RWBY SLVR Origin Prologue: Destined Soulmates

Chapter 4: Destiny Reunion

After witness the strength and power that Summer Rose process. He never realizes that the true power of the Silver Eyes-Warriors. He wonders if this will be happening to Ruby when she awakens her hidden power someday. He comes back to his senses as he need to treat his father injuries a while Summer and Qrow takes cares of the White Fang. He takes off his White Fang top and rip it apart with a sword so he can use to change the bloody bandage that was used. He first starts off bandaging up his feet to his back.

"Son. Don't help me. Save yourself a while you still have a chance."

"No. I won't abandon you after the past three months I was try to find you. Even though I have regrets after Mom passing away from incurable disease, I can't not lose you too."

After he finished with that, he starts cutting off his hoodie and patching up his father's bloody cuts arms. Lastly he saves the last fabric what was left of his uniform top. He slowly takes off the bloody bandages from his eyes, revealing a horribly extensive facial scar with his eye permanent shut.

"Father… what happen to you?!" he says in shocked.

"It's your uncle...He somehow stole half of my Aura along with my semblance. Since then... I wasn't able to heal property, and I can't transform to my full wolf form anymore." He explains to him.

"But how?! That's impossible. No Human, Faunus, or even Grimm can do that."

Siber continues. "He use some kind of pure white glove with a red symbol on the back of the hand. When he uses on me, a small red portal comes out from the palm of his hand and a small insect Grimm squirts out a black tar-like substance on me... And you know what happens next. After I lost half of my Aura…I overheard him that he is planning to steal the power of the Silver-Eyes Warriors from Summer."

"Oh my god. That's horrible... we got to tell Miss Rose about this."

"No. We have to stop Münzen before he can use it on Summer. It's risky, but I know how to destroy the barrier that Summer made."

"But how? Did you destroy a barrier before?" Silver seems confused.

"Yes I do, but I can't do it anymore due to my brother stole half of my Aura. I'll teach you, but are you sure? It will take a lot of Aura to pull it off. You may feel exhausted or temporary ill after using it."

"I'm certain." He replied.

As the battle draws near between Summer and her former friend, Münzen, she successfully defeats him without using the full extend of her powers. She appearances changes drastically as she resemble to an pure heart angel glowing in a brilliant silver white with her hair turn feather-like white and her eyes silvery white. Münzen appears to be unconscious to the ground.

"It's over, Münzen. I'm so sorry I have to result to this." she apologize unconscious previous former friend.

She change back to her original form, and turn around as she needs to assist Qrow of fighting the remaining member of the White Fang, after that, get out of here safety with her familiar and Silver as soon as possible.

Before she can go.. she felt something hard and hairy of her right side. She looked down and was horrified as she saw blood dripping from her right hip.

"That was a pity apologize, Summer.." he said, coldly. He attack her from behind and uses his brother's shape shift ability that he stole to his right arm that resemble to a wolf.

"N-No way... but how. You weren't born with same semblance as Silver.. you only inherit your mother's ."

"Took you long enough. I was waiting until your Aura deplete until I can do serious damage on you."

He pull out his transform arm out of Summer with her blood stain on his right arm. Summer collapse to the ground due to blood loss as she can't move. He grinned at her defeat by his hands, his injuries from before heals up quickly leaving only his clothes still torn and dirty. He take out something from his bag, and pull on a long white glove on his left hand with a red symbol on the back of the hand.

"N-No.. where did you get that?! Is this how.. you steal some portion of Siber's Aura?!" say Summer, scared.

"You could say that, but I'm going to risk it before you died." he replied, coldly.

He outstretched out his hand in front of Summer's face.

"This is goodbye, my love."

As the a small red portal comes out from the palm of his hand and a small insect Grimm squirts out, unexpectedly Siber save Summer just in time by uses his semblance to transform his legs as fast possible, but the cost of his life as he takes her place as his brother will be taking his remain Aura.

"SIBER!" she shout, desperately.

After the process was completely, Siber's body become very pale as a corpse and collapse heavy to the ground with his son, Silver, who caught up with him, was in utter shock in despair.

"F-Father..." Silver's eyes widen.

He angrier toss his weaken brother to the ground hard after take Siber's second half of his Aura. "Damn you brother, you got in a way!" says Münzen, irritated. "Well no matter, now I got the full power of the Helsing heritage semblance." After that, he glove he was wearing, dissolve into nothing.

Summer holds Siber's hand gently as she continuing cry over his body as he was dying with Silver by his side."

"Siber.. why?" she questioned him, sadly.

"I-It because.. you're my reason for everything I achieved in life, and my beloved family. I.. couldn't risk of losing you, and beside.. I don't have much time to live anyways." said Siber, weakly.

"What?!" Summer seems shocked.

" It was due to my brother what he stole from me.. my life span has shortened. " he explains to her.

"Please.. don't.. go." she beg her, still in tears.

"Summer.. I will always love you from the bottom of my heart."

"Siber.. I will always love you too."

"Silver.. my son.. please. have a normal life without any conflicts. I don't want to you to have the.. same fate as me. Please Silver.. tell Qrow, Taiyang, and Raven if you get a chance to met her .. that I'm sorry for the cost I cause them pain, I wish they can forget the past, but to move forward to a new path to the future."

"I will, Father" he sobbing weakly.

"That's.. good." Siber dies peacefully with a relieved smile upon his face. Suddenly something that resemble to a black collar with rose design from his neck disintegrated in nothing.

Summer breaks down in horribly despair and she shout out her beloved fallen friend. As for Silver, he too his uncontrollable rage toward his Uncle for killing his father. He unknowingly shape shift his right arm into a big wolf arm and charge at him. "I'll kill you!"

However one of his members, Fei block Silver's attack with her sword.

"It's time you go night night!"

She punch him in the stomach, hardly. His revert back to normal, and he lost unconscious afterwards.


"I guess.. I need to retreat for now. Fei we're leaving, you can just toss him over the edge. He's no use to me anymore."

"No.." say Summer, worried.

"I will receive the power of the Sliver-Eyes someday.. Then maybe I'll will go after your daughter next since you're dying and has no time left."

Summer glared at him. "You leave.. Ruby out of this!"

He smirked, and leave with Fei. She toss the unconscious Silver off the edge of the cliff and use a smoke bomb that was hidden in her sleeves, and both of them escape.

"Sliver!" Summer yelled.

Silver found himself in a dream where is continuing falling leading him into the nothingness part of the world how he views, a mixer of light and dark. He thought he was in a bringer of death after what he had did was unwise to charge at his killer, blindly. He voice a faint voice surrounding him.

"Summer please hold on!" say familiar male voice.

'Huh? what that Mr. Branwen?' he questioned in his thoughts.

"Qrow.. you need to save Silver first.. don't worry about me." say Summer's voice.

"No.. I'm going to save both you and bring you to your family alive! You can't just give up!"

"I.. lost so many blood. I can't.. Please take Silver and go.. I can't hold him much longer." she weakly begged him.

"But what about Taiyang, and your daughters would say if you.."

"I'm sure Tai will get over this.. Even if it takes him a few years.. Oh Yang too.. I think it would be best to reveals her real mother that we keep for so long. As for Ruby.."

He tried to picture what was going on in the real world, and he clearly saw himself hold on tight by Summer, with using the remaining of her power to temporarily stopped the bleeding a while Qrow holding her hand tightly and tried to pull of them, but they were two heavily for him.

'Summer.. Mr. Branwen.' he begun to cry toward them.

"Alright.. I save him. After that.. I'll save you last." Summer quickly gave Silver to Qrow, and manage to pull him out with his other arm, gently him down next to him with the few distance of the cliff.

"Oh ok.. Now I'll just.."

Summer begun to faded in shattering lights and her body turns into a shard of pure silver glass.

"Summer.. what are you doing?!" he seems shocked.

" This.. my punishment.. Because over misused my powers so much times.. My body finally reached it's limits."

"Please don't go.. "

"Qrow.. will you grant my final request. Please tell Silver that-"

Silver seems to be confused what was she want Mr. Branwen.. but the everything start to faded in all white again, and he can't hear any voices either.

After that.. Qrow suddenly woke up in a unknown room. He found himself cover in bandages on his hands, and wears a someone else pajamas, although it's too big for him.

"Ah.. your awake. kid."

"Mr. Branwen?" he seems confused.

"Drop the formally.. just call me Qrow."

"But.. is it rude to call you that?" he question him.

"Nope.. since you been so nice to my nieces, and my former teammates. It's okay." he casually replied.

"Oh ok.." say Silver, awkwardly.

"Where am I?"

"You're in my house. I carry you here because this is the safe place that no one in White Fang can find you if you are still alive. You been out for about a few days." he explained to him.

"Qrow, what happen after I was out? Is Miss Summer okay?" he asked Qrow.

"I'm so sorry.. She's gone." he sadly respond.

"No.." he felt his heart dropped, and he clutch in pain tightly awhile he begin to cried. "I'm so sorry.. This is my fault.. I shouldn't have get Ruby, and her family involved."

"It's not your fault, Silver."

"But I... charged at my Uncle blindly after what he did to my father. I'm the one who lead Miss Rose to her death because of my selfishness."

Qrow smack him in the head, slightly strong.

"Ow! what was that for?" he yelled at him.

"You keep blaming yourself that was never your fault. I thought I can knock some senses to you. It's past now... there no point to grieving what's done is done. Sometimes bad things happen, there no way to past now, learn from your mistake, and keep moving forward."

"Thanks, Qrow." he felt a bit relieved for some reason.

"No problem. I did it to Taiyang sometimes when he gets that way." he smirked.

"What about Ruby, and her family.. How did they taken?"

Qrow begin sadden after he mention them. "Things didn't go well with Taiyang.. he completely shut down as he doesn't go to work at Signal, he doesn't eat, and he doesn't pay attention to his daughters that they were almost killed by a Grimm."

"Oh no.. what happened to them?!" Silver worried.

"Don't worry I save them just a nick of time just before they were killed by them."

"What about Yang? and what did you mean she and Ruby got almost killed?" he asked him.

"She didn't take it well neither.. and well, we told Yang the whole truth that Summer wasn't her real mother, and that her real mother went missing after she was born. She desperately want to search for her real mother so she bought Ruby with her because she wasn't her to be alone. If I wasn't here on time... They would be killed on the day." he explains to him.

"So what happen to Yang's real mother? "

"That will be another time.. just focus on the current situation. Just focus on what happens after Summer's death." he said, sadden.

"And for Ruby?"

"Well.. She's too young to understand at the time, but she didn't take well . Same thing when you depart from us too. But for some reason, she's holding back her emotions."

"Oh I see.. I didn't know she was suffering that much" Silver sadden.

"Again, don't worry so much, Silver. She's strong.. I'm sure she doing okay afterward."

"Oh that's right.. I forgot about it. She will overcome some difficult challengers throughout her life.. Especially her strong dreams of becoming of Huntress someday when gets older."

"Silver what do you mean?" Qrow seems confused.

"Oh it's nothing.. forget what I said."

"So what are do going to do now after you recover?" Qrow wondered.

"I don't know.. my only purpose was searching for my father, but now he's dead.. I don't know what I am doing for the rest of my life. Although I want to stop my Uncle- I mean Münzen for spreading chaos through Remnant." he replied.

"Do you want to becoming a Huntsmen, Silver."

"Huntsmen?! You mean protector of mankind and a slayer the creature of Grimm?"

"Yes.. There you can learn how to fight property, create your own weapon, control your semblance, and the most of all, teamwork. Although you probably need to start with a beginner step at Signal, but you have be age 14 to register. Or live a normal life just like your old man said to you, and change your identify and name somewhere outside of Vale where somebody knows you."

'Becoming a Huntsmen or living a normal life.. I never thought of that. I really want to stay by Ruby's side, but I don't want to inference with her future goals. But I don't want to be burden, I want to be strong so I can protect who is dear to me.' say Silver in his thoughts.

"It's your choice, kid. You don't have to decide right away. Just wait until you fully recover, and then you can decide your own path. Just gets some rest-"

"I want to become a Huntsmen."

"Huh?!" Qrow dumbstruck at Sliver's sudden decision.

"I'm sick of seeing the people I loved die right before eyes protecting me. I don't want to happen to someone like me ever again, which is why it's my turn to protect them. And also.. Qrow will you teach me how to fight." he says, determine.

"You got strong will in your soul.. I like it. Alright I'll teach you what I know." he smiled.

"Thank you so much." he smiled back at him, warmly.

"So are you interesting of learning how to wield a scythe?"

"Not really.. I'm more interesting of wielding gauntlets since I learned to do hand to hand combat from my father."

"Oh you're like Tai's fighting style then.. Well I can't teach you that. " Qrow seems disappointed.

"But I am interesting of learning to control my shape shifting semblance since I only awaken mine for three months. Will you teach me that?"

"That I can teach you, kid." he smiled in delight.

"Do you want to see Ruby?" he asked.

"No, not yet.. I'm not ready to see her after what happen to Miss Rose. I can't face her until I become a worthy Huntsmen for her to protect and cherish for the rest of my life." he decline his offer.

"You really like my niece that much. I accept your affection toward her." Qrow is pleased, and yet sadly for unknown reason."Since people in White Fang thinks you're dead.. What name do you want to change?"

"Well I still want to keep my first name since it suit me the best and beside a lot people have the same name as me so it doesn't matter. As for my last name.. I want change it completely so I that I can put my past behind me, and become a new person."

"So what's your new last name you want to be?" he questioned him.


After the flashback ends, in the present time, Silver process of facing another Alpha Beowolf. Although he too exhaust to fight back as he used too much of his Aura. He is cover in bruises, and cuts by the Grimm a while the Alpha Beowolf only attain a small scratch and the lose of one arm.

"*huff* I'm not... giving up." he said, out of breath. "I still need to see her again."

Silver attempt to use his semblance again, but unable to since his Aura is nearly depleted. He instead have to use his weapon. "I just I use my Moonlight Fang instead without my speed.."

He charge at the Alpha Beowolf and attempt to cut his armor. but it dodge he's attack. Silver was utter shocked as he realized that this Grimm is stronger than the last Alpha he fought. The Grimm delivers finishing blow with it's other arm and send him to a large rock to the fallen tree.

Silver begun to lose conscious as the Alpha start to approach him slowly. 'Is it really the end for me after all these years I trained, endured, and conquer my fears of not being accept as a former member of White Fang by my team. I make so many new friends I can protect and trust, but now my whole is disband due my best friend is in a coma, and my other teammates have their own path to make a better future for their kingdoms, especially finding a way of cure for him in order wake up.'

He closes his eyes as he about to face death. 'I haven't either tell her my true feeling for her.'

'Ruby, where are you going?!' say unknown voice.

'Ruby?! She's here?!' say Silver, shocked.

'I have too, Jaune. I can't stand of me being helpless of saving someone, I want to help them. ' say, Ruby' s voice, calmly. 'Don't worry mister I'll save you!"

He heard a big slash and suddenly a large crash to the down. He quickly regain conscious to see the Alpha Beowolf's head cut off completely and finally dissolve in the darkness. After that three unknown people come to his aid and check up on him if he's alright.

"Is he alive?" say the short orange hair with green eyes.

"Nora.. He's still alive, just exhausted." say young man with long black hair, slightly annoyed.

"I know that. I was just testing you, Ren." said Nora, gleeful.

"Come on guys be serious, we have an injured guy that needs to be treated right away." he said, serious. "Don't worry uh.. I'm sorry I didn't get your name?"

"It's Silver Adoff."

"You're the Silver Adoff, the leader of Team SLVR and representative of Atlas Academy who won straight three years from previous tournaments?!" Jaune seems shocked and amazed a while his other teammates, Ren and Nora remain uttering confused what was going on.

"Jaune, how is he?" say Ruby's voice.

"He's alright just still exhausted after using too much Aura. But Ruby, you're not going to believe this what we saved."

"Huh? Why can't I not believe what-?" Ruby comes closes to take a good look at the strangler's face she saved. She was surprised and fill with joy for some reason as Ruby felt like she knows him somehow. She can feel her heart all fluttered and warm inside. Suddenly tears overflowing through her eyes as if waking up from a never ending dream.

Silver looked at her face as well, he was full of emotions as what he saw all these years have come true. The small innocent girl he once knew during his childhood now becomes a strong brave young woman, who bares a strong resemble to her late mother. "Ruby Rose.."

To be continued...