Alright guys, so here's the thing

I'm not doing a sequel….




I'm doing two. At once.

You see, I'd feel bad if I chose Harrymort OR Snarry, because so many people expressed real arguments for both. And I'm sorry for those of you who wanted a threesome…I'm not sure If I'm ready as a writer for that. So, instead, I'm going to do two sequels. Both are possible continuations of this story, one is a Harrymort. One is a Snarry. If you still aren't happy with that, well, I'm sorry. But I hope that most of you are!

Both are already up, so please go and enjoy them! Love you guys, hope you continue to like my work! The names of the sequels are (For Snarry) "The Walking Horcrux" and (For Harrymort) "Thick Walls, Thicker Bonds". You can either look them up by title or from my profile page. If you have any troubles locating it, PM me.

May the gods be ever in your favor,