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Summary: The Inu Yasha crew is stuck in Kagome's time! Until the well is open again, they're stuck there. We get to see what happens! Woohoo!

It was a bright and sunny day in the busy citiy were Kagome lived. She sat in her room petting her cat Buyo. She gave a sigh, and for the millionth time got up and looked out her window. *I can't help but worry.* She thought to herself. *Inu Yasha and the others are out in the city, doing who knows what?* Kagome was finally fed up. She put on her shoes and left the shrine.
In the city, people were giving Miroku, Shippo, and Inu Yasha strange looks, but Inu Yasha especially, because of his ears. Sango was with them, but didn't stick out like a sore thumb. Kagome had given her some of her old clothes to wear. Sango's boomerang bone was at the shrine, in Kagome's closet. Inu Yasha still had the Tetsuaiga at his side, and Miroku was still carrying around his staff. As a group they were getting some very nasty looks.
Shippo's stomach groaned loudly, like a stricken buffalo. "I'm hungrrrryyyy!!!" Shippo wailed.
"I too could use some food." Miroku said. "Perhaps we should find a place to eat." Sango walked up to some old lady on the street, and asked if she knew where they could find anything to eat. The old woman turned, and to Sango's surprise, she saw the old woman was none other than Keade!
"I know as little as ye where to find any food.I am simply delivering this mixture of herbs to someone." She held up a clear plastic bag, and Sango saw that inside was a fine powder. A cop came strolling down the sidewalk whistling merrily. Keade ran quickly across the street, and cut down an alley.
"I wonder what her problem was?" Shippo said. They asked the next person they saw, who pointed them across the street to an ice cream parlor. They went inside.

Kagome was walking quickly down the street. She felt she had looked in every store or restaurant, and still didn't find them. She was getting really worried. She walked past an ice cream parlor, where four people were sitting at a table enjoying a humongous ice cream sundae. She walked past, then suddenly stopped. She zipped back to the ice cream parlor, and looked through the window again. The four people sitting at the table were Inu Yasha, Miroku, Shippo, and Sango! She opened the door and ran inside.
"Where've you guys been?!" She screamed as soon as she reached their table. "I was worried sick! I could only imagine what you might be doing! Miroku especially."
"Hey!" Miroku cried indignantly. "We've only been sitting here eating this delicious food." He said as he ate another spoonful.
"Yes, that and hitting on every woman here, asking them to bear your children." Sango said under her breath. It was then that Kagome noticed the many throbbing bumps on Miroku's head.
"Can I have some of that ice cream?" Kagome asked.
"Sure. Have a seat." Inu Yasha said eagerly. The only seat left was next to Inu Yasha, and Kagome's heart began skipping. In fact, it skipped happily out of her chest. Inu Yasha quickly grabbed it and shoved it back inside. Kagome sat down, blushing slightly.
"That was odd." Miroku said.
"Shut up Miroku." Kagome said,still blushing. *HOORAY!! I'm sitting next to Inu Yasha!!!* She thought happily. She groped around underneath the table until she found what she thought was Inu Yasha's hand. She grabbed it and held it tightly. Wait a minute.......
"Why Kagome, I never knew you cared so much." Miroku said smiling. He recieved yet another bump on the head as a reply. He had about six lupms up there on his noggin.
"Miroku," Kagome said as she stood up.
"Yes Kagome?"
"Let me read the bumps on your head." She looked at the top of his head for a minute, then said "Not enough bumps. We'll make some!" She started beating him viciously over the head with her spoon. Sango finally had to reach over, grab her by the scarf, and drag her away from Miroku's limp body. He had swirly eyes, and fell face first into the ice cream. Everyone laughed loudly. Kagome paid the bill (A/N: Dun dun dun!) and they headed back to the shrine. Miroku had to be carried by Sango and Inu Yasha. Kagome had offered to help carry him instead, but Sango said she wanted to do it. Inu Yasha had a lump on the head for teasing Sango about it, and he would've gotten more if Kagome and Shippo didn't hold the enraged demon slayer back.
Once they reached the shrine, they were all in better moods, and Miroku was regaining conciousness. Inu Yasha's and Miroku's bumps had healed. "Say everyone!" Kagome exclaimed, as she suddenly had an idea. They all looked up at her. "Tomorrow's Satuday! Why don't we all go sledding and skiing at this really cool place I know of?"
"Sounds good to me!" Miroku said, thinking he would meet some pretty women, and ask them to bear his children.
"I'll try it!" Shippo said happily. From what Kagome had told him, he was sure sledding would be fun.
"I'll go." Inu Yasha said. He knew Kagome had a "sled" big enough to fit two people. He planned to try to get Kagome to go in it with him. Kagome was thinking the exact same thoughts. Sango was thinking the same thoughts about her and Miroku.
"Well, we need to get some sleep. If we want to go there, we need to leave early." Kagome said. Miroku went and laid down on the couch, with his right hand dangling off the side. Kagome went and made sure his prayer beads were on extra tightly. Sango slept on a futon on the floor next to him.
"How sweet." Inu Yasha said in a mocking voice. Sango glared at him, but decided to stay next to Miroku. Then Kagome went and got in her pajamas. Inu Yasha took off his red kimono, laid it out next to Kagome's bed, and slept on the it. Kagome climbed into her bed, and Shippo bounced onto the pillow next to her head.
They all fell asleep instantly, probably because of the lullaby music coming out of nowhere. Three solitary figures stood on the roof of the shrine, silhouetted against the moon. One was tall with long hair that flowed in the wind, and had a huge fluffy thing on their shoulder. (Just what the heck IS that thing anyway?!) The other was two feet high and was holding a two headed staff. And the third, was ME! I was dressed in all black, my long hair was tied up in a ponytail, and I had a SONY boombox in my hands with a CD of downloaded music of the 'net.
"So, what happens next Sesshomaru?" I asked.
"We're going to accompany them on their little "ski trip". And I will finally steal Inu Yasha's sword!" Sesshomaru answered.
"Uh, wouldn't it just be easier to take the Tetsauiga now, while Inu Yasha's sleeping?" Jaken facefaulted.
"I say we're going to steal it when they're all awake. That way, they'll all be able to see my triumph!"
"You mean OUR triumph! I'm the one who's gonna snatch the sword while you're fighting."
"Be quiet!"
"I'm just saying-"
Jaken and me jumped up onto Sesshomaru's back, and he flew off. I casually knocked Jaken off with my elbow, and he had to follow us from the ground.
It was morning, around six A.M. Kagome looked sleepily over at Shippo, who was curled in a fuzzy little ball on her pillow. Inu Yasha was still sleeping on the floor, the Tetsauiga lying next to him. She got up, put on her bunny slippers and fuzzy robe, and went out to check on Sango and Miroku. ("Check on them" *hint hint, wink wink*) She found them laying exactly as she had last seen them, the night before. Miroku's hand was moving. It went slowly, slowly towards Sango, slowly, slowly..... BONK! His hand was stopped by the powerful blow Kagome delt him with a frying pan. Sango was up instantly, and took in the scene: Miroku lying frozen with a huge lump on his head, his hand frozen inches from where Sango was just lying.
Sango quickly gave him a bump on the head too. Inu Yasha came rushing in, holding the Tetsauiga.
"What's going on?" He asked quickly. He saw Sango huffing and puffing (and blowing your house in! lol) and Miroku with two bumps on his head. "Oh, Miroku's up to his old tricks again, eh?" Kagome nodded.
"We might as well have something to eat. We'll have to leave at eight o' clock if we want to go sledding." Kagome said. She went into the kitchen. "Who here likes eggs for breakfast?"
"I do!" Shippo said.
"Eggs are good." Inu Yasha said.
"Alrighty then!" Kagome said. "We can have scrambled eggs for breakfast!" They gave her questioning looks. "You mean you've never had scrambled eggs?!" Kagome said. "You're gonna love them!"
An hour later, after they had all eaten at least three helpings of scrambled eggs, they all got dressed. They laid around while Kagome got out her skiis and sleds. By now, her mom was up.
"Hey Mom, can you give us a ride?" Kagome asked.
"Where to?"
"To Mt. Fuji!" Everyone facefaulted.
"How about I take you somewhere closer for sledding?" She asked, with a sweatdrop on the back of her head.
"Ok!" Kagome said. An hour later they were at a nice little hill, about 20 feet high, about 50 miles from where Kagome lived. They took the sleds and stuff out of the trunk, and started climbing. Then they started sledding. Kagome and Inu Yasha were in one sled. Shippo in another, Sango in another, and Miroku was trying his luck at skiing. (this won't end well) About half way down the hill, Miroku saw a pretty woman. (here we go)
"Hey!" he started to yell. "Will you bear my-" SMACK! He hit a tree. He fell down in the snow and laid there motionless.
Meanwhile, in a very deep and very cold snowbank, three figures huddled, spying through a hole in the snow. One was sniffling loudly, the other two were silent. (three guesses who they are!)
"SNIFF! Hey Sesshomaru. They're all-SNIFF!- flocking over to see if the monk's OK. Would this be a-SNIFF!- good time for me to create a diversion so you can take them by surprise? SNIFF!" I asked Sesshomaru (his name's NOT Fluffy!!!!!)
"Yes, go ahead." Sesshomaru answered. I jumped out of the snowbank after Sesshomaru had creeped off, and started throwing snowballs.
"Hey!" I shouted. "Look at me, I'm doing things!" I started making chicken noises and running around in circles. They didn't pay any attention. I grabbed Jaken and his two headed staff. "Hey! Who wants to see Jaken get roasted?" They all turned around and started running up.
"FRY HIM! FRY HIM! FRY HIM!" They chanted rythmically. (that's a BAAAD sign!) Just then, Sesshomaru rushed up and dug his poisonous nails into Inu Yasha's wrist. Inu Yasha turned and slashed at Sesshomaru, and when he did, I snatched his sword.
"BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! You'll never catch me!" I screeched as I ran off through the hills.
"Hey, that crazy girl took off with Inu Yasha's sword!" Kagome yelled. "After her!" Sango jumped on her boomerang and started riding on it like a snowboard.
"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed. Kagome and Shippo ran after me. I ran into the thick forest. It managed to slow them down for a bit, and I managed to escape from their sight. "Gotta hide, gotta hide!" I said. Suddenly a huge boulder came into view. "Under a rock!" I dived underneath it and lay motionless.
Sango came running up with her boomerang, followed by Kagome and Shippo. *They'll never find me!* I thought. I might've gotten away with it too, if my snickering hadn't given me away. Sango slashed the rock to pieces with her boomerang. "Oh, poopcscuds." I said. Sango grabbed me by the shirt and lifted me up. (who knew she had such strength?)
"Give back Inu Yasha's enchanted blade!" She ordered. I scooped up a snowball and threw it in her face, momentarily blinding her. She let go, and I started to run.
"Sorry Sango!" I yelled over my shoulder. "But Sesshomaru's paying me good money to steal the Tetsauiga! This is how I make a living!" Something flew out of the sky, and plowed me into the ground. I think it was Jaken after being hit by Inu Yasha. I held up the Tetsauiga out of the hole. "Here you go." I said.
The battle with Sesshomaru didn't last long after that. He saw I failed and flew off, with Jaken sitting on his shoulder. I faded into the shadows before they noticed me again, and was gone. (dark and mysterious, aren't I?) They went back to the car, and started to drive off, before realizing they had forgotten Miroku. They turned and picked him up, then took him to the hospital.
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