Time for a change

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Shippo was bored. Very bored. In fact he was so bored he was willing to risk the wrath of a
irritable hanyou to become unbored.

'Lets see I could chew up his ears some more... Nah.' Shippo continued to plot
against the hanyou in his effort to become unbored. At the moment Inuyasha stormed off to release so
steam after being sat several times by Kagome for some reason or another. 'Maybe she was bored too'
thought the kitsune. 'If I was Kagome thats what I would do for fun.' Shippo's eyes lit up.

'If I were Kagome.' Shippo still remembered when Inuyasha had been sealed in with Shippo to protect
him after he had sent Kagome through the well to protect her. Inuyasha had nearly stomped him to death
for turning into Kagome. 'He is soooo going to kill me' But that was alright since death was better than

Shippo looked over at Kagome who was reading one of her spell books so she could take a 'Test'.
He quietly slipped off into the direction Inuyasha had went. Kagome turned the page of her book.
Sighing she continued to read when she heared as Sango ran past chasing Miroku with her Boomerang.
"Hentai!!!" Atleast some people werent bored. *Whack* "Lady Sango I did not know you leg was there."
Miroku was sporting a large bump on the head as he followed Sango back to camp. The extremely lecherous
priest reached out to grope her rear.*Whack Whack Whack* He'll never learn. With a final *Whack*, Sango
left the unconcious monk on the ground. Sango plopped down besides Kagome with a sigh.
"I think he likes you."

Shippo followed Inuyasha's scent to a clearing. Inuyasha was on his knees with a deer he had probably
used to vent his anger. He was now cleaning it and grumbling about the injustices of sit. 'Perfect'.
Shippo changed into Kagome. Well he changed into Kagome with a tail. 'Oh well. He'll be so shell-shocked
I doubt he'll notice.' Shippo grinned a very un-Kagome grin.

"Stupid girl sitting me all the time." Inuyasha cut out another slab of meat. "Im not a blasted lap dog.
How would she like it if I sat her over and over." Inuyasha sighed. 'It was your fault you know.'
said that annoying little voice that he never could get to leave him alone.

'You should have been more carefull with her spell book.' 'How was I supposed to know that
the thing would get torn up like that?' Inuyasha was talking to himself. Not a good sign of sanity.
'It doesn't matter. You should go apologize to her.' Inuyasha growled. 'Can't you mind your own
business?' 'This is my business. After all I am you. And being you I know that you have feelings for her.'
'She's a shard detector. I don't even like her.'

Inuyasha could have sworn he heard the voice in his head tsk. 'You don't care about the shard's anymore.
It's just you're best excuse to keep her near you. And if you want to keep her near you, I suggest you
apologize.' 'Feh. Maybe.' With that the discussion was closed. A maybe from Inuyasha (even when he's talking
to himself) was as good as any yes.

By this time Inuyasha was nearly finished with the deer and was about to leave. The smell of blood clogged his
nose and made him feel vernerable. Inuyasha heard movement in the bushes and his hand went to the tetsuiga,
which was still covered in deer blood. Kagome entered the clearing with a strangely... seductive smile on her
face. "Inuyasha can I talk to you?" Inuyasha breathed a sigh of releif that it was her. Not only becuase
he wouldnt have to fight but also becuase he could protect her better when she was in his sight.

Kagome with her seductive smile still in place walked across the clearing to Inuyasha who put his sword
back into its sheath. Taking a deep breath Inuyasha steeled his nerves. "Kagome I.. I'm sor." 'Kagome'
place her hand over Inuyasha's mouth stopping his apology and startling the hanyou. "No Inuyasha, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I sat you." Kagome brought Inuyasha into an embrace. The shocked hanyou forget to blush at
this blunt show of affection. "You.. You are?"

Shippo/Kagome smiled inwardly. This was great. Hopefully Inuyasha wouldn't notice Kagome's extra appendage
til he got the hanyou to bare his soul to him. Then he'd run laughing all the way back to Kagome before
he bacame a kitsune pancake. Inuyasha was stunned. 'First she hugs me and then she starts apologizing?'
Inuyasha tried to get a whiff of Kagome's scent but the smell of blood still was to strong. 'Is she in
heat?' That was the only reason the poor hanyou could think of for this sudden change in her. Of course
Inuyasha to young was when his mother died for her to explained about a human females reproductive cycle,
but years of experience had taught him what happened to youkai females so he drew his knowledge off of this.

Of course he never accepted any of the offers from the love crazed youkai knowing full well he'd be dead when
they snapped out of it. If only he could tell if she was in heat. She didn't smell any different this morning.
He decided that he'd just have to ask. "Ka.Kagome?" "Yes Inuyasha?" Kagome snuggled her head against Inuyasha's
kneck to hide her grin. "Are you in... umm heat?" Inuyasha's head was so red that it was almost painful to look
at his face. "No Inuyasha I'm not in heat. But thats alright." Shippo/Kagome (lets just call him Shipome) nuzzled
the dog-demons kneck. If it was at all possible Inuyasha's face grew redder. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around
shipome returning the embrace.

'I should have thought of this a looong time ago. Maybe I can blackmail him into doing what I want in exchange
for not telling Kagome that he was getting fresh with her behind her back.' Shipome started to softly nip on
Inuyasha's kneck. 'Ick he tastes bad.'

Inuyasha was in la-la land. 'Wow please tell me this isnt a dream.' When shipome started to start giving him
playful bites on the kneck Inuyasha felt his instincts stir inside him. Inuyasha struggled to mantain control.
He looked down at Shipome and noticed something wagging back and forth on her rear end. Now at the moment
Inuyasha's massive mental abilities were not at the moment exactly working well. 'Wow Kagome looks good with
a tail. I didn't know humans had them.' Inuyasha continued to look at the wagging tail that looked somehow

Shipome gave him another playful nip on the neck. Inuyasha shuddered with pleasure. 'Better not push him to
far.' The smell of blood was finally starting to fade away and Inuyasha tried to get a whiff of Kagome's lovely
scent. Then he almost gagged. 'Thats not what Kagome smells like! This smells like....SHIPPO!' Inuyasha's
eyes started to glow red and he lowered his head slightly hiding them in shadow. 'Dead Meat.' Was the only
words that went through Inuyasha's mind.

"Kagome?" "Yes Inuyasha?" Shipome smiled inwardly. 'He's going to say it! MWahahahaha!' "Do you love me?"
'Well almost.' Shipome knew it was only a matter of time so he stopped playing with Inu's kneck (Im going to have to
burn my tounge off after this to get rid of the taste but its worth it). "Of course I do." "More than Kouga?"
"I don't like Kouga that way Inuyasha." "More than Miroku?" "Of course he's nice but a pervert."
"What about Shippo?" Shipome froze. 'Darn it I guess I'll just have to swallow my pride for now.' "Yes. Shippo
is nice, cute, friendly, loveable, really smart...'Better stop before he gets suspicious.' but hes too young
for me anyway." "Good you'll forgive me then." Inuyasha slipped one of his hands off of Shippo and raised it in
the air. "Forgive you for what?" Shippo looked up to see Inuyasha's fist in the air. "This." *BAM* Shippos not
bored anymore.

"KAAGOOMEE!!!" Kagome looked up from her book just to see a ball of fur fly towards her. Kagome dropped her already
damaged book just in time to catch Shippo. He curled up in her lap and hid his head. "Inyasha's coming to kill me!"
The poor Kitsune wailed. Judging by the number of bumps already on the poor Kitsune's head she believed it. Just
then Inuyasha flew into the campsite. He stopped dead in his tracks when he received a death glare from Kagome.
"Inuyasha you have ten seconds to explain why you are about to kill shippo." Inuyasha gulped. "Well.. Umm...
you see... Shippo... he..." Inuyasha was just to embarrased to say the horrible offence Shippo had commited.
Kagome sighed. "Let me guess Inuyasha. You were angry for getting sat and decided to take it out on poor shippo.
Well What do you think it felt to be hit like that Inuyasha? It probably felt like this. SIT!SIT!SIT!SIT!SIT!."
Inuyasha became aquanted with dirt. Dirt, Inuyasha. Inuyasha, Dirt.

After a few minutes of consversation with his new friend Dirt. Inuyasha pulled himself off the ground. Kagome
gasped at the hanyou's face. In his eyes she saw anger, sadness, and shame? Shame for what? "FINE WENCH! IF YOU
stormed into the woods feeling stupid that he could ever think that a human female could like or love a filthy
half-breed. Inuyasha stormed pass a tree and relized that he didn't like that tree. It was giving him a dirty
look. Flexing his claws Inuyasha decided that tree wasnt going to give him any more dirty looks. After he
had given the village a weeks worth of fire wood Inuyasha continued storming around the woods.

'How could I let Shippo trick me like that. Its inexcusable. How can I face Kagome now?' Inuyasha found him self
looking at the bone eaters well. He remembered last time he had pushed her into the well to keep her safe.
Perhaps she should go back. How could he protect her from others if he couldnt protect her from himself. Inuyasha
stood there for a long time thinking.

Kagome looked down at Shippo. "What did he mean by that Shippo?" Shippo glanced around nervously. "Um. I don't know?"
Kagome didn't buy it. Shippo squirmed under her gaze. "Ok ok. I kinda... pretendedIwasyoutoplayatrickonInuyashaand
Bye!" Shippo ran off into the woods to hide from Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome's brain tried to comprehend what was
just said but it couldnt. "I guess I'll have to ask Inuyasha. He looks so upset I had better apologize anyway."

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