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For Experiment 626, the lab seemed too quiet, and that made him uncomfortable. He knew that Jumba would be starting some test runs soon, so 626 lay on his back in his glass cell. His ears were perked up in case someone came into the room. During that time, he began to think over what possible tasks he would have to complete. 626 snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the sliding door opened. He sat up just as Jumba stepped in.

"I'm ready for the testing, 626," announced Jumba.

626 raised his eyebrows in anticipation as Jumba pressed on the panel, opening the glass cell. The scientist reached in and pulled the experiment out of the cell, carrying him out of the cell room and down the corridor. 626 kept his head perked up, hoping that if he did well with the tests, Jumba would see him as his son. After all, Jumba did create him, didn't he? It wasn't long before Jumba opened the door to the training room and stepped inside. The scientist set 626 onto the ground and ambled over to the door to the control room, staring through the window. He leaned his head closer to the microphone.

"All right, 626," explained Jumba, "today, we will be testing your destructive instincts. It's the most important trait you will need for your mission."

626 wanted to know more about this mission, but he remembered the times when he begged Jumba to explain about it in detail, but was unsuccessful in doing so. For now, he should focus on the training, as he was hoping that would be enough to persuade Jumba to understand that he cared for him.

"Now, 626," continued Jumba, "are you ready for this? I will not go easy on you."

"Ih," 626 nodded.

Upon cue, Jumba pressed a few buttons, and hidden doors opened up, revealing several bulky robots. These robots stepped out into the training room and started charging at 626. Thinking fast, the experiment leapt at one of the robots and tore off its head. He tossed the head at another robot, knocking it down. At the same time, the robot 626 stood on began to collapse, so he hopped off and let the headless robot crash to the ground. He ripped out the robot's arm and began swinging it at the other robots.

"Excellent, 626," applauded Jumba, "keep it up!"

Encouraged by those words, 626 threw the severed arm at one of the robots, knocking it to the ground. He then grabbed the robot by its foot and started slamming it into the other robots, leaving behind dents and disorienting them. All the while, Jumba took notes in the safety of the control room. 626 managed to take down all the robots in the room, so he hopped onto each robot, ripped out their heads and tossed them aside. He then glanced at Jumba through the window.

"Very good, 626," praised Jumba, "very good. It seems that you're now ready for your mission."

"Okie-taka!" chirped 626.

"Hold on, 626," interrupted Jumba, "I'll tell you more about your mission tomorrow, so why don't you rest up for the big day?"

"Naga-bootifah," grumbled 626.

Jumba stepped out of the control room and lifted 626 into his arms. He carried him out of the training room and down the corridor until he reached the cell room, where he placed the experiment into his glass cell and closed it.

"I'll return with your meal later," said Jumba.

Jumba stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him. 626 folded his arms and sat down with a grumpy expression in his eyes. He hated having to wait for so long to learn more about this mission. He wanted to trust Jumba, but how could he do so when he wouldn't even tell him the reason why he was created? He remembered those days when the scientist tested his intelligence, his endurance and even his strength.

After a moment of silence passed, 626 turned to the vent on the wall. He approached it and carefully pushed it aside. Of course, he snuck out a few times before and whenever he came back from exploring the outside world, he would place the vent back where it was so Jumba wouldn't know he even disappeared. 626 climbed into the ventilation shaft and crawled through the tight space, navigating through the system until he reached the vent that led to the outdoors. He pushed the vent off and slipped out of the ventilation shaft before skittering into the forest. While he meandered through the space between the trees, he would occasionally lift his head into the sky to observe the birds perching on the branches. For some reason, 626 couldn't help but enjoy such a peaceful place, for it seemed to calm him. He watched as critters scampered across the forest floor in search of food. He figured that these creatures were doing whatever it took to survive, something he didn't have to worry about in Jumba's lab.

After what felt like hours, but was really a few minutes, an idea popped into 626's head. He left the forest and climbed into the ventilation shaft, navigating through the tight tunnel until he found another vent. He peered through the vent to observe a computer terminal. With all of his strength, 626 kicked at the vent. After a few tries, he successfully knocked the vent and sent it falling to the ground. He then dropped into the control room and hopped up onto the desk. He typed down some keywords and searched through the computer terminal until he found a file indicating a particular mission. He wasted no time as he accessed the file and read the details carefully. To his shock, the mission involved attacking military organizations he didn't know about and taking down the Galactic Federation. He may not know anything about this organization, but he started to suspect that something was wrong. He examined the details of the mission further and his eyes widened in shock at the sight of the plans to enslave the galaxy. He may not know much about right and wrong or even about the outside world, but these plans seemed cruel to him. Why would such a plan need to take place? Would Jumba ever listen to 626's personal feelings?

626 leapt off the desk and left the control room, wandering through the corridor in search of Jumba. If only he could pester his creator into giving a reasonable explanation, it would lessen his confusion. He soon found Jumba wandering through the corridor, but he ducked behind a corner to avoid being seen. Once the scientist walked past him, he started tailing him, making sure to keep his footsteps as quiet as possible. 626 made a few turns at some corners until he reached a door with the sign indicating the conference room. He watched as Jumba opened the door and stepped inside, prompting 626 to follow him. After finding a place to hide, he could see Jumba turning on the large monitor hanging on the ceiling, and a hamster-like creature with rabbit ears appeared on the screen.

"Well," he asked, "how are the experiments coming along?"

"I have finished testing Experiment 626," answered Jumba, "and he is set to go."

"Good," nodded the hamster creature, "I can't conquer the galaxy without your army."

"Thank you, Hamsterviel," smiled Jumba.

"I'll be leaving for your lab shortly," announced Hamsterviel, "you have until tomorrow to prepare the experiments for delivery. I want this army ready when I launch the attack on the Galactic Federation!"

626 stared in disbelief. Did this mean he was nothing more than a weapon to Jumba? He was starting to realize that this scientist was not a good person. Once Jumba turned off the monitor, he turned to leave, only to notice 626 hiding in the corner.

"626?" demanded Jumba, "what are you doing outside your cell?!"

Jumba stomped towards 626, but when he got close, the experiment bit his hand hard.

"Ow!" shrieked Jumba, "let go, 626!"

Jumba yanked his hand back while 626 growled at him.

"Ika patootie!" barked 626.

"I will not tolerate such disrespect, 626," scolded Jumba, "did you spy on me?!"

"Meega naga kweesta!" growled 626.

"There's no way out of your mission, 626," warned Jumba, "I promised Hamsterviel I would help him conquer the galaxy and you must help me with it. It's your only role in this universe."

626 shook his head in disbelief, feeling hurt by this realization. This pain quickly turned into anger, so he ripped out a piece of metal and swung it at Jumba, sending him flying into a wall. With the scientist stunned, 626 escaped the conference room, scurrying through the corridor in search of a vehicle. He reached the control room, where 626 hopped onto the desk and accessed the computer's map. Once he located the hangar, 626 found a data pad in the slot. He accessed its data and saw the footage of the conversation between Jumba and Hamsterviel. He pulled out the data pad and grabbed another data pad containing the information on the experiments. He then grabbed another data pad containing details about the mission before he hopped off the desk. 626 left the control room and scurried through the corridor. He could see Jumba pursuing him from behind, so he had to move faster so he wouldn't get caught. He barely managed to reach the hangar, so he started searching for a ship that would be fast enough for them to make a quick getaway. 626 soon found the fastest pod possible. He hopped into the ship and started the engine, but he heard loud footsteps coming in, so he closed the door. 626 took control of the cockpit and the ship took off into space. He sighed in relief, now that he made a getaway. However, he couldn't get the memories of seeing Jumba discuss his evil plan with Hamsterviel out of his mind. He was certain that Jumba was not to be trusted, so he would have to find some way to stop him. Should he find help? Maybe someone could provide means to launch a counterattack. 626 activated the hyperdrive and the pod went into hyperspace. He then switched to autopilot mode so he could slip into a spacesuit.

After what felt like hours, 626 could see a large flagship up ahead, so he switched back to manual. He used his secondary right arm to hold onto the data pads as he began to close in on the ship. He steered the pod carefully so he would safely land in the hangar. He managed to land the pod easily, so he hopped out of the pod and started exploring the hangar, taking the data pads with him. Maybe he could find someone so he could tell them about his creator. Even if he did find someone, would they trust him? If not, he could at least find a weapon he could use against Jumba and hand over the data pads. 626 snuck into the corridor, making sure none of the soldiers saw him. Yet, he noticed that some of the soldiers began investigating the pod, so he was certain that would raise a red flag. He continued sneaking through the corridor, hoping to find a weapons storage room. He managed to slip through the Durgon transporter without being seen when he suddenly heard the sirens go off.

"Intruder alert," announced the PA, "intruder alert."

626 had the sneaky feeling that his landing the pod in the launch deck attracted plenty of trouble, so he continued to sneak through the corridor. He saw a few soldiers scrambling through the corridor, so he ducked into a corner to avoid detection. Once the coast seemed to be clear, 626 emerged from the corner and continued meandering through the corridor until he reached the door to a laboratory. He lifted the door open with all his strength and stepped inside. After he hid behind a stack of boxes, 626 surveyed the room until he laid his eyes on a strange bracelet-like device. Since the sirens were still going off, he waited until the scientists in the room weren't looking. He seized this chance and quietly approached the counter before snatching the device. He quickly scampered out of the lab and ducked into an alcove where he carefully examined the device. He tapped on the circular gem of the bracelet, which activated a hologram that contained instructions on how to operate it. 626 took a few moments to memorize the instructions before turning off the device and stashing it underneath his suit. He felt satisfied that he found something he could use against Jumba, so he emerged from the alcove and continued meandering through the corridor, until suddenly…

"How did you get aboard the ship?!"

Startled, 626 turned his head at a tall, muscular alien with a shark-like face and a stern expression. How was he going to deal with this guy? 626 slowly lowered the data pads to the floor as the shark-like alien kept his gaze on the experiment.

"Here you go," 626 cooed in a singsong voice.

626 pushed the data pads towards the shark-like alien, hoping it would lighten up his mood. The shark-like alien cautiously approached the experiment, knelt down and picked up the data pads.

"Where did you get these?" he demanded.

Questions began to fill 626's mind. Should he tell the alien about Jumba? What if he didn't believe him? Maybe this didn't seem to be the right place to seek help after all.

"Meega gotta go," stuttered 626.

626 turned to pitter away, but he heard loud footsteps as the shark-like alien trudged towards him.

"Oh, no you don't," snarled the shark-like alien, "you're not going anywhere, you little trog!"

Without warning, the shark-like alien scooped 626 into his arm. The startled experiment struggled to free himself while growling at his captor.

"I don't know how you managed to get here," he warned the experiment, "but the Grand Councilwoman will hear about this."

The shark-like alien stashed the data pads into his pocket and held onto 626 in a tight grip as he turned around and trudged down the corridor. Seconds later, the sirens dissipated, but the experiment fidgeted nervously. At least he managed to memorize everything on the data pads. After what felt like hours, the shark-like alien passed through the door leading to the bridge. He approached a thin humanoid alien with pale blue-green skin. Seconds later, she turned to face him.

"Grand Councilwoman, I found the intruder in the corridor," he reported.

"I commend you for your effort, Captain Gantu," nodded the Grand Councilwoman.

"I suspect this little creature landed his ship in the launch deck," continued Gantu, "when I found him, he was carrying these data pads."

Gantu pulled out the data pads from his pocket.

"I believe the intruder might be trying to tell us something," assumed the Grand Councilwoman.

"Grand Councilwoman," asked a nearby soldier, "what would the intruder have to say for us?"

626 made a brief glance at the data pads in Gantu's hand before returning his focus on the Grand Councilwoman.

"Perhaps he would be willing to speak to us if we looked into the data pads," suggested the Grand Councilwoman.

Gantu handed the data pads to the Grand Councilwoman. She passed them to one of the technicians.

"Shall I begin the upload?" he asked.

"Go ahead," nodded the Grand Councilwoman.

The technician inserted the data pads into the slots of the computer terminal and downloaded the information from the data pads.

"Entry one of six," the technician began, "let's see what the first one shows about him."

Everyone on the bridge watched as the monitor displayed a list of Jumba's genetic experiments along with corresponding pictures of said experiments.

"What are these abominations?" Gantu said to himself, "who made them?"

"Jumba," muttered 626.

Gantu focused his eyes on 626.

"Wait a minute," paused Gantu, "Dr. Jumba Jookiba was involved?"

After a while, the list reached 626, and everyone observed the picture on the screen.

"Experiment 626," commented one of the technicians, "isn't this the one that is in here with us?"

"Uh-oh," muttered 626.

"So it is a monstrosity," sighed the Grand Councilwoman.

"Gaba ika tasoopa?" demanded 626.

"This form of experimentation is not even legal, 626," explained the Grand Councilwoman.

"Should we let it explain or should we have it destroyed?" asked one of the soldiers.

The Grand Councilwoman kept her eyes focused on 626.

"Experiment 626," she requested, "show us that there is something inside you that is good."

626 glanced around the room, focusing on Gantu, and then the Grand Councilwoman.

"Meega no like Jumba," replied 626.

Everyone on the bridge gave 626 a blank stare.

"Jumba use meega as weapon," clarified 626, "Jumba try to conquer galaxy. Meega no like plan."

"Perhaps the data pads could give more details," replied Gantu.

The technicians continued to download the information from the data pads. They carefully read the details of Jumba's mission and they even watched the conversation between Jumba and Hamsterviel. Seconds later, they gasped in disgust.

"So naughty!" groaned the Grand Councilwoman.

"Grand Councilwoman," called Gantu, "I believe we have enough evidence to arrest that idiot scientist. With your permission, I would like to locate him and take him into custody."

"Very well," nodded the Grand Councilwoman, "in the meantime, we should keep Experiment 626 in a secure location."

The next thing 626 knew, a couple UGF Troopers carried 626 down the corridor with Gantu escorting them into his ship until they reached the Durgon transporter. They secured him in a containment disk, hopped onto a platform that lifted them up to the ceiling. They placed the containment disk into a slot on the ceiling, allowing four bars to secure it in place. One of the troopers pulled out a syringe and punctured his flesh with the needle, extracting a sample of his blood. Once he finished, he handed the syringe to an officer, who placed it into the slot of a turret gun. Once the gun absorbed the blood, the guns aimed at 626 as he growled at Gantu. What was the big deal, anyway?

"Uncomfortable?" Gantu said, "that may be inconvenient for you, but consider this as a form of protection on your part."

"Meega want to prevent this!" protested 626.

"Calm down, will you?" groaned Gantu, "and don't fret. We will have Jumba in custody soon enough. For now, enjoy the trip and don't get any ideas."

626 growled at Gantu's response and didn't answer. The captain left the room and it wasn't long before the ship started moving. After what felt like hours, 626 heard the sirens go off again.

"Oh great," groaned the officer, "another intruder?"

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