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The sun rays shone down through the windows and bathed the room in light. In the bed two figures began to stir, their limbs stretching and tangling together in a mix of flesh and bedsheets. A head lifted itself up to look out the window and curse the sun.

"You should not be so hateful toward that which gives everything life," came the sleepy voice of Arwen, who was still tucked beneath the sheets, one arm wrapped protectively around Aragorn's middle.

There was a grunted reply as Aragorn sat up and rubbed at his eyes as they adjusted to the intrusion of brightness. He held up a hand to shield his eyes from the rays as he made his way to a large closet on the other side of the room. Several minutes later Aragorn came back wearing kingly clothing and his sword in hand. He sat the sword down on the desk near the bed and sat down on the edge of the mattress.

"Wake up, Arwen," Aragorn said while running his fingers through her brown locks.

A muffled elvish curse was his reply and he chuckled softly to himself. She was always difficult to wake in the morning. Even after thousands of years of life and light, she still had fallen into the bad habit of sleeping away the first light of the day.

Aragorn stood from the mattress and walked to the end of the bed. He could see the outline of her form under the sheets; her curled body nestled all warm and snug in the blankets. She looked so comfortable where she was.

"Arwen," Aragorn said one final time.

There was no response to Aragorn's call, so he did what he saw fit for the situation.

Grabbing the corners of the bedsheets, Aragorn lifted them up and jerked them off of the bed. Arwen instinctively curled up tighter into herself, trying to hold onto that last bit of warmth. The cold overcame her and she sat up, not bothering to shield her body from its state of complete undress.

"Aragorn Elessar Telcontar!" Arwen said venemously. "Give that back."

"I do not think I will," Aragorn said playfully.

Arwen stood and walked to him, snatching the heavy blanket from his hands and pulling it back to the bed with her. As she crawled onto the bed, Aragorn came up from behind her and grabbed her around the waist, turning her to rest against his chest.

"Estel!" she cried in surprise.

Aragorn grabbed the blanket and wrapped the both of them in its warmth.

"You were saying?" Aragorn said.

"Why do you do such things to me?" Arwen asked while playing with a lock of Aragorn's hair.

"My cruelty and malice overcome me in the mornings."

"Is that so?"

"But no more than yours overcomes the both of us at night," Aragorn said with a smile.

Arwen blushed appropriately and reached up to give Aragorn a sweet, sensual good morning kiss. She reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, pulling him further down to meet her more deeply. Aragorn moaned into her mouth as he could feel the desire overcoming him.

"You're going to make me late for my morning council," Aragorn warned.

"Can they not function without you for a while?" Arwen asked as she began to trail kisses down his neck and collar.

"Arwen, I have to go to the council," Aragorn said as he tried to back away from her. She held a tight hold on him.

"Do you not find me desirable?" Arwen asked while she unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt. She began to kiss the skin there as well.

"I have to go. . . . " Aragorn said longingly. "I have to. . . ."

Aragorn's voice faded out in mid-sentence when Arwen hit a vulnerable spot for him. His conscience got the better of his judgement and he felt himself compelled to stay with his wife.

"To the hells with council."

# # # # # # # # # # # # # #

"Where is the king?" the head of the guards asked irritably. "He should have been here twenty minutes ago."

Faramir looked around at the other men situated around the table. Breakfast had been eaten and the meeting should have already begun. Most of the others looked to the Steward of Gondor for answers.

"I will go check his chambers. Perhaps he has forgotten," Faramir said.

Faramir stood from the table and left the room. He walked quickly to the king and queen's chamber at the other end of the palace and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so he knocked again and called out for Aragorn. Once again no sound came, so he opened the door.

"My Lord!" Faramir said in a shocked voice at the scene before him.

Aragorn and Arwen both lay tangled not only in the sheets, but each other as well, and on the floor. Aragorn cleared his throat and had the grace to look embarassed. He sat up, pulling Arwen against his chest to shield her body from the view of the Steward.

"Yes, Faramir?" Aragorn asked as if nothing were amiss.

"I came to call you to council. You had not yet arrived. . . ." Faramir explained. "I understand now why."

"Inform the rest of the council that I will be there as quickly as possible."

"What shall I say is detaining you?" Faramir asked with an amused look.

"The queen," Aragorn explained. "She needed assistance."

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