Before the Snow

Don't you ever say goodbye

Brothers never will say die

I'll be back before you know

I'll be back before the snow

Promise me that you will stay

So we can carry on our way

We've got nothing left to try

So don't you ever say goodbye


Prologue: Officer Bogo

"Wow. You are one hot dancer."

That's the first thing I hear when I enter his office. My feet are so silent despite the raging storm inside me. I don't give Clawhauser much of a chance to call Officer Bogo to tell him I was coming. But I don't want him to know I'm here. I want to give that water Buffalo a chase for his money.

He doesn't even notice the door pone. All he can focus on is that Gazelle app. I'm so glad I didn't invest in apps like Gazelle did. It's obviously addicting.

I sit down in Officer Bogo's black leather chair. It is hard but satisfying.

After a few minutes of watching Bogo oogle and drool over the iPhone screen, I say," Officer Bogo, you never answered my calls."

The water Buffalo jumps, flipping the pone into the air and dropping onto the desk screen fist before dropping to the floor. Bogo stands in salute when he sees me.

"Phantom! You didn't say you were-"

"Coming. No, I didn't. But if you had replied to my calls, you would have known."

Bogo's eyes bulge. "I… I didn't think-"

I raise my hand, silencing him," I don't want to hear excuses, Bogo. I want facts." I lean forward a little. Bogo sits back down but keeps a good distance. "Where are my brothers?"

Bogo swallows, "They're not with you?"

I slam my hands down hard on the desk. Usagii tells me I'm scary when I'm angry because I'm collected. That is the case now cause Bogo almost falls backward out of his chair.


"Phantom, I don't know. But I'll-"

"But nothing. You showed me you aren't running your perfect little department like you claim. If you don't want me to take you down a notch then you will give me your two best officers to guide me on this case. Or the next time I see you, you're going to be back in the academy. Do you understand?"

Bog o s shrinking under my gaze. He swallows hard again, "The higher ups aren't doing anything?"

"They know nothing. I want your department to help me because you're city's the one they disappeared in. I need my brothers back by Saturday before the concert."

"Saturday!" Bogo roars," That's in three days!"

"Then you better get to work then, or my higher ups will come here and do your job for you."

"I never knew you were heavy on threats, Phantom."

"Well then you should know that I follow them through. People ask for my dark side, Officer Bogo. Now you've seen it. Where is your two officers?"

Bogo stares at me before going to the comm. "Clawhauser, has Officer Hopps and Officer Wilde gone out yet?"

The cheetahs' voice echoes over the comm. It sounds like he' seating something, "Yes, sire. They left an hour ago."

Bogo slams his hoof on the table, yelling. I stand as two of my compatriots enter his office. I ask, "Bogo, where are these two officials going?"

Bogo rubs his forehead," I don't know. I think back to Bunnyburrows. It's their vacation."

I nod. My girlfriend talks for me, thank you for your time, Officer Bogo."

Then my best friend finishes, "We be in touch."

Bogo looks at the rabbit and serpent beside me. As we turn to leave, I quickly say," Oh, and Bogo, my name is Leonardo. It will be wise to remember that."

With that said, Karai, Usagii and I exit the office and board the first train we see.

With the exception of paparazzi of course.

Phantom is back in Zootopia and you know what?

I'm going to make this the trip of a life time.