Author's Note: Hey there! Ok, this is from Squall's point of view.) It's his first impressionn of Laguna, (tsk poor guy), and yeah, he's not too happy when he learns about his past. Hopefully the website will stop changing their formatting, lamesauce.

Disclaimer: since none of the characters are actually named, apparently I don't have to worry about being sued (Thanks Jeremy Chapter)! Cool.


Utter A Squall

You're a little too late,
I've turned my back.
What do you do now?
I'm hidden in black.

Black drapes conceal me,
Nothing shines through.
Emotion: nonexistent,
How about you?

You can't make me come out,
I really don't care.
It's about time
You've felt some despair.

No physical scars
Blemish your face.
Fate's blessed you
With an abundance of grace.

You were the lucky one,
The one with the choice.
I was left alone,
With hardly a voice.

No one helped me
While I stood.
The rain enveloped me,
Heart floated, it's driftwood.

So, now I stand before you
As you stutter and mumble.
My eyes haunt you,
Fortified wall won't crumble.

I am the living ghost
Representing two lost kin.
They lay in your mind,
Those spirits are broken.

Mere gaze is a reminder
Of past mistakes.
Those you left hanging,
Full of heartaches.

I've heard your story,
Seen your patched schemes.
Through all your plans,
Was I in your dreams?