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Sarah vs Redemption and a Navy War Hero

Chapter One: A Ghost of Sarah's Past

CIA Headquarters





It is business as usual inside the corridors of Langley, which is as busy as it has ever been before, though I guess you could expect as much, with the United States presently being involved in two major conflicts. Sarah Walker and Carina Miller, two of the agencies most prized intelligence banks that the Middle East has to offer are also in town on this particular grand occasion. The number of informants these two agents alone control is said to account for more than forty percent of all actionable intelligence inside the Middle East...

And today, Sarah and Carina are heading along the corridors of Langley towards the main briefing room. Which is about to become host to one of the most distinguished gatherings of top brass since the pre and immediate after invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan - if Carina is to be believed that is...

But from what Sarah had heard on the ground, Sarah could go along with that as the insurgency was vastly spiraling out of control in Iraq. The amount of IED and suicide bombing attacks are increasing at a rapid pace to levels never seen before. And with the Taliban also putting up fierce resistance in Afghanistan, all of the top intelligence directors and army chiefs alike are becoming increasingly concerned that the conflict could spread to bordering regions and the U.S. could end up being dragged into multiple large scale wars.

"So yeah, Ron was telling me," Carina says as she attempts to ramble in gossip before pausing because her friend Sarah is just rolling her eyes at her.

Typical Carina... Agent Carina Miller would sleep with anybody at any time just to gather intelligence. Carina always needed to know everything. Though Sarah had to admire Carina's dedication in all honesty, even if she would never admit that to her good friend.

"Do you want to hear what I know or not?" Carina asks with her voice now in a tone of complaint because of her friend's rudeness in the form of Sarah's facial expressions of disapproval.

Sarah puffs out a long deep sigh before checking her watch for the time. "You're going to tell me anyway so just hurry up and get on with it before we're late."

Sarah and Carina have now entered the ladies restroom just as Sarah had finished speaking. Both of the ladies pause briefly to remove make-up out of their handbags before both glancing at the mirrors hanging on the wall before Carina continues on with her revelations, "So, what I hear is that a Joint Task Force is to be formed. Comprised mostly of U.S. SF but will also include some British and French involvement and will be operated out of the region, primarily in Iraq and Afghan, aimed at crippling both uprisings."

"Who's in charge?" Sarah interrupts her friend briefly, before deciding to not let her friend answer the question, and to guess herself, "Wait no, let me guess... Colonel Casey, right?" Obviously, of course it was going to be Casey. He is loved by DOD personnel so in a Joint Task Force he is inevitably going to be in charge.

"Yeah, and one of DEVGRU's Commanders, someone called Bartowski. Not a great deal is known of him, only that he's recently been awarded the Navy Cross and is said to have a personal bounty of $1 Million USD on his head in Iraq alone."

Carina is so impressed by this mystery commander, she'd recently even had fantasies about him actually, which is kind of bizarre, because she doesn't even know what he looks like. There are probably only about a dozen people in total throughout the entire world that have access to the commander's military file. And the same could equally be applied to any serving member inside DEVGRU due to its extremely sensitive modus operandi as America's most secretive and elite unit that they have to offer.

Sarah immediately freezes everything that she was doing on hearing that name. The only name that could cause her to feel empty inside with nothing other than hurt, pain, misery and suffering. The name Bartowski terrorizes Sarah more than anything, even to this day, six years on from the worst day in her life.

Sarah tries to shake clear her thoughts of all of that pain, especially because her friend had stopped talking and is presently surveying the face of Sarah, which has turned to shock.

"Sarah, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost?" Carina asks as she begins to get concerned because her friend's face is getting paler and paler.

"Not a ghost, just the name..." Sarah replies to her friend as she now tries to shake off all those dark thoughts.

Not satisfied with the answer, Carina presses on. "Do you think it's Chuck?" Carina asks half concerned for her friend, half unable to help her gossiping curiosity.

Sarah snaps out of her deep thoughts on hearing his name. "Don't you dare speak his name!" Sarah snaps whilst now glaring at her friend like she is an enemy instead right now.

Carina sighs audibly whilst feeling unsure what to do. She is feeling unsure whether to drop it because of the evil eyes she is getting from her friend but she's never been one for the easy approach. "Sarah, come on… You still cry yourself to sleep and spend large parts of your life in a drunken mess. AND you still dream of him, I've heard you!"

Carina pauses from her attack momentarily, but now in a heartfelt and sincere tone, she asks, "Why don't you try to find him, Sarah?"

"I don't deserve him," Sarah replies with an unhealthy amount of self hate attached to her words.

Carina strokes the arm of her friend gently. "Sarah, everybody deserves a second chance," Carina replies sympathetically.

Sarah instantly begins to violently shake her head sideways in disagreement with the statement of her best friend. "No, not me... I FUCKING CRUSHED HIM CARINA! Please, just drop it!" Sarah retorts in a frustrated tone of voice.

"But you wont get anybody else either. If not him, then why not anybody else? You need to try to be happy and at peace with whom you are. You're extremely attractive- no, deadly. Men would kill for you. You could have anybody you ever wanted I've tried to get you with guys," Carina replies to her friend whilst also looking around to make sure nobody else is around and eavesdropping on the two friends.

"Well, I'm not interested in men any more," Sarah replies flatly with no emotion in the words whatsoever, she absolutely meant everything she had just said.

"You're not interested in women either! And don't I know it..." Carina quickly replies with a tad feeling of bitterness to her words before opening the door for her friend as they exited the bathroom to continue on with the final few footsteps of their journey.

"Carina, you're the only person I've ever been with except him and it's staying that way. Nobody else will ever touch me. I belonged to one man," Sarah whispers to her friend making sure that nobody heard her.

Typical Carina... Airing all of our dirty laundry in the capital spy building of the world!

"Sarah… If only you could hear yourself speak. You need to get him back," Carina retorts also in a whisper as she held open another door and they were finally now standing inside the main briefing room where a pretty large crowd of people have already gathered.

Sensing that they have no further time for conversation, Sarah closes off the conversation with her final few words in the most extremely faint voice as she could possibly muster "He's probably married now, has kids... I need to forget about him," Sarah replies as her head then begins to glance around the room, before she stops dead in her tracks...

"Chuck…" is all Sarah can breathe out. As her gaze connects with the man she last seen six years ago...

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