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Two Weeks Later

Kagome held the Shikon no Tama out towards Inuyasha, who still looked a bit startled. "What?!" he asked

staring at the now complete Shikon no Tama. Once Naraku had fallen the last shards had been located quite easily,

all being attracted to the group who possessed most of the jewel. Kagome smiled. "I'm giving it to you to use

Inuyasha. You've wanted to become a full youkai, and now you can." Inuyasha gave a small snort and gently pushed

her hand backwards. "I don't care about that anymore stupid." He said, using the insult as more of a pet name than

anything else. "Its not important to me, you are." Kagome grabbed the stubborn hanyou's hand and placed the Shikon

squarely in his palm.

"And you are important to me Inuyasha, that's why I want you to have it. I want you to fulfill your dream.

Besides, it will be safer inside someone than laying around anyways." She said firmly, obviously not going to

give up and possible planning to force feed it to him if necessary. Inuyasha stared at the jewel, which seemed

to glow softly in his hand, before letting his fingers close around it. Kagome's smile returned. "Good, now all

you have to do is make your wish and swallow it, it's as easy as that." Inuyasha stared seriously at his closed

hand for a moment, then shut his eyes. Kagome stood in silence as she watched Inuyasha, who didn't move or make

a sound. Above them, the leaves of the God tree seemed to shake with excitement.

Inuyasha's eyes suddenly opened, causing Kagome to jump slightly. He met her gaze, his eyes seeming to

burn into hers, as he popped the Shikon into his mouth. In one rapid movement, Kagome found herself in his arms

and her lips pressed to his. She immediately relaxed in his grip and returned the sudden burst of affection.

What she didn't expect to happen was to feel something pushed into her mouth, something hard and round. Kagome's

eyes widened and she instinctively swallowed as she took a step back in surprise. Kagome felt the Shikon slide

down her throat and into the lower parts of her body as she coughed and sputtered a few times, holding her throat

with one of her hands.

When she looked up at Inuyasha he had his arms folded and was smirking. "Wha-What did you do?" Kagome

asked in confusion. He flashed her a fanged grin. "I made my wish." he replied. "But I swallowed the Shikon,

not you." Kagome said, still not understanding. Inuyasha keh'd and closed the short distance between them with

a step. "I didn't wish to become a full youkai." he murmered. "I wished that you would live as long as I would."

Kagome blinked in surprise. She hadn't even thought that far ahead, what would happen in forty or fifty years

when she was getting old and he was still in his prime. He didn't know Inuyasha had thought about it either,

of course it had also been impossible for her to tell just what was going on behind those amber orbs of his.

Even as he explained Kagome could feel a subtle change, as if everything had slowed down, but hadn't.

Kagome let her arms slide around him and pulled him into another kiss, though this time she kept her lips

pressed firmly together just in case Inuyasha tried to shove anything else down her throat. Eventually she

pulled away and snuggled against him. "Just how long does a hanyou live anyways?" Kagome asked, closing her

eyes and enjoying the warmth that radiated from him. Though she didn't see it, she could tell Inuyasha was

smirking. "I don't know, I've never heard of one dieing from age, just swords and arrows. Kagome let out a

sigh of contentment. "Well you'll be the first then."


Years later

Kagome hummed happily as she made her way out to the garden now growing beside her home. It wasn't

necessary for her to grow food for her own, the villagers and Inuyasha supplied everything she needed, but

she still liked to grow flowers and various medicinal plants as well. Kagome kneeled down slowly by her

favorite plant, a rosebush that Inuyasha had brought to her as a seedling (Kagome suspected 'foul play' involving

her mother) and began to root out the few rebellious weeds that refused to go away. Taking care of the rosebush

always made Kagome reflect on the past and how so much had changed.

In a single month she had become the mate of the greatest person she had ever met. That by itself was an

amazing change of fortune. But that wasn't all that had changed since before that faithful day. Miroku and Sango,

for example, had soon been wed after Miroku had had his cursed hand and most of his arm removed. In fact, unless

she was mistaken, the pair were expecting another birth soon. Kagome's lip twitched. She had always wondered what

her grandfather would do if he knew that the shrine where they lived had been started by a one armed, gambling,

drinking, monk who was married and had seven children. Or was it eight? There were so many it was hard to keep

track, the fact that there always seemed to be a new addition to the family didn't help matters.

Miroku, on the bright side, had quit his lecherous ways and rarely left the area anymore, instead

preferring to tend to the shrine and teach the villagers. He also was writing the tale of their adventures for

future generations when he wasn't spending time with his large family. Kagome often went to help take care of

shrine, sweeping the stone tiled grounds (placed by none other than Inuyasha himself) and taking care of the

flowers there, as well as playing with the children, both Sango and Miroku's and those from the villagers.

It was a trip she had been taking less and less often recently however. In the distance she sensed the presence

of two youkai, one of the last things Kaede had taught her before she had passed away last spring claiming her work

was finished. Even Inuyasha had mourned at her passing. 'Speaking of Inuyasha.' Kagome thought recognizing the

youkai presence as none other than the unique one of her hanyou's and Shippo's hard to detect one. Kagome stiffly

stood up and made her way back inside to finish preparations for their meal.

She sighed and smiled as she entered. So much had changed, for the better for the most part. Kagome stopped

as she passed a shelf where she kept various knick-knacks and picked up one of the doggy ear warmers her mother had made

so many years ago as she felt a twinge in her quite large belly. And soon it would be time for another change.

The End

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