Author's Note: As many of you might have realized, when I start a new story I end up at least writing two or more chapters, so here's chapter two too. Thanks for reading this far!

Chapter 2

Bella wasn't sure she even blinked, but she suddenly found herself in a well decorated room, sitting on a bed. Heidi was standing in front of her, bent at the waist, an arm on either side of Bella's hips with her face only an inch or two away from Bella's.

"Now then, after all you've been through, I doubt you're in any mood to eat," Heidi murmured, staring at the human with heavy lidded eyes as she leaned closer to Bella. This made the human lean back in response, despite her body's wish to have contact with the vampire. "So, let's get right down to business."

"Wha-what business?" Bella managed to stutter out, despite all of her senses and cognitive functions threatening to go haywire. Heidi was just so close, and she was just so gorgeous, even more so than Rosalie. Bella had never had so much trouble thinking around a beautiful woman before, or even a beautiful man, but it seemed Heidi was an exception to the rule. And a seriously huge one.

"Oh, you can't honestly tell me you don't know," Heidi purred, climbing up Bella's body as she pushed the human onto her back, licking her lips as Bella's arousal permeated the air. "I'm talking about the down and dirty kind. I know you'll enjoy it."

"Uh, um…" Bella stuttered, having no idea what to say. Or even where to look, as Heidi was positioned so that if Bella so much as glanced her way, she'd get an eyeful of delicious boobage due to the vampire's low cut shirt.

Oh my god, I did not just think Heidi's boobs were delicious! Bella thought, horrified. But then all thoughts fled her mind, her body threatening to go haywire, as Heidi grabbed her face with both hands and pulled the human's head up into a kiss.

It wasn't some slow, hesitant, careful, or chaste kiss like with Edward. Oh no, Heidi's kiss was anything but chaste. It started out like a full blown wildfire, one that got hotter and hungrier as time went on. Bella couldn't breathe, wasn't sure she wanted to, as Heidi kissed her in a hard yet seriously sexy way that only made Bella want more.

Then Heidi's tongue slipped into her mouth, and Bella couldn't help but whimper as she was dominated and devoured. This wasn't even a kiss anymore; it was full blown mouth sex, and while Bella craved it, she felt she was far out of her league. Still, she wanted more, the desire so strong it scared the human.

Heidi, wanting more just as much as Bella did, slipped a hand up Bella's shirt, her destination Bella's breasts. However, the second her hand cupped a perfect mound, the human froze up. A second after, she started to fight, trying to push Heidi off.

"What?" Heidi asked with slight irritation as she released Bella's mouth. The human started gasping for breath, and figuring Bella just needed to breathe, Heidi leaned down to try and continue. However, Bella desperately slapped a hand over Heidi's mouth to stop her from going any further. Heidi removed the hand from her mouth, now staring down at the human in open disbelief, although she didn't drop the human's hand. "What?" Heidi couldn't help but repeat. "You can't be serious."

After all, no human could ever say no to her. It didn't matter if they were married, single, shy, bold, old, young, a virgin, experienced, even gay-everyone desired her. It wasn't just her looks that made her so desirable, it was her power. Even prudy little Edward, the human's so-called mate, wanted Heidi, which was one of the reasons he hated her so much. So how could this human, this little teenage girl, want to stop?

"Edward," was all Bella could think to say, trying to get her thoughts back in order. What was going on with her? Why can't she think? Heck, why did she have so much trouble even looking away from the vampire above her?

"So?" Heidi asked. Still holding Bella's hand, she moved it to Heidi's breast, making Bella's hand cover it before squeezing. Bella's eyes unfocused, and Heidi gave her a sexy, knowing smirk. "You can't tell me you don't want this."

"I...I do," Bella admitted, actually surprising the vampire. Most humans tried to deny their attraction to her, although that usually happened much earlier on. "I don't know why, but I do. Still, there's Edward, and even if there wasn't, this...this isn't me. I don't just jump into bed with someone and let them have their way with me."

"Well, it's always a good idea to try something new," Heidi replied suggestively, now using her hold on Bella's hand to push the human's hand up Heidi's shirt to cup a bare breast, making the human gasp.

Why did every single word that Heidi spoke make Bella only want her more? And, oh, what it felt to hold her breast in Bella's, Bella, stop. Don't let her control you. If you do, you'll end up having sex with a vampire, a vampire who isn't Edward. And Bella wasn't even sure if she was ready for sex with him yet.

"This makes no sense," Heidi murmured, leaning against Bella not just so she could pin the human to her bed, but also so she could rub her body along Bella's. This move always worked on humans and made their minds blank with lust, but Bella seemed to still be fighting it. "Why don't you just give in to me?"

"Because I'm trapped in a castle with my best friend and boyfriend locked away in a dungeon, and I'm now at the mercy of some vampire because of some request, a request that I don't even understand, she made to her vampire queen. Who in their right mind would just give in and have sex with her captor at a time like this?" Bella blurted out, verging on the edge of babbling, which only made Bella feel worse.

"Every other human in existence, honestly," Heidi replied as she rested a forearm on either side of Bella's head. "You're a strange one, aren't you…?" Heidi frowned, realizing she didn't even know the human's name. "Hey, sexy, what's your name? I'm going to need something to call you when I've got you begging to come."

Bella blushed a bright scarlet, making her look even more attractive to Heidi, which served to piss Bella off a little. She almost gave a fake name just in spite, but upon realizing how easily Heidi could kill her if she made the vampire mad, she said, "Bella."

"Bella, huh?" Heidi sighed, her voice caressing Bella's name in a way that made the human squirm. "I like it." Focusing her half-lidded, smoldering eyes on the human, she added, "And I like you." The girl was gorgeous, after all. Not to mention the hidden feistiness under the good girl persona was pretty intriguing. "Which is why I want you under me, naked and screaming. So forget about everything else for a few hours." Or a few days, depending on how long it took for Heidi to get bored of her and the girl's own stamina. Good news for Bella, because Heidi knew she wouldn't be able to hold Heidi's attention for more than a week. No lover, human or vampire, ever did, not in all of her years as a human and vampire.

"No! I'm not going to have sex with you!" Bella said, struggling to push Heidi off of her and obviously not succeeding. To make matters worse, the more Bella struggled and squirmed, the more turned on both Heidi and Bella got.

Okay, while the whole resisting, I-want-you-but-don't-want-to-have-sex-with-you thing was new to Heidi, it was getting old fast. Heidi was a vampire who was all for instant gratification, for enjoying the here and now.

"Look," Heidi said with a sigh as she sat up, still straddling Bella with her hands slipping up Bella's shirt only a little. "Whether you have sex with me or not won't change the fact that your...friends...are locked in a dungeon, and aren't likely to leave anytime soon. If anything, you having sex with me will help them. You please me, and I can put in a good word for them, maybe convince the Queens to lessen their punishment. God, Heidi was blackmailing the human. It never even came into the realm of possibility for the vampire to have to stoop so low, but now, she couldn't help herself. She was horny, and the one she wanted to fuck was apparently unwilling, no matter what her body said. And while Heidi would do a lot of things, she wasn't about to force someone who was actually saying no and meaning it.

"I…" Bella started, struggling to think of what to say next. A part of her, mostly her body, was trying to urge Bella to give in. After all, Heidi was beyond gorgeous, and clearly knew what she was doing. Not to mention Bella desired Heidi more than she ever desired someone in her entire life. Still, the part of her that was actually able to think right now told her no, although for some reason, she couldn't come up with any reasons to back up why she should say no in the first place. So, her mind concluded, Bella simply had to give Heidi a reason to not want Bella anymore. "I won't be able to please you. I'm a virgin, and the closest thing to sex I've ever done was that kiss you just gave me."

There, that should turn her off, Bella thought, pleased with herself. Little did she know that it would do the exact opposite.

Bella? A virgin? How such a gorgeous little human could stay pure for so long was beyond Heidi's realm of comprehension, but she didn't care. Instead, all she cared about was being the first inside of Bella, taking the human and tainting her with all kinds of pleasure...oh, the erotic images that came to mind...she needed Bella to beg for her. To beg for her touches, her kisses, and finally, to beg for Heidi to fuck Bella senseless.

But how was she supposed to do that when Bella was telling her no? This was all so annoying, especially now that her desire was higher than ever before.

"Your first time would be quite the gift," Heidi purred, once again stretching out on top of the human to whisper into Bella's ear. "Oh, what I would be able to show you...your reactions alone would be so delicious. Give in to me, beg for me, and I'll please you in any and every way possible. Just having my way with you would be enough to put in a thousand good words for your Cullens."

Bella couldn't believe it, but she wanted to say yes. She wanted to say yes to Heidi's offer more than she ever wanted to say yes to anything else. Heidi was just that persuasive, and Bella's entire body was already on fire, aching for Heidi's touch.

Boyfriend...Edward is my boyfriend...I can't do this to him. I can't cheat on him. He's my mate, he's going to be mine forever. What would this do to him if he finds out? Bella tried to tell herself. Heidi would ruin us...ruin me...oh, god, how she'd ruin me, break me...and I'd love it. I'd love every second…

Heidi could feel Bella's resistance waning. Taking advantage of Bella's weakness, she leaned in for another kiss, knowing that kiss would be all it took for Bella to give in. Her entire body was roaring to take the human, devour her, drown her in pleasure. She couldn't wait to hear Bella's cries, taste her-

"Oh, pardon the intrusion," a voice said as Heidi's door opened, and Heidi immediately whirled with a furious, protective snarl, only to freeze. Heidi didn't know who was more surprised, herself or Queen Didyme. Arching an eyebrow at Heidi's reaction, Didyme said, "Did you really just hiss at me, Heidi?"

" queen, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me," Heidi said as she immediately straightened from her crouch. Yet even as she earnestly apologized, she couldn't drag her attention away from Bella, who was currently sitting up and struggling to straighten out her clothing and fix her hair.

"Your apology is accepted," Didyme said as she focused on the human, only to find herself in for another surprise. Not only was Bella still dressed and clearly hadn't been taken in any way yet, but the mating bond between them was odd. It had been quite strong, strengthened further by the curiosity and desire both women shared for each other. Now, however, it was actually weaker. The desire they felt for each other made the entire bond shake with the strain, especially on Heidi's end, but it was drawn tightly on Bella's end, as if the human was trying to break off everything she felt for Heidi.

Really, Didyme had thought the two would be drowning in each other's lust by now. She had no idea how things could have gotten so much worse, especially with Heidi's power.

"Did you need anything, Queen Didyme?" Heidi asked nervously, even managing to make her clearly anxious demeanor look incredibly sexy, not just to Bella, but the Queen herself. If Didyme hadn't been mated, she might have actually felt the urge to jump the vampire.

"Oh, I don't, but someone else does." Once again focusing on Bella, Didyme said, "We require you for a skype call. The Cullens requested your presence."

At that, Bella's heart jumped. Oh, god, the Cullens. How could she even face them? "And...and what about Alice and Edward? Will they-"

"They will remain in the dungeon for this discussion," Didyme interrupted smoothly. "Now, if you two will follow me."

Knowing she had no choice, Bella got up to follow without a glance at Heidi. It was a good thing she didn't, otherwise she would have found Heidi not just very sexually frustrated, but pissed off as well.

Damn it, Heidi thought bitterly. Why couldn't Bella just forget about Edward, especially when I'm clearly the better choice?

That's right. Heidi was a much better choice than Edward. And now, she was determined to prove it to Bella.