On the following day, Monday, July 28th, 2003 in the morning, all the kids in the neighborhood were trying to figure out how a luggage vehicle arrived without someone running it. And in his room, Trent was in a great mood. Sherman's arm was once again fixed by Trent, and it seems as if it had a little fluff added to it.

"Hey, Geoff and the others are waitin' for you for the picnic, Trent!" Dwayne Senior said, then he noticed Sherman's fixed arm. "He-Hey! Look at that, you fixed Sherman!"

"Yeah, I'm glad Mom and Dad convinced me not to take him to camp, his arm could've fell off." Trent then said, exiting the room. He had no idea how almost right he was.

As soon as the door closed, Sherman went out of toy mode, and smiled. Trent does care about his toys. Goten lied to Sherman for his own selfish purposes. Sherman learned he wouldn't be thrown out if he was broken, he would get fixed. Trent really does care about his stuff. He really cares!

"Well, how about that?" Sherman happily whispered.

Kid Ford walked over and then said, "So you learned your lesson?" Sherman nodded.

"I sure did." Sherman said.

"Yeah. I knew a toy like you would come to your senses. You must be a lucky guy." Ford then said.

"I know it's not easy having a hard past, but whatever's the future has in store, we'll be ready." Sherman then said.

Then, he heard Cindy giggling. Sherman noticed Cindy, Penny and all of Trent's new toys on the bed.

"Would you look at this? We're part of a family again, guys!" Cindy then said, happily. "I'm sorry I misjudged Trent."

"It's okay, because you have a new home." Penny replied.

Everyone had the name "Trent" on their left feet, except for Edmund, who had the name, "Danny", on his left foot.

"Edmund," Wolfgang notified, Edmund then looked at his right foot and found Trent's name marked on it.

"My goodness gracious." Arnold said, chuckling.

Then, Jimmy walked near Cindy, blushing. Jimmy always thought Cindy was cute when they first met back at the apartment, and now, someone's in love!

"Um, Cindy, I just wanted to say that you're a bright young woman with a beautiful yarn blonde full of hair." Jimmy said, embarrassed. He then reiterated, "A hair full of blonde yarn, it's...uh...I should go."

Just as Jimmy was about to leave, Cindy stopped him.

"Well, aren't you the sweetest Neutron toy I've ever met!" Cindy said, love struck.

Then, the 2 heard barking and noticed that Snoopy, Trent's beagle puppy, was trying to get out of the room.

"That critter needs help!" Penny exclaimed. Cindy nodded. Anything to help a friend! Cindy quickly jumped on a small car on a race track. She speeds down the thing, twirling in a loop, and goes flying into the air right onto the doorknob. Cindy twists the doorknob and pulls the door open, allowing Snoopy to come out.

Jimmy's mouth was wide open as Jimmy's wings popped out suddenly. He then thought, 'Hello Nurse!'

"Uh, oh!" Mabel said, sing song like.

"What?" The Boy Genius toy said.

"Somebody's in love!" Mabel then said, prompting the boy to blush.

"Yeah, right!" Jimmy said, blushing.

Meanwhile, Carl, Gene, Waddles and Mason were trying to play a level in the Heroic Academyvideo game, but they were struggling to beat the game. Penny walked by and noticed, she chuckled at this, her friends actually taking interest in a Jimmy Neutron video game? Even after Nicktoons Roundupwas canceled due to the popularity of Jimmy's movie?

"Guys, I could use a little help now." Carl then said, referring to Toothless.

"I don't need to play!" Toothless then said, with pride. "I lived it!"

Then, Player 1 died, much to Carl's frustration. He then changed the channel and noticed Evan Worthington doing a commercial for Worthington's Toy Stadium.

"Welcome to Worthington's Toy Stadium. We've got the lowest prices in town, anything for a buck out of the park..." Evan said, resentfully. "Dad do I have to do this?"

Evan faced some consequences. He has lost some important luggage and because of which, a certain toy museum owner rejected his collection, thus ruining his dream of riches and forcing the collector's dad back into doing commercials, and this time, the collector boy is in them, even though he doesn't want to have anything to do with it. Worse, yet funny, he was grounded until he was in 4th grade, no allowance, no electronics, and no burritos.

The gaming toys chuckled at the sight of this.

"Well, I guess crime doesn't pay." Ford then said, smugly.

"Anyway," Sherman said, changing the subject, flexing his now fixed arm, "I like how Trent fixed my arm! Nice and powerful!"

"I love it, I think you look tough!" Mabel then said, but then she read something, an article about how Worthington's Toy Stadium will be replaced by Wal-Mart eventually in 5 months.

Meanwhile, at a Lincoln's Logs Log Cabin, Dani and Gumball were reconciling, when Ed, Edd and Eddy arrived.

"Hello, my name is Ed, one of the lost boys your boyfriend found." Ed announced.

"That's true." Edd then said. "They also saved our lives! We're eternally grateful for that. So, from here on out, me and Ed and Eddy will be like your family."

"Oh, Gumball, You are my hero." squealed Dani happily as she hugs her boyfriend who blushed. Looking at the Eds, the ghost girl toy smiles as she said, "They look so cute. I wish we can...hey! I know! Let's adopt them!"

"What?!" Gumball exclaimed.

"Great! I shall set up the beds!" Edd then said.

"I get top bunk!" Eddy then said.

Then, Sherman and Penny heard a familiar squeaking noise, it was Steven! And his squeaker got fixed.

"Steven!" Sherman excitedly said.

"So you got your squeaker fixed, huh?" Penny said, happily looking at her new friend.

"Yeah, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Harold and Wolfgang helped me find a extra squeaker in the toy box, now even Lindsay, Beth, Kitty, and Scarlett won't know the difference!" Steven replied, happily.

"How's that squeaker treating you?" Penny asked.

"I feel swell!" Steven then said. "In fact, I feel a song coming on!" Then, the karaoke toy tossed Steven a microphone.

Then, as a familiar song begins, everyone turns their attention as Steven sings in a suave voice:

Steven: (Sinatra styled voice) You've Got a Friend in Me...
You've Got a Friend in Me...
You just remember what your old pal, said:
Babe, You've Got a Friend in Me...
Yeah, You've Got a Friend in Me...

Then Sherman walked over to the front yard and noticed something that made him smile, he noticed Trent hanging out with his new friends Noah, Geoff, Brody, DJ. Although he may not be heading to Tokyo, he feels better being a toy rather than a collectible.

The toy smiled at Trent, and Mabel looked behind and noticed. Jimmy walked over,

"Are you and Cindy still worried?" Jimmy asked.

"About Trent? Nah. But his childhood will be fun while it lasts." Sherman said happily willing to let life roll onward, no matter what may happen.

"I'm proud of you, Sheriff." Jimmy then said.

"Besides, when it's all said and done, I'll still have Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to keep me company, along with a few new friends." Sherman said, feeling good to be home, once again Trent's toy. Sure, Trent won't be a kid forever, but Sherman will enjoy it while he can. "And it will be a blast."

Jimmy grinned after he heard that.

Meanwhile, Steven and his friends were still singing.

Steven: (Swave) You're gonna see it's our destiny...
You've Got a Friend in Me...

Pacificas: Yes you do.

Steven: You've Got a Friend in Me...

Pacificas: That's the truth!

Sherman, Penny, Mabel, Jimmy, Arnold, Helga and Cindy were watching this from the desk, Sherman and Jimmy smiled at each other. After this experience, Sherman's no longer worried about Trent discarding him, because when that time comes when Trent outgrows him, Sherman and Jimmy will always have each other for company.

Steven: You've Got a Friend... in... Me! (After a good Sax note by Gerald, we iris out on Steven) YEAH!

So Sherman learned his lesson, and Trent has his favorite toy back home, repaired, and back with his friends. Cindy, Sherman, Penny, Arnold, Gerald and Jimmy agreed that Trent will grow up one day and outgrow his toys, but when that time comes, they'll be ready.

The End.