Timeline: Post-My Struggle II. Companion to Five Wishes, though it's not necessary to read that fic to enjoy this one. This fic takes place before Chapter 2 of Five Wishes

Author's Note: When I wrote Five Wishes, I had a lot of story notes that didn't make it into that fic. I also wanted to try writing Scully. As always, a huge thank you to Sarah for being such a fabulous beta.

Scully started to feel the past couple of days begin to catch up to her as she sat by the gate waiting to board her flight to Colorado Springs. She checked her phone for the tenth time in five minutes.


She desperately wanted to believe Monica was trustworthy, but the memory of their conversation the previous day left her head spinning with doubt. Skinner seemed to trust her and right now, Scully didn't have any other options.

It had nearly destroyed her once to leave Mulder on his deathbed during the summer of 1999 and that wasbefore they were together. For what felt like the millionth time, she cursed her own stupidity for ever leaving him. They could have had all that time together and she had just thrown it away. She didn't even have the courage to draw up divorce papers when she knew he'd never do it himself.

Lost in a spiral of her own regrets, Scully almost missed the boarding announcement for her flight. She pulled out a dose of Xanax and swallowed it with a long drink of the room temperature Diet Coke she had been able to find in a vending machine nearby. Scully closed her eyes and forced herself to regain control of her thoughts.

Mulder was currently stable and at the hospital under the care of Dr. Huang. Scully reminded herself that Skinner trusted Monica. And now she only needed to trust Skinner. Still, her thoughts kept returning to Mulder. She needed to trust that Mulder knew she had never stopped loving him.

She only hoped their son knew she felt exactly the same way about him.

And with that last intrusive thought, Scully felt her stomach drop. She pinched the bridge of her nose for a few seconds, then moved to gather up her carry-on bags and went to stand in line to board the flight.

The touchdown of the wheels on the tarmac jolted Scully out of her slumber. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and checked her watch. It certainly didn't feel like she had slept for three hours. She reached for her phone and waited for it to turn on again.

Mulder always made fun of her for never failing to turn off her phone in the air. Scully, if this airplane's in danger of crashing because of something I got at RadioShack, then we've got bigger problems.

She had a text from Monica that said she'd meet Scully at the airport. Scully was so tired of questioning the motives of every person who came into her life. She so wanted to trust her old friend, but why would Monica work with CGB Spender? Monica had a front row seat to the atrocities that man inflicted on those who stood in his way. Monica knew he had subjected his own son to torturous experiments, who in turn had deceived them all and brought harm once again to William. And Scully knew she had told Monica about Spender's treatment of Mulder and herself: His and hers abductions, infertility, murdered sisters, an inoperable tumor, an implanted computer chip, Emily, a trip to Antarctica she could barely recall, impromptu brain surgery, William

Scully's mind quickly rejected any connection beyond purely genetic between that man and her husband or that man and her son. She gritted her teeth at the thought of CGB Spender. Mulder's father was dead. Bill Mulder had died in 1995 and Scully had attended his funeral.

As she stood to collect her bag from the overhead bin, Scully was stopped by an officer in a clean, blue dress uniform. She guessed the blonde probably had at least six inches of height on her.

"Can I grab your bag for you, ma'am?"

"Oh, yes, thank you, it's just the dark grey one there," Scully pointed out her bag and she spied the small silver eagles adorning the tops of the tall woman's shoulders as she effortlessly pulled the bag down. She smiled at the officer as she took her bag from her. "Thank you, Colonel."

The officer seemed to be caught off guard by Scully's quick identification of her rank. "No problem, ma'am. Are you a civilian contractor? I'm afraid don't recognize you."

Scully knew she stuck out like a sore thumb in her dark suit on a flight with mostly uniformed military officers. "No, I'm with the Bureau-"

Suddenly, a frantic young man in blue came up to the women and gave Scully a sharp nod before he spoke to the blonde woman beside her, "Excuse me, Colonel O'Neill, but the General's on the phone for you."

"I'll be right there," She turned around to again face Scully. "Best of luck with your work, Agent. We need our best people working out there. Especially after the past week we've had."

Scully nodded and let the woman move past her.

Mulder would hate that she had just let a high ranking Air Force officer off without twenty questions. But Scully didn't want to interrogate the woman. She didn't care about military contacts.

All she wanted was her partner at her side again.