Danny X Raven


Story Start


He was here. He was on the hilltop overlooking the town. Amityville. His home. The site of his greatest battles. The place that held his friends and family. The glow of all the stars from above and the beautiful glow of the mood could not put him at ease.

Maybe at one time, but not now. Maybe not ever again.

'She's gone. My closest friend. My girlfriend. Sam. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I couldn't even avenge you.'

After all he suffered. After all he had been through. After everything why did this have to happen?

They were getting ready to start the next phase of their life. And now…and now…

'God Sam… I wish I hadn't been so clueless and we found ourselves to each other much sooner. But now….why…why wasn't I strong enough? Why did you have to die?"

He didn't realize he had said the last part out loud until Clockwork responded.

"Daniel it hurts now, but in time it will lessen." The master of time. The blue skinned cloak wielding the scepter ever changing between the appearances of a baby, an adult, and an elder spoke of much wisdom. He floated in the air, ever changing with his signature dark purple cloak changing with him.

"Not now Clockwork. Please not now." The speaker was a young man with short black hair. This young man built like a casual athlete in a plain black t-shirt and blue jeans. "All you'll ever say is some twisted riddle anyway."

Looking up much pain reflected in those sorrowful blue eyes of his.

"As much as you loathe them Daniel every word is crafted so irredeemable damage won't be done to the timelines."

Danny clutched his fists as he began trembling. "Why… Why didn't you s-s-" He couldn't finish his sentence and let out a sob.

"To prevent many great catastrophes. In time you will come to learn about the path you must travel."

"Why? Why didn't you warn me? Show me this could happen? Everything would be different? She would still be here? You can't tell me that Sam was fated to die!" He was being overwhelmed by his grief.

"I'm sorry Daniel. The Observants forbade me from showing you the events that led to Samantha's fate. Caster's whose core exist outside of time would merely need his Avatar to scan your mind in a moment of weakness to alter his fate."

Caster. Xenos. Whatever he wanted to call himself that damn monster. He was the one responsible for all this.

"In order to stop Caster a…"

"Don't say it!" Danny hished. The silvery-white rings formed at his midsection as he changed into the form of Phantom. His hair turning a phantom white and his eyes going an ectoplasmic green.

"I loved her! She was my world and don't you dare refer to her as some damn meaningless sacrifice because you're pathetic and worthless bosses are too inept at handling the great dangers that threaten our worlds. Just leave me alone!"

Clockwork had expected this. He would give Daniel more time to grieve before approaching him again. Clockwork faded from that plain.

There was only one thing left on Danny's mind. He had to leave. He couldn't stay in this town anymore.