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Chapter 6

Heidi couldn't believe it. She just couldn't believe what she was hearing. A part of her wanted to jump for joy, while the rest of her was still unsure if she was actually in reality. If, in some bout of desperation, Heidi had simply made herself believe that she had actually heard those words come from Bella's lips.

The human had actually said it. She had actually said she would stay indefinitely. For Heidi!

Okay, that was definitely a delusion on Heidi's part. What Bella had actually said to the queens was, "I'll stay here indefinitely with Heidi, and do so willingly. As in, I'll do whatever you want me to within reason, and try my absolute best to be happy about it. In exchange, please allow Edward and Alice to go home to their family and I'm not killed." So technically, she was simply stating that she would stay with Heidi without fighting it. Still, it was a huge step up from the blowup Heidi had expected from Bella after what Bella had woken up to see.

This was it. This was just what Heidi needed to win Bella's affections and make the girl want to stay with Heidi forever.

Little did Heidi know, but Bella's plans were quite a bit different from what Heidi was hoping for. The human had actually decided to throw away her own virginity, as long as it meant her vampiric family would be safe. Since Heidi seemed to want to fuck her so much, Bella would let her do just that. Heidi would be allowed to fuck Bella's brains out as many times as she wished. Not only would Heidi then get bored of Bella, this Bella was sure of, but Bella would also overcome these strange desires she felt for the vampire in the first place.

The Queens agreed with Bella's proposition, much to Heidi's delight. Although unknowingly to Bella, they only agreed because they knew Bella would stay, and there was no doubt in their mind that Bella would never leave human. Once the details were discussed, the Queens quickly prepared to send Alice and Edward home.

When it was time for the Cullens to leave, the last meeting between Bella and Edward was beyond awkward. After saying a quiet goodbye to both Edward and Alice, looking at Alice first, then keeping her eyes fixed on the floor, Bella simply wouldn't look up. This wasn't good enough for Edward who, while being held back by Felix and Demitri, pleaded, begged, and demanded that Bella look at him.

Heidi, seeing how worked up Edward was getting, stepped as close as she could to Bella and draped an arm around Bella's shoulders, needing to claim what was hers in front of one of the only things that could take Bella away from her.

Bella didn't say anything, and the only move she made was to flinch into Heidi in surprise when Edward let out a loud, furious snarl.

"Get your hands off of her! She's mine!" Edward roared, trying to launch himself at Heidi, who pulled Bella behind her protectively and growled. Of course, as Demitri and Felix were still holding onto Edward, he didn't get very far.

"Actually, she's mine," Heidi was with a taunting smile.

"Anything else that needs to be said before Alice and Edward need to leave for their flight?" Didyme interjected before Edward could respond. Fixating her eyes on the only human in the room, the queen added, "Bella?"

Taking a deep breath, Bella forced herself to meet Edward's eyes. "Edward...I hope one day you can forgive me for this, but...I'm breaking up with you. We just can't work as long as I'm in the castle."

For a moment, Edward and Heidi could only stare at Bella, completely shocked. Of course, Edward also felt dismay and disbelief, while Heidi felt excited elation. There was no way things could get better for Heidi at that moment. Bella was basically giving herself a clean slate, breaking away from all of the chains holding them back, and she was doing it all of her free will without anyone's influence.

"Bella, love, what are you saying?" Edward asked, the look in his eyes heartbreaking to the human. He quickly fixed his gaze on the Queens, his eyes hardening to a glare. "They're making you say this, aren't they? They have to be threatening you in some way. I-"

"Edward, no. They're not making me say anything. This is my own decision," Bella interrupted. She was so focused on the pain in her chest at having to say this, that she didn't notice how surprised Edward looked at being interrupted. "I'm breaking up with you. Maybe one day, when I go back to Forks, we can sit down and talk, but for we should go our separate ways." This way, Bella wouldn't be cheating on Edward, and maybe this way, Edward's burden might be eased. She knew her thoughts were a little too optimistic and stupid, but it was all she could think to do.

Heidi didn't know what to feel at first. While she still loved that Bella was breaking up with Edward, at the same time, Bella did say "when I go back to Forks." That meant that Bella still couldn't imagine staying here, staying with Heidi. Not that Heidi could blame her, as Heidi hadn't exactly been wooing her until now. The vampire actually felt lucky that she still had such a good opportunity. Of course, that didn't mean her vampire instincts weren't going haywire at the idea of Bella one day going home and leaving Heidi.

Bella and Edward were still arguing, if Edward yelling and Bella quietly and calmly standing firm could be called that, but Heidi put an end to their arguing by wrapping her arms around Bella's neck from behind and resting her head on Bella's shoulder. Immediately, Bella trailed off with the touch, while Edward's mouth snapped shut with a hard glare at the other, older vampire.

Mine! Heidi wanted to scream, but she didn't. Instead, she just leveled her gaze on Edward, making it clear who Bella belonged to. And then she felt like singing and dancing like a fool when Bella stiffened in Heidi's embrace, but didn't try to pull away. Maybe Heidi had an even better standing in Bella's eyes than the vampire thought.

"That's enough!" Sulpicia snapped as Edward started to growl. "We're done here. Felix, Demitri, Alec, Jane, please escort the Cullens to their plane."

The guard members immediately complied. However, Alice managed to catch Bella's eyes, conveying a deep insight to the situation. "Let yourself be happy, Bella," Alice murmured softly, and then she was gone.

For some reason, Bella felt goosebumps break out along her entire body, and Alice's words echoed around her head. She felt strangely free, even as her heart broke as she realized the chance of seeing her vampiric family again was nearly zero. Not to mention Charlie and Renee. What were they thinking right now? They probably thought she was dead.

Still, knowing all of this, Bella couldn't bring herself to feel more than a little sick when she realized it. Not that it stopped her eyes from starting to glisten with tears as she watched Alice and a struggling Edward be led away.

This was something Heidi quickly noticed, and getting over her desire to parade around like a proud rooster, she focused on her mate worriedly. "Don't worry Isabella," Heidi breathed in Bella's ear, causing the human to flush red. But Heidi didn't pause to even enjoy the blush, more concerned with reassuring her mate. "I'll treat you like a queen. You'll be happier here then you would be anywhere else on this earth. There's no reason to cry." Please, please don't cry. Heidi already knew she sucked at dealing with tears from the last time Bella had cried, and it made her incredibly freaked out and to see her mate in such a state and be unable to do anything about it.

Bella didn't respond, but managed to keep the tears at bay. She briefly thought about her plan to let Heidi fuck her until Heidi grew bored and let her go, but at the moment, she couldn't bring herself to even think about it for more than a second. It still felt like a betrayal, and while Bella was always scared to think about sex with the gorgeous vampire still holding her, the thought of doing it now caused a strange nauseous excitement to roll around in her stomach, threatening to make her throw up.

That's right, Bella needed to rest, both emotionally and physically. Then she would get the whole sex thing over with, the sooner the better.

"I think I need to lie down," Bella muttered lowly, once Edward and Alice were not only no longer in sight, but no longer in hearing range for the human.

"Of course." Relieved she could do something, Heidi swept Bella off of her feet and ran her back to their room, once again receiving a thrill when Bella not only didn't fight her, but didn't so much as say a word in protest. Perhaps throwing Edward away helped jumpstart the process for Bella to accept Heidi as hers? The idea would have made Heidi grin, had Bella not still appeared to be so down.

They made it to their bedroom-yes, "their" bedroom, as Heidi refused to see the room in any other way now that she had a mate to woo and take care of-without a word spoken between them. Heidi was buzzing with energy and excitement, needing to do something to prove to Bella that Bella was hers just as much as Heidi was Bella's, needing to make Bella happy and feel at home. The buzz was so strong, Heidi was almost sure that Bella could feel it, but the human didn't show any sign of even comprehending that they were now in their bedroom. Instead, once placed on the bed, Bella stared down at her hands, which lay limply on her lap.

Heidi, unsure of what to do next, sat beside her human and draped an arm over Bella's shoulders, trying to give comfort and support through her touch. Then Heidi jumped in surprise, unconsciously freezing in place, as Bella let out a loud groan and threw herself backwards. Or tried, anyways, as Heidi's arm was still in place, making Bella slam hard into the stone flesh and bouncing forward.

Bella let out a squeak of surprise as she fell forward and closed her eyes, sure she was about to do a faceplant as she was unable to regain her balance. Instead, Heidi managed to catch her with an arm around her middle. Which then succeeded in knocking the wind out of the human as Bella fell hard right into Heidi's arm.

"Oh no. No no no," Heidi fretted as Bella gasped for air. Her instincts were in overdrive, demanding Heidi fix Bella, that Heidi ease her pain. But with no idea of how to help the wheezing human, Heidi could only stand in front of Bella, hands waving in the air, just shy of touching Bella, as she was afraid of hurting Bella again. "No, please no. Oh god, I've killed her. I've killed my Isabella!" Tears would have been pouring down Heidi's cheeks if they could, but instead, her eyes took on a sheen with her unshed tears.

Finally, remembering about humans for some reason needed to be on their stomach in certain situations, Heidi grabbed Bella by the shoulders and flipped Bella onto her front, pressing her into the mattress as Bella tried to get up.

"No Bella don't, you're not dead yet. This is supposed to help you," Heidi said, keeping her hold on the human. Wasn't it? Wait, no, Heidi remembered another human practice, CPR. She flipped Bella onto her back so fast that the human became dizzy, and without a thought, pulled the human into an upright position and pressed her mouth against Bella's to try and force air into Bella's lungs.

Bella, who had been working to get her breath back, suddenly lost it all again the second Heidi's lips touched hers. Her entire body seemed to buzz as heat rushed through her veins, chasing all coherent thought out of her head, including that little voice that had been busy telling Bella to breathe in the first place.

Unconsciously, her hands found the back of Heidi's head, fingers tangling in the mahogany locks, pulling Heidi closer. Despite her light headedness, Bella felt as strong as ever, as if her entire body was putting all of its energy into making sure Heidi wouldn't be able to pull away.

Of course, with Heidi's vampire strength, it was almost too easy to break Bella's hold. Due to the fact that she was too concerned with saving Bella's life, the vampire didn't even notice Bella's reaction to the kiss, hadn't even registered that Heidi had managed to kiss Bella for the first time as a mate.

Realizing that Bella was clinging to her and still clearly gasping for air, a still freaked Heidi was about to go in and try the whole CPR thing again. That is, until she inhaled air through her nose and caught the clear and very strong scent of Bella's arousal.

Heidi paused, eyes immediately darkening to black as she stared down at the human. Once realizing that Bella wasn't in danger, all she could think about was satisfying her mate's needs.

Instinctively, Heidi shifted, placing a hand on the other side of Bella's hips, caging the brunette in. As she leaned forward, Bella's eyes widened at the sight of the suddenly super seductive woman with the serious expression and smoldering eyes coming towards her.

Heidi's hand moved from the bed next to Bella's hip to the human's thigh, running lightly up the leg and causing Bella's arousal to strengthen. Just as Heidi was about to take Bella in another kiss that would lead to the best fucking Heidi could give the human, something made Heidi pause.

It wasn't Bella herself; the girl showed no sign of protest, seemed almost as eager for it as Heidi was. Instead, it was a niggling at the back of Heidi's mind. Despite her instincts screaming at Heidi to take her mate, there was something else there. Something telling her that if Heidi would take Bella now, that Bella might never become Heidi's, and might never accept Heidi as hers.

Despite Heidi's instincts and personality, despite all of her years as a vampire taking what she wanted from whoever she found attractive, Heidi couldn't go through with it, not now. She couldn't risk everything they might have for a fuck, no matter how much they both wanted it.

With a growl of frustration, Heidi pulled herself off of Bella and darted from the room, leaving a very confused human behind.