanting to beg him to touch my clit again.

He growled lowly, digging his teeth into my neck. I yelped, the action only making me want him more. "Oh, please, Short. We went over that this morning."

I closed my eyes, swallowing what was left of my pride and tugging on his hair, pulling him away from my neck. "Yes, sir." I murmured against his lips, kissing him deeply.

Artemis chuckled, kissing me back and running his tongue over my top lip. He pushed his fingers into me more, rubbing my clit, and it was all over. I screamed into him, my body spasming as I rode through the high of the orgasm that rocked through me.

Artemis didn't break his promise, pulling his fingers out of me and turning me around so I straddled his lap. He kissed me again, working my lips harshly as he shoved his cock where his fingers were moments before.

I screamed again, pulling away from him at the rough movement to throw my head backwards and arch my back up. My hands left his hair to grasp his shoulders tightly.

"Gods, you're beautiful." I could hear Artemis murmured. He leaned forward, kissing up my chest and neck before reaching my lips. I moaned against them, kissing him back as he brought me back up, pulling me close to him. He moved his hips, thrusting them forward and pushing himself into me more. I cried out into his mouth, working his lips hard as I thrust against him as well, over and over again to feel him go in and out of me.

Artemis moaned, pulling me close and pushing his tongue into my mouth possessively. I mewled against him, moving constantly and loving the feeling of him inside of me. I felt full, smothered, but extremely satisfied.

I pushed myself up, falling back down on his cock and earning a loud, low moan in my mouth from Artemis. I leaned over him, tugging his head back by his hair like he had done multiple times that day. It broke our kiss, and I trailed my lips down his jaw. "I want you to cum inside of me, Artemis." I purred against his skin, "And I want to cum with you."

Artemis chuckled breathlessly, pulling me up and against him. He kissed my collarbone, thrusting into me over and over, making me feel insane. His cock massaged my insides any time he moved in me.

"Touch me, Artemis." I practically begged, tilting my head back. "Gods, touch me or I'm going to touch myself."

He dragged his lips down the column of my neck, reaching down to rub my clit in circles.

That was it. It was all over for me. I cried out again, grasping his arms to keep myself upright as another orgasm shot through me, making my mind go completely blank. I hung onto him for dear life, feeling him thrust into me one more time before he moaned, burying his face into my damp hair.

I panted against him, resting my cheek on his chest and feeling the drops of water on it. I listened to his heartbeat for a moment, my eyelids fluttering closed.

Artemis sighed, brushing back loose strands of my hair and putting two fingers under my chin. He tilted my head up, pressing his lips to mine for a small moment. "You're fun to be around, Short." He smirked, kissing my cheek.

I laughed softly, sitting up and sighing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into him. "You too, Fowl." We shared a few chaste kisses, and I felt Artemis wrap his arms around me again, pulling me closer. "Mm, I'm going to fall asleep if we go again." I muttered against his lips, my fingers tangling in his hair again. I liked the feeling. It was damp from the water and smooth between my fingers.

"Well, I did promise to make you tired and sore," he murmured to me, pulling me to him. I put my hands on his chest, pulling away from his lips and looking up at him. Artemis smirked, "And that's what I'm planning on doing. Up."

I looked at him, confused. "What?"

"Up," he ordered, standing up and kissing me as he dragged me up with him. He pulled my hair free from it's clip, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me. "If you're going to fall asleep, I might as well take you one last time on the bed."

I looked up at him, stunned. "Artem-" I was cut off when he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I stepped out of the bathtub, and Artemis put his hands on my hips, pushing me back until I hit the bathroom door. I gasped into his mouth again, pulling away. "Artemis, wha-" He effectively shut me up again by kissing me, tilting my head back and working my lips hard. I felt the door shift as he opened it again, his hands going to my waist as he continued to push me backwards to the bed.

I kept backing up, my hands cupping his face as I kissed him, not trying to speak up again because I knew he was just going to stop me by kissing me over and over. Artemis took my wrists once we hit the bed, pushing me down onto it and pinning my wrists down. I looked up at him, my breathing ragged as he looked me over, smirking.

"You're insatiable." I narrowed my eyes up at him playfully, kicking his leg. Artemis just shook his head and leaned down, kissing up my jaw to my ear. I moaned and leaned my head to the side to give him more access, tugging at my wrists.

Artemis chuckled, pulling away from my neck to kiss my lips again slowly. It was gentle this time, he wasn't working my lips roughly or searching my mouth with his tongue. His knee slowly came up, spreading my legs.

I moaned quietly, pulling my wrists out of his grasp and taking off the silver armband around his wrist. I threw it to the side carelessly, my legs going to his sides and my hands cupping his face again.

I felt Artemis grow back to his normal size, and he chuckled into my mouth. He pushed me to the headboard of my bed, following me and wrapping my legs around his waist. I pulled away from his lips again, looking him up and down. "I'm insatiable, Short?" He smirked, pressing his body on mine and grinding his hard cock against me.

"Shut up and fuck me already." I ordered, kissing him hard again. I didn't want soft. I wanted it hard and fast and sore.

"Gods, the mouth on you." He mumbled against my lips, and I could feel him lining his cock to my core again. I couldn't get a quick retort back to him in time before he moved forward, pushing himself into me. I cried out against his mouth, not able to move my head back and my hands wrapping around his neck.

Artemis let me down off the headboard, and I laid on the bed, kissing down his neck. He thrust into me again and again, and Artemis buried his face into my hair.

My eyelids fluttered open, pushing him away from me so I could kiss him, working his lips hard as I moved against him, my hands going down his neck to his chest. "Ar-Mm.." I moaned against him, not willing to move away from his lips long enough to say anything. I just pulled him closer, crying out loud again when Artemis thrust particularly deep into me.

He reached down, his hand roaming up my thigh and pushing on my leg. I ground my hips against his, whimpering in anticipation as I felt myself get closer. He groaned, pushing himself in and out of me repeatedly as he kissed me, his hands grasping my hair and pulling me closer - if that was even possible.

We both moaned, and I grabbed his hand, guiding it up my body and wrapping my own arms around him. I pulled away, panting as I rode out a third orgasm, feeling myself tighten around his cock. He groaned, kissing me before I felt him shoot his seed inside of me.

I pulled Artemis closer now that he wasn't thrusting into me as much, panting into his skin as I hid my face in his neck. I kept my eyes closed, feeling myself start to drift to sleep.

Artemis sighed, breathing hard as well as he pulled away from me, laying down on the bed. I opened my eyes to peek at him, and caught him staring at me. "Rude." I whispered, smiling softly.

That just made Artemis chuckle, pulling up the blankets and putting them around me before covering himself. "Shh…" He murmured, running his fingers through my hair to push it out of my face.

I sighed, turning over and putting my arm on his chest. One of his own arms wrapped around me, and I was too tired to stop it. The last thing I remembered was resting my head down before I fell asleep.