Christine and Erik made their way back to Paris, bidding farewell to the autumn leaves of Domfront. Christine would miss the place. But both she and her Father had outgrown it, had become used to the hustle and bustle of Parisian life and had grown to enjoy it and even crave for it.

Once they were back at their home in Paris, Erik was unwilling to fulfil his promise to Christine. He feared that she would run, despite the fact that she had explicitly said she would not.
"After the wedding, my love. Take me after Meg and Daroga's wedding." She ordered softly.
"Very well." He agreed, knowing he would have to tidy up the place slightly.

Meg stared at herself in the looking glass. She was a lowborn lady, a ballerina for the opera, nobody. But here she was, in a fine gown, with a fine ring placed on her finger, about to marry a brilliant man, one that she loved dearly. She thought herself the luckiest woman in the world. Although Daroga was a few years senior her age, she loved him and felt attracted to him nonetheless.
"You look breathtaking." Christine said, coming up behind Meg in the mirror.
"Not as much as you! I knew I shouldn't have chosen pastel blue, it is definitely your colour!" She joked, thrusting Christine before the mirror. Both Meg and Daroga had only one person at the altar with them. Christine felt her breath leave her as she saw Erik, dressed in top and tails, stood looming beside Daroga. The groom himself looked incredibly nervous, rubbing his hands together and fidgeting. Christine thought this was a positive sign, a sign that Daroga really did want to marry Meg.

Erik looked out at the lacking crowd of people. The guests included Meg's Mother: Mrs Giry, Christine's Father, and a few of Meg's friends from the opera. Erik was glad for this small audience, as it was less people to see him in public. He had to admit, that such a public ceremony was not something that Erik enjoyed the thought of for himself and Christine. He knew that far more people would attend the wedding of the strange unknown opera ghost and his soprano bride. Erik shook his head, dreading the day, then feeling guilty, knowing that being married to Christine was all that he had ever wanted. He saw her, as she carried Meg's dress in. Meg looked lovely, light and airy, like some kind of fae and Erik smiled softly at seeing her, knowing that she would make Daroga happy and give him many children. But when he saw Christine, all thoughts of the bride and groom were lost. She looked exactly as she had the first day that he had met her.

Christine saw Erik, the look of adoration on his face and blushed a deep shade of scarlet. However, she could not see herself in the bright lights of the Parisian church, in a fine dress. This was Meg's dream and it fit her well, but for Christine, it was far too fine.

They said their vows and promised to themselves and to God that they would love and cherish one another for all of time. Christine and Erik left together and the departure of Meg and Daroga for Europe was a teary one on the women's part.

Erik knew now, as he looked down at Christine, that he would have to fulfill his promise. He had disappeared whilst Christine ran errands with Meg, to get the lair into an appropriate fashion. He was still nervous, fearing that she would disapprove of his dark and gloomy home. But he had promised to show her nonetheless.

Christine had prepared herself mentally for the journey to Erik's home and she had worn a shorter gown, one that brushed her ankles, so that she might not muddy the hem. Erik led her to her dressing room and she became very confused. However, when she saw him open the mirror, leading to a secret pathway, her eyes widened. She wondered, as he took her hand, how many times he had watched her, how many times he had seen her undress. She thought she might have been offended by the idea, but instead it rather excited her.

Erik did not look back at Christine, fearing her expression. However, when they got to the boat he was shocked to see upon her face a look of pure bemusement. He helped her down into the small vessel and began to propel them through the lake. Christine could not believe the sheer volume of candles that Erik possessed in his home and what puzzled her still was how gloomy the place still looked, despite the illumination. It was a strange underworld, one that Christine felt she knew.

Erik lead her from the boat, torch in hand and welcomed Christine to his home. It was not what she had expected, there were different rooms and staircases, it was a fine home indeed. It was so hollow, so spacious, she was sure her voice would travel unlike she had heard before. Erik felt a strange power come over him, a confidence that came from being in his own home. Christine was his angel, but she was his now and he was sure to enjoy her in any means possible.

Christine wanted to sing, wanted to hear her voice in this place. So, when she spotted the piano, she approached it to give Erik a hint as to her desire.
"I see my songbird wishes to sing." He drooled, approaching to piano, his stride slow and seductive.
"No, no music." She stopped him, his eyebrow raising in shock. She approached him, her steps long and slow. Erik felt his authority leave him, Christine drawing away his power through the intensity of her gaze.
"Past the point of no return,
No going back now,
Our passion play has now at last begun." Her voice echoed through the large empty house and Erik felt his body quiver at the sound of her. He knew what had to be done, he knew what was right. Before he could question himself, he took Christine's hand and led her to her room, the room where he kept her things.
"Christine?" He whispered, unsure how else to communicate his feelings. Christine understood when she saw the fine lace gown, what Erik was asking.

Erik waited outside whilst she changed and his breath left him when he saw her, in her veil and gown. He daren't approach her out of fear that she might not be real. It was Christine who acted first.
"Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime.
Let me lead you from your solitude." She approached him, placing her hand on his forearm. Erik produced the fine ring, with the oval diamond and slid it onto her finger. He saw a tear fall onto Christine's cheek, a tear of joy. She knew God and she knew that God would view this marriage as real as any. It was their love, their vows, without any onlookers or bystanders.
"Anywhere you go let me go to,
Christine, that's all I ask of you." Erik belted, letting his emotion take over. Christine removed his mask and he allowed her, knowing that he would never have to wear it around her again. He kissed her, much like he had the opening night of Don Juan, and scooped her up into his arms. There was no church, no ceremony, only love and that was exactly as Erik and Christine wanted it.

Gustav, Meg and Daroga were all very shocked to see Chrisine wearing her wedding ring.
"Please do not be angry, we had to do it our own way." Christine pleaded. They understood, of course they did. Erik and Christine were not ordinary souls, they were rare creatures whom could understand one another exclusively. Gustav found great success writing an opera with the aid of Erik and Meg soon fell pregnant with her first child. Despite becoming round with a child, Christine and Erik continued to perform Don Juan until its closing night. After which, Christine retired. However, she never stopped singing. Even as they were surrounded by their children, Erik and Christine managed to hold onto that fire, that passion that they could only truly find through music.

Author's Note: I can not apologise enough for letting this story slip through my fingers. I want to thank everyone who has read this fic and want to apologise again for the break that I took earlier in the year.