Epilogue: The Real Government

"I can't believe this." I say.

"What? What's wrong with it?" Judy asks.

"It's been four months and look where he is."

"I think it's cool."

I snort. We are staring at one of those magazine stands on the side of the street. One of the magazines just happens to be of the city's two favorite animals. Leonardo and Gazelle are on the cover of Vanity Fur. This will be both of their second times. Leo stands behind Gazelle, arms crossed and this flowing outfit about him. Gazelle has the same pose as she did the first time she was on here. Their quote is cheesy, but expectable. "Try everything and you maybe shell shocked by the results."

Judy gestures to the newspaper feet away," I think we have bigger things to worry about."

I flip up my shades," Yes, the rising crime rate, I know. But we're topnotch cops, Judy. Nothing can get in our way."

Over the past four months, things have been…weird. Leo is in Difurgent with Gazelle and you can imagine how that's gone over with Karai. Raph has gained a role as Raoul in the Phantom of Zootopia remake alongside Garilla Butler. Donnie got a part in a techy movie called Transcendence. Karai and Mikey wen to the Zootopia music award for their fifth award as a band. Usagii decided to take a few months off to visit his family in Japan. And us, well, we got a month off vacation and when we got back there was so much to do, we couldn't keep track of it. I don't even think Bogo could take it. And Lizzy, well she's doin' all right. Kids are in school and she's got a good job. Courtesy of me, of course.


I turn as an orange Lamborghini comes rolling up to the curb. Judy and I go to it as the window rolls down. Inside is Leo, in costume for is part as Four.

"Hello, Officers," he chuckles," see any trouble lying about."

"Hi, Leo." Judy smiles, "What you doin' in this part of town."

"Oh, you know, takin' a drive, enjoy the civilians, avoiding stocker Gazelle's, the norm."

We laugh at the last part. As we laugh, his radio tunes in and all we hear is:

Hey family don't you miss me now

I told you I'd be here before the snow

Neverland's been fun

It's been all I've dreamed of but hey

I told you I love ya and I can't lie

So I'll be back before dawn

Yeah, I'll be back… I'll be back

I snort," Listening to yourself, Leo? That's a little too vain for you, isn't it?"

Leo slaps the radio. "Not my choice! I don't want to hear my crap voice! The radio's been playing After the Sun and Before the Snow over and over again for the past three hours. And all cause I said I'm writing a new song...What!?"

That's when I notice that Judy is glaring at him, "Your voice isn't crap."

"Yeah, sure, anyway…"

Judy taps her foot angrily. Leo ignores it.

"Listen, I wanted to thank you guys for doing such a great job over the past few weeks. With the increase of criminals in the past few months…"

I put my arm on the window and paw on my hip," What does Higher Up know about it?"

Leo frowns," Classified. I'm sorry."

Classified? Why would the criminal rate be classified?

Leo sees the question in my eyes. He smiles, "Don't worry about it, Nicky D. It happens sometimes."

He said that too lightly. He's not allowed to tell me though. One day, he might. But, right now, he knows that "it happens sometimes" does not cut it.

I look over at Judy. From the way her ears are twitching, I know she caught on to it.

Leo slaps his hands back on the wheel, well, I better go before the director calls me again. Tell Lizzy hi for me."

I nod. "Will do. Good luck."

Leo sighs and shifts it into gear, "I'll need it. "

I get off his car and he drives off, screeching down into the Rain Forest District.

"I want in." Judy says.

"you know we're not allowed," I say," not unless H.I.A. let's us in or they take over."

"Think Bogo knows how low on the scale he is compared to Higher Up?"

"If does, he certainly knows how to hide it."

"Um, guys," We freeze as Clawhausers voice comes through our radio," next time keep your dispatcher off."

"Was…Bogo…there?" I ask slowly.

Clawhausers pauses, "Um…no." Judy and I exhale. "But he has a case for you."

"Name it, Clawman," Judy says quite brightly.

Clawhausers chuffs as he keeps back his laughter," There's a…uh…hostage…um…situation in Savannah village. Bogo…uh…wants you down there with Officer McHorn and his team."

"Hostage?" I say," that's different."

Judy shrugs," Thank you, Clawhausers, we're on our way." Clawhauser says good then the dispatch crackles off.

"Why didn't McHorn just call us in. "I say, brain fried.

Judy shrugs, "I don't know. But we have our case. Let's go."

I let all my thoughts of the past hour go as Judy and I rush to our new car, and scream our way down to Savannah Village. Just us and this song.

So I'll be back before dawn, yeah, I'll be back…

I'll be back

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