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chapter one~ The Mission

It was too easy. Sneaking in. The sixteen year old girl scaled the wall and leaped into the courtyard. Her dark blue warrior kimono made her downright impossible to see. Her sword was clanging against her left leg as she ran along the wall. All those years of training, and now, she was setting out.

She climbed in through an unguarded window. She landed inside the mansion and held out the Lasen Board(A/N: that thing that syaoran has?)

"Guide me to the Clow." she whispered. A faint light emitted from the Board and went down the hallway.

"Fine." she said, tucking it in her kimono. "I go left."

The girl ran down the hallway with such agility that she seemed simply a blurr to those that managed to see her pass. She reached a spot where the hall forked into three different ways. She pulled out the Lasen Board again.

"Stop there!" someone shouted out.

"Damnit." she grinned, her hand reaching towards her side. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to kill anyone." her hand returning into sight, it now held a sword.

"You pocess a sword?" said the guard. "Are you of the Shen Clan?" he demanded.

"Yeah right." she said.

"Then you are a foe! Only those of the Shen Clan can pocess a sword!"

"Then no one must know I am here." she said. "Die." she charged at him with the sword. She passed him, and tucked her sword back in its sheath. She stood straight, and turned to face him. He stared at her with a blank look on her face and then fell to the ground, dead.

She knew that more would come and she did not have time to pull out the Lasen Board again. "Trust your instincts." she said to herself and ran down the far left fork.

"This hall is full of locked doors. It must be royal bedrooms." she said to herself. Her shoes made no sound on the ground and her dark blue pants and shirt easily blended with the darkness of the hall.

She reached yet another fork and pulled out the Lasen Board. "Guide me to the Clow." she said again and it pointed back in the direction she had just come. "It figures." she mumbled and ran back in that direction. She reached the fork and stopped.

The dead guy was still there, only now there was three others, examining him. She stood in the shadows and listened.

"He was murdered all right." said another guard with long dark hair in a braid. "There's a deep wound in his side. A sword, no doubt about it."

"Could one of our own turned on us?" asked the second guard, bald.

"I do not think someone would be that stupid." said the third, dark hair but in a ponytail and not as long as the first. "Xingyo would kill them instantly. Its got to be someone who wants our empire to fall." he said.

"Who would be that foolish?" asked the bald one.

"If I am so foolish, then why is he dead and why are you all about to die?" asked the girl, coming out of the shadows and pulling out her sword. She ran at them as they pulled out their own swords.

"This woman must be the one who murdered him!" shouted the ponytailed one. He said no more however, as the girl had just killed him.

She clashed for a while with the bald one until he too fell to the ground in a heap of blood and mess.

She turned and faced the last guard, who stood there with his sword, defensive.

"Being on the defense will not prevent your death." she said. She charged at him and they clashed longer than any other. He managed cut her lower arm but then she knocked his sword out of his hands. She dropped low on the ground and tripped the man over with her right foot. She jumped back up and put her sword above his stomach.

"Before you kill me, warrior woman," he said. "I have but one request."

"And that would be?" she asked.

"I wish to know the name of my murderer." he said.

She grinned. "Really? Well I shall tell you." she said. She beant over him and whispered in his ear. "My Saiya Li." she said. Then she brought her sword into his flesh and he was dead. She pulled it out and wiped off the blood on his cape.

Saiya put her sword back in the sheath again and pulled out the Lasen Board. She didn't even speak a word when it pointed her down the far most right fork. She put it back in her kimono and ran down the hall. In the distance of the hall, she could hear people. They sounded large so they were probably guards again. This time she was on the right track.

She put her hand on her sword in case she needed it for combat. She slowed to a calm walk and held her head up high. She walked passed the guards.

"Hold it. We've never seen you before." said one.

"Please state your name." said the other.

Saiya nearly fell over. She held a sword in her grasp and they ask her for her name instead of killing her on the spot. Yes- there were smart guards and stupid ones.

"My name is of no concern to you." said Saiya and simply knocked out the two guards instead of killing them. They would most likely forget her anyway.

Saiya continued on her way down the hall and picked up her pace again. Still clutching her sword, for fear of being attacked without warning. She reached a stair case leading downwards and pulled out the Lasen Board.

"To the Clow." she said and it pointed down. "Thats what I thought." she said, putting it back and running down the stairs. It went down in a spiral and there were torches here and there. No windows, so no fresh air came in. She assumed she was heading underground.

After about a minute or two she reached the bottom. She tucked a strand of long brown hair behind her ear and peered out with bright green eyes.

There was no natural light down here and the temperature was different from that upstairs. She was definitely underground. She walked into the hall and saw no one- yet. She pulled out the Board again and it pointed her right.

"And I go right." she whispered and ran.

Now she could sense magic too. That meant that what she was searching for was getting closer, or she was getting closer to it, and that guards down here could possibly pocess something other than sword skills.

She slowed to a walk to conserve her energy and kept one hand on her sword at all times. How she wished she had the magic to make her invisible.

Saiya sensed guards nearby and pulled out her sword. She turned a corner and saw four guards, and they were most definitely not the stupid kind.

"Damn." she whispered. Then all four of their heads turned in her direction. They heard her. "Damn!" she said louder and charged at them. She cut one's arm off and knocked him out. Another jabbed his sword at her and it went through the flowy part of her kimono, for she wore it opened which made travel and fighting easier.

"Missed." she grinned and stabbed his shoulder.

"Fool!" cried one. He held up his hand and squeezed it. She felt her inside getting tighter and tighter. This man had powers she did not. Mustering as much power as she could, she threw her sword at him and it went into his side. His concentration broken, she fell to the ground and tripped the last guy. She stole his sword and knocked him out.

Saiya stood up and took a deep breath. No doubt that more would come. This battle had not been a quiet one. She went over and pulled her sword out of the dead man and wiped the blood on his shirt. "Can't have my sword getting all bloody and dirty now, can I?" she said.

She heard people coming and looked around. She needed to hide. She saw a small hole in the ceiling and jumped up. She grabbed it with her hands and pulled herself in. She hid herself so she could not be seen, but so that she could see them.

Three guards came and stood staring at the guards. They were shocked. They checked the pulses. "Two dead, two are just knocked out." said one, who was apparently in charge.

"Who ever killed them got the hell outta here fast." said another. "I can't see a trace of anyone other than our guys." he said.

"There is definitely someone here that is not supposed to be. Guard the Clow and all the prison cells. Send out the messege." said the leader. "Make sure that all the magical spells on the prisons are extra tight. The Clow's guarding too. The person here is not normal."

"Perhaps one of these men could tell us what he looks like when they awake." said the last guard.

"I don't think they will be waking up for a while." said the leader. "This person is extremely skilled. They know what they are doing." he said. He looked around. "I do believe this person also may pocess powers. They have immense strength as well." he said.

"But..surely its not one of our own?" asked the last guard. "No one would turn on the Shen Clan with Xingyo as the Head?" he said.

"That is why I do not think that this person is of the Shen Clan." the boss said. "They must be our rivals." he said.

"Could they be of the Xinlo Clan?" asked another.

"I doubt it." said the leader. "I've only seen one other Clan with this much power. The Lis." he said.

"Thats impossible!" cried the last guard.

"Whoever they are, they are our rivals and are trying to take over." said the boss.

Saiya lowered herself out of the hole. She landed and drew her sword. The three guards turned.

"Wha.." said one.

"Thats right. I am not of the Shen Clan. Be warned." she said. She charged at them and in an instant, they fell to the ground dead.

Saiya put her sword back in the sheath and cracked her neck. "That was just too close to the truth for you all to spread around." she said. She ran down the hallway and knocked out every guard she passed, or killed them.

Until there was just too many. She put her sword straight in front of her and closed her eyes. The sword began to glow and the light fired down the hall. She could hear screams as the guards within one hundred feet were put into an eternal sleep.

"I should have done that sooner." she said and ran down the hall.

Saiya knew she was heading the right way. The piles of sleeping guards were getting larger as she went deeper down the hall and the presence of Clow magic was getting stronger.

She turned a corner and came face to face with a guard. And this one was not sleeping.

"Its you isn't it?!" he shouted. "You are the one!"

Saiya grinned and pulled out her sword. She charged at him and he drew his sword. She went to stab his chest but he blocked it.

"You look extremely familiar, do you know that?" asked the guard.

Saiya just grinned as she flipped in the air and landed some distance away from him. "I will stop at nothing to complete my mission." she said.

The guard charged at her and took a chunk out of her shoulder. He then knocked her sword out of her hands. It flew down the hall where Saiya could see what looked like a safe.

"There it is." she said.

"Thinking of getting the Clow back?" asked the guard. "You are a fool to think you can do that." he said.

"If I am the fool, then why do you just stand there instead of killing me now?" asked Saiya. She grinned.

"You little!" said the guard. He charged at her.

Saiya jumped off the ground and flipped over his head and landed on his back. She bit his ear and he dropped his sword out of shock. Her hands on his shoulders, she flipped back over him and picked up his sword.

"Have you ever been pierced by your own sword?" she asked.

The guard looked a little scared.

"Are you scared?" asked Saiya. "I give you a choice. Eternal sleep or death." she said.

"Ha!" said the guard. "A little wench like you could never kill me." he said. His eyes glowed red and his sword flew out of her hands. It landed in his right hand and Saiya began to rise off the ground.

Saiya's eyes grew wide as she struggled to get free. She kicked and punched the air and it wasn't helping. The guard drew nearer and nearer and she stopped fidgeting.

Instead she closed her eyes and cocentrated on her sword. It had worked before, but she was holding it last time. She chanted under her breath and waited. She dared to open her eyes and she saw the guard standing a foot from her. She drew in her breath and waited to die.

Then he fell to the ground, with her sword embedded in his back. She fell to the ground and landed on his head. She jumped up and pulled out her sword.

"It worked." she said. She wiped the blood on his back and put her sword back in the sheath. She walked over to the safe and stared at it as she reached it.

"I sense it." she said. "The Clow..."

Saiya's hands reached for the handle on the safe. It shocked her and she shook her head. "I should have known better." she said, grinning.

She cast a spell and the glow around it vanished. She put her hand on the door again and this time, she pulled it open. Inside was the Clow. Glowing with power for it sensed that a decsendent of Clow Reed was near.

Saiya studied it and noticed a shimmer. There was glass around it, most likely with a Lock Spell on it. She drew her sword and tried to break the glass. No such luck.

She once again tried the spell and then break the glass with her sword. All it did was send her backwards onto her but.

She stayed there, staring at it. What could be a spell strong enough to break the lock? After a minute or so, it clicked. She grinned and jumped up.

Saiya walked over to it and put her hand on the glass, directly in front of the Clow. The faint light around the glass vanished.

"A simple spell, broken by the touch of a person with magic." she said. "Genius." She took her sword and shattered the glass. A piece of it flew and cut her cheek. A drop of blood ran down her face as she stared at the Clow.

"How long I've waited to actually see you." she whispered. She reached out and with both hands picked up the Clow which felt warm in her grasp. She stared at it. Her right thumb opened the seal and her left hand opened the book itself. The first card she ever saw: The Windy. She took it out and stared at it. She dared not speak the name just yet. Who knew what might happen.

Saiya closed the book and put it inside a pouch underneath her kimono, by her waist. Making sure it weas secure, she cast a spell on it so it would not leave the pouch until taken out by her own hands. She turned.

"Damn." she grinned.

There was five guards, bigger and nastier than any she had seen so far.

"You!" shouted the biggest. "You have done this! Now you must die!" he shouted.

Saiya drew her sword and charged at him. He pulled out his sword put a little too late. She stabbed his shoulder and knocked him out. She spun around and cut off the the arm of the guard who was coming at her.

"This is no ordinary child!" shouted the smallest guard. He ran at her.

"Obviously." she said to him as she kicked him where it hurts the most and stabbed his leg. She whirled around and kicked another in the face. He flew backwards and hit the wall. He was knocked out cold.

There was one left who was able to fight. And he was the guy in charge. The two just stared at each other for a while until he ran foward.

Saiya's eyes went red as she glared at him and stopped him in his tracks. His arms went in the air uncontrolably and snapped. She broke his arms.

The guard screamed in pain and Saiya knocked him unconcious.

She turned around in a full circle. She had done a lot of damage. She just grinned and ran down the hall.

She passes many guards that were locked in her eternal sleep. They were dead in all senses; they would never do anything except sleep again unless awoken by her countercurse.

As if that would happen.

She reached the fork and went in direction she came and passed some more guards. She knew that more would come. There was no doubt.

She reached the stairs and listened. It would be difficult to battle on a stairwell. No sound. She ran up the stairs really fast. There was no way that she would get caught now.

Saiya reached the top and listened. No sound. She ran in the direction she had came and jumped over the heaps of bodies-both dead and unconscious.

As she ran, the Clow pounded up and down on her hip and it took all the strenth she had not to open it and bring the life back to the Cards.

She reached the first fork she had taken and ran in the familiar direction. By now, there was distant shouts and orders. They knew she was here. Problem was, no one was currently able to tell who had done this. The dead ones obviously couldn't and by the time the unconscious ones woke up, Saiya would be long gone.

Dressed in dark colors, she would be a suspicous person. Not to mention the fact that she had injuries of her own. She picked up her pace.

She turned a corner and came face to face with two guards.

"Are you the one who-"

But he didn't finish his sentance as he was now dead, shortly followed by the other guard. Saiya couldn't waist anymore time. The guards were fully aware and were on partol. She needed to get out of here soon.

She ran down the hall and could smell fresh air. There was most likely an open window nearby. "Perfect." she whispered. She followed her nose and it led her down a different path but that was ok.

Saiya reached a window.

It was smaller than the first but she could squeeze out. Making sure her sword, the Lasen Board and the Clow were all safe and in her kimono, she pulled herself up to the window bottom. She looked outside.

The window led to the castle wall.

She went to jump back down but her mind changed when she heard people coming. She leaped out the window and hid herself from view. She heard three guards pass by, running, and waited until they could no longer be heard before standing.

She walked along the wall and stared out into the darkness. There was no one around and she needed a plan. She sat down and thought.

Her hand went towards the Clow and she pulled it out of her pouch. Before she knew what she was doing, she opened it and was staring at the Windy again. It was so beautiful. She couldn't wait to see it in action. She looked at the next and the next and reached the Fly.

She took it out and stared at it. How many times she had pictured the Fly with the stories that were told to her. This was one of the most useful cards. She tried to picture herself with the wings of the Fly Card.

She was so tuned in to the Clow, that she didn't hear three guards coming until they were about ten feet from her. She looked up and slammed it shut. Forgetting about the Fly, which was still in her hands, she shoved that absentmindedly in her pocket.

Saiya jumped to her feet and drew her sword with her right hand, her left clutching the Clow. She glared at them. They charged at her and she fought back. Using only one hand wasn't helping.

She tucked her sword back in and put the Clow in a regular pocket. She jumped over their heads and ran in the opposite direction.

They ran after her and she frantically looked for an exit. Nothing. They were gaining on her. Most likely a Speed or Agility Spell. She thought maybe she could jump back in through a window but thought better of it. By the time she got up there, the guards would be on her heels and they'd just pull her back down and kill her.

She drew her sword and turned to fight.

The guards stopped running and the four just stared at each other for a long time. Saiya did not have time. She charged and killed the one on the left. The nearest one went to stab her but it just grazed her upper arm. She whirled around and knocked him out. There was one left and this one was the biggest and worst.

He ran at her and their swords clashed. She could hear the footsteps of more guards coming in her direction. If she didn't do something soon, she would die.

"You have the Clow in you grasp." said the guard. "Give it to me now and I will spare your life." he said.

"I would rather die," said Saiya. "Then allow you to take pocession on the Clow and to have me thrown in prison." she said. She leaped over his head but this guard was smart. He turned and blocked her attack.

"I am not an ordinary guard." he said.

"I am not an ordianry human." grinned Saiya. She swung her sword and jumped back.

Once again the two stared and Saiya could hear the guards coming closer. They would arrive very soon and things weren't going in her direction.

Saiya leaped over his head again and attempted to decapitate the guard but he stopped her and pushed her backwards. She was very close to the edge. And it was a long way down.

He swung at her waist and she jumped in the air. He cursed himself for missing and she landed. She charged at him and stabbed him. He fell, finally defeated.

Saiya sighed. But now, two guards had arrived.

"Give me a break." she said. She charged at them. One was obviously stupid because it was the easiest defeat today.

She turned to face the second but he had charged at her and she was once again against the edge. She leaned back, partially from being pushed and partially to avoid getting stabbed. She jumped up and leaped onto the edge. It was narrow. The guard did the same.

They stood on the wall and stared.

"You must return the Clow." he said.

"I wouldn't do it, even if you killed me." she replied. He ran at her and she jumped. He missed but her pocket became lighter. She turned and saw the Clow come out of her pocket and fall over the edge. Both she and the guard reached for it, but she knocked the guard unconsious and he fell to his death.

Saiya turned to see the Clow falling. Her hand flew out to grab it but the distance was too great.


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