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Draco's breath caught in his throat as he watched Hermione walk down the aisle towards him. She looked absolutely stunning in a long simple gown with thin straps holding it on her small frame. Her hair had been twisted and braided on top of her head and small flowers were weaved throughout the style.

Theo leaned over and whispered, "always a vision in white, she is."

Draco smirked and gave a short nod in response. She looked up at him and smiled, subconsciously playing with the ring on her finger. He wanted to get her something extravagant of course but she had forced him to go with something more simple, to suit her taste.

They locked eyes through the whole ceremony, eagerly awaiting for it to be over. They hadn't seen each other since the night before and it was the longest they had been away from each other since she had regained her memories.

It had only been a few short months since she had returned, and she had moved back into her old flat although her and Draco always spent the night together either at his place or hers.

After what seemed like forever, the ceremony finally ended and they found themselves back in each other's arms. Hustling out with the crowd and headed to where the reception would be. Draco pulled her to his side and placed a kiss on her temple.

"I love you," he whispered.

People laughed, danced, and drank the night away. Theo and Daphne were sharing a dance on the floor and everyone else had moved back to give them room.

Hermione felt someone lean up behind her and knew it was Ginny when she saw a flash of red. She leaned back into her friend as they watched their friends dance.

"Soon it's going to be you and Draco up there," Ginny whispered.

Hermione laughed softly, looking down at her ring. "Not that soon, Gin. We said we were going to take our time with it. Theo and Daphne didn't really have a choice, otherwise I know that Daphne would have liked to have more time to grow their relationship. It will be you and Harry next, then George and Angelina."

"I don't know, Blaise and Katie may beat us all to it," Ginny laughed. Both girls looked over to Katie and Blaise who were sitting on the other side of the table completely lost in each other.

"By the way, that dress looks incredible on you," Ginny said.

Hermione ran a hand over her lap, the soft meshy material of the dress shimmering, "it's so heavy. But Daphne's Mother insisted. I think she wanted it to be as painful as possible for me, she can't get over the fact that Daphne only wanted me in the wedding and not Astoria."

Both girls looked across the room to see Astoria scowling as Adrian prattled on with her Father. They laughed and turned back in towards the table as Harry and Draco made their way back from grabbing drinks.

A display of whizzing fireworks went off near Daphne's parents table, ruffling Astoria and her Mother. Theo and Daphne laughed and Hermione and Ginny exchanged a look as the twins sneakily made their way back to their table.

Hermione raised an eyebrow at them and they shrugged. "It's great advertisement for the new products! We ok'd it with Theo and Daphne! We swear!" They said in unison.

Hermione leaned over towards Fred, "I'm really glad that you're feeling better."

He smiled, "thanks, 'Mione. Working with the dragons over there really helped deal with everything that was going on. Being in a coma that long where you can still hear everyone, it just put me in a dark place, and when I woke up everything was just shit. Just needed some space to clear my head, and hey it worked out! I feel brand new!"

"Too bad Ron didn't feel the same way," Harry said.

"Nah, he stayed cause he met some bird, he just used needing more time as an excuse," George laughed.

Draco threw an arm around Hermione and leaned into her, "let's go home."

Hermione smiled, "we can't leave before Theo and Daphne."

"But I really want to take you home," he whispered, placing a chaste kiss on her bare shoulder.

"Draco! It can wait!" She laughed.

"But Crookshanks is lonely," he whined, running his fingers lightly down her back.

She shivered at his touch and turned her head to look at him. His silver eyes seemed to darken and she found herself excusing them from the table and walking towards the newlywed couple who was still on the dance floor.

Theo and Daphne separated and turned towards them, Theo smiling and opening his arms to hug them both, "you guys lasted longer than we expected!"

Hermione laughed, "you know Draco too well. Daphne you look absolutely stunning I hope you don't mind us leaving early."

"Not at all! We're actually going to head out here soon as well, our portkey leaves in an hour then it's off to Greece for a well deserved honeymoon for us," Daphne said as she hugged Hermione then Draco.

"You guys have a fantastic time! We will see you when you get back," Hermione said, hugging Theo goodbye.

They said their goodbye's to everyone else, then left the main ballroom before apparating back to Hermione's flat where Crookshanks was waiting for them, as if he knew that they were on their way home. Hermione bent down to pet him when Draco scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder.

"Draco! Put me down!" She laughed.

He tossed her on the bed and jumped in beside her, pulling her to his side and kissing the top of her head. "I love you."

She looked up at him, kissing his cheek and then moving to kiss him on the lips, "I love you."

Crookshanks chose that moment to jump up on the bed onto Draco's lap, causing them both to laugh.

"Don't worry, Crooks, we love you too," Draco laughed. Crookshanks pawed at his chest, which he usually did when he was hungry.

Hermione smiled as she watched Draco get out of bed and walk into the kitchen, holding Crookshanks. She heard him talking to the cat as he got him food, and she felt content. She felt happy and safe and everything felt right.

It truly felt like home.

Author's note: I'm sorry that some of you think it's crap. I'll admit it ended differently than I wanted it to. I responded to most of the PM's but some of them I'm not even going to bother with. It's a story, it's my creation, so get over it. For those of you who have stuck by me this whole time, I thank you. Truly I thank you.