Chapter 9

Danielle laid on her back, her head facing the ceiling, her eyes closed and her body stiff. Jeff held her hand and kissed her knuckles. "Wake up Danni, wake up. I am here for you Danni, I will always be here for you." The words he said rang hallow and ever since he saw Victoria Winters lying so pale and lifeless on that table, that was all he could think of, her thick dark hair fanned out around her head, her soft supple breasts perky and crying out to be kissed. He looked at her lips and was wondering what it could feel like ot place is lips on hers. He smiled at the thought.

Sitting on the stool next to Danielle's bed, he cupped her hand to his mad felt her fingers tighten, that interrupted his thoughts and he turned his gaze to Danielle's face. Her eyelashes fluttered and then she opened her eyes wide and then her mouth and she screamed and it echoed and reacted around the room. Erick and Julia burst into the room rushing to Danielle's side, Lang shoved Jeff aside while Julia began to take Danni's blood pressure and Eric began to listen to Danielle's heart and check her eyes. "What are you doing Dr. Lang?" Danielle's voice held a hallow unemotional tone.

"I am checking you for your vitals. Making sure you are all right." Eric said this with a hint of compassion but with a doctor's medical assessment.

"I see,so what does this mean that I died?" Again there was that deep throaty calm almost emotionless tone.

"Why not tell me what you remember." Julia Hoffman was fascinated she needed to know what happened once you died, she had hoped there was a higher plane of existence she just wanted to verify it and she and Eric were to win the Nobel Prize she needed all the information she could get to write about the experience.

Danielle's brow furrowed, her eyes went distant and then she began to remember. "The road was almost washed out, the driver hydroplaned off the roadway and then from above there was this terrible moaning sound and a loud crack like gun fire. I thought it was the thunder close to the ground which almost sounded like cannon fire, then again that moaning sound and another crack, the next thing I know a huge tree was crashing down on the car and I heard Mrs. Collins . . . " Danielle grabbed Eric's upper arm and she half sat up. "Mrs. Collins! Is she harmed?"

Eric patted her arm and let Julia help Danielle to lie back down, and then the two doctors, lifted her back of the gurney to get her in a sitting upright position, "is that more comfortable Danni?" Eric smiled, but somehow the compassion and joy a smile represents did not reach Eric's eyes and this was everything Julia was observing while she covered Danni's body with the sheet.

'Yes, thank you." Danni's voice went soft. She even managed to offer Julia a genuine smile, something that Eric had not given her. "I am glad to hear that, you know I think Mr. Collins is not human? I think he is some kind of night creature that is," Here she shivered, " . . . well taking advantage of her."

Julia frowned, "What makes you think that?" The question was automatic and a way of her life since she had started trying to cure Bananas.

Eric curtailed that answer. "Danni, what else do you remember, we can deal with this other later, tell us what you last remember before waking up."

Danni smiled, "it was after the tree fell on the car and I heard Mrs. Collins scram and Mr. Collins scream for Mrs. Collins, there as blackness and then a floating sensation. There were voices around me. They whispered and moaned, and some screamed." Danni shivered.

"Go on," Eric encouraged her to continue on with what he journey to death was like. Julia was locked to every word she had spoken at this poit and had to wonder if she had been facing her walk to hell. She was always of a scientific thought that there was nothing but the end or an ascension to a higher plane of existence and the fact that once Danni's life had ended she was now describing walking on that plane.

"There were other things like I could smell something over powering and very strong like burning flesh or burning smell of rubber or tires. The smell was over powering and I could hear chanting." Danni gasped, grabbed Eric's arm.

"it was like hell, or what I think hell should appear. However, there was another voice so calming and so reassuring that it made me feel safe." She said the word safe with a degree of awe. "The voice was reassuring and I felt a hand touch mine, and it said, 'Follow me. You do not need to walk this path any longer.' So, I followed, I wanted to follow." Danni looked into Eric's eyes and said softly, "That is a path y ou are following Eric, playing God. You don't have that right." She reached forward and began to cling tightly to Eric, her strength superhuman and her eyes glowing with the intensity of her words.

"You need to stop, she said you are traveling that road and when I came back, that I should tell you that, you need to know what you are doing is wrong!" Her hold was so tight that Eric feared she would break his arms.

"Julia a sedative, hurry, she is hurting me!" Eric pleaded with his eyes wide and his face suffusing red with his fear and her exerting so much pressure on him.

Julia scrambled to get a sedative and injected it into Danielle's hip. Dani tightened her hold, her eyes flew open and then she collapsed back against the bed and was asleep under the influence of the sedative she had just been given. "Thank you Julia." Eric rubbed his arms to bring the circulation back into them. The pressure now gone he could feel his hands begin to tingle with the flush of blood back into his hands. "My God! That was incredible. She had such super human strength, she was like a super woman, if she can do this from the powers of a fledgling vampire, can you imagine what Adam has in him?"

Julia realized he had said Adam's name just as Eric remembered he had not checked on Adam. Both left Danni to sleep and rushed down the hallway. It was too late, the huge mammoth man was nowhere to be seen in the room, he was gone. "We have to find him Julia and be careful because Adam has been gone longer than Danni he very well maybe in his mentally amorphous state. Which means we are dealing with a new born or similar in mind but not body of a new born."

Julia nodded, "Should I check the floors upstairs?

"No, I need you to check all the rooms down here and there are a total of twelve."

Julia nodded, "I am going to check on Mrs. Clark first, may I allow Jeff with her?"

"Yes, by all means let Jeff have some time with her, she seems to keep him calm."

Eric left to go check the rest of the house, while Julia walked down the hallway to check on Danielle, there she found Jeff unconscious on the floor. Julia rushed to his side. "Clark!" dropping down to check his pulse and for breathing, Danielle moaned softly.

"Jeff? Jeff are you there my darling Jeff?" Julia patted Jeff's face, then glanced up to see that Danielle had already fought off the sedative, which had been a powerful one.

Julia stood up and walked to Danni's side. "Mrs. Clark, lie back and I will get Jeff for you."

"Adam came in and he hit Jeff and ran down the hallway is Jeff all right?"

Julia looked at Jeff lying on the floor the most he might have would be a concussion and she would not be able to determine that until he had an x-ray. "Where did he go Danielle, what direction did he go?"

Danni was almost hysterical. "He killed Jeff didn't he?" She tried to sit up but the sedative had done its job in immobilizing her. Jeff rolled over put his hand to his head and moaned. Julia rushed to his side and helped him to stand and then put him in a chair.

"Mr. Clark, you sit here with your wife, while I go look for Adam. Do not move you might have a concussion, stay with Mrs. Clark." Julia pushed him to lean forward on Danni's bed. Turning Julia rushed to the hallway and looked right then looked left hearing another moan, Julia rushed down the hallway and found Barnabas lying on the floor.

"Julia, that thing has Vicki, he shoved me down and took off with Vicki, you need to go find them, we need to stop him before he hurts her."

Julia was concerned for the condition she had found Barnabas, she had never seen him so weak and now afraid if not concerned. "Barnabas let me help you up and then I will go find Vicki and Adam." Julia helped Barnabas to a chair. "Sit still and I will be back I got to get Eric."

Julia's adrenalin was on overdrive as she dashed down the hallway to the stairs, opened the door and shouted. "ERIC! I NEED YOUR HELP!" She could hear a struggle going on upstairs and she turned, rushed to the lab, filled a hypodermic and then rushed back to the hallway and upstairs. What met her gaze at the top of the stairs sent her into over protective hyper mode.

Lying on the floor was Vicki, wrapped like a burrito in a blanket, Adam was struggling with a now losing Eric overpowering him, Julia rushed forward took the needle and jabbed it into the huge monster like creature, that was dressed in scrub pants and a gown. Pressing the plunger on the hypodermic it released the heavy sedation into the body of the now alive man made monster that was known as Adam.

Adam felt the pain of the needle as it entered his hip and he screamed and let Eric go, then swung his arm at the woman that had caused him pain. Julia flew backwards against the wall hit it and then slumped down on the floor, Eric lay on the floor holding his throat. Adam turned lifted Vicki and staggered out the front door of Eric's home and clinic.

Julia was winded and dazed, Eric crawled ot her side and pushed himself up to examine her to make sure she was only winded. "Are you hurt?'

"No," She gasped out between the painful breaths she was trying to expel and inhale. "We need to get them back." Julia was finding her lungs were working again and she tried to help Eric stand. Together they looked from one to the another and the front door. "I need to change and you should too Julia they can be anywhere and they are seen we will have a big problem too, I am not sure how I can explain a man that has been made out of body parts carrying a woman that is now somewhat allergic to daylight without her injections."

Julia glowered, "What are you talking about Eric, what does that mean?"

"It means the procedure also requires them to have a portion of your formula and a portion of my formula for them to maintain their status as human that is what it means."

Barnabas stood against the door jam he watched the two in the living room. "So you are saying we are not completely cured?"

"I am saying that what happened ties you both together. Barnabas, you will feel the fear and confusion that Adam feels and if he dies you will revert back to what you were and if you die, he will die. You however will come back as a vampire." Eric was rubbing his head and watching the clouded look cover Julia's face.

"And this is the same for Victoria with Mrs. Clark?" Barnabas was reconsidering what he would have done had he known this before hand.

"Yes, now we need to find your fine and my Adam, are you well enough to join us?"

Barnabas looked dubiously to the daylight and backed up. "What happens when I go into the daylight?'

"Your eyes will need to be protected until you get use to being in daylight again, so I would suggest sunglasses and I have some here, do you want to help me track Adam and find your wife or not?"

Barnabas nodded, "Just allow me to dress."

DuPres Plantation

Vicki felt like a mac truck had hit her, every muscle in her whole body screamed out in pain. Moaning softly she shifted her position and grimaced, then opened her eyes to the waning daylight. Looking the room over she found it was a pleasant room filled with beautifully preserved old pieces of furniture. Pushing herself up on her elbows she looked around and smiled, this was like Josette's room back in the old house. The soft whirring of the palm frond ceiling fan wafted the exotic smells over the room, and the breeze from the trade winds sent the curtains dancing against the floor. "Oh, this must be Josette's old home. Barnabas are you there?"

A large dark figure loomed up from out of the shadows and startled Vicki to the point she gasped and drew her hand up to her mouth. "Unngggh" The badly scared man was frightening to look at, except for Vicki he seemed to be a man-child. From the way he grunted and appeared to not be threatening to her and kept gesturing she had seen this in autistic children in New York where she taught before coming to Collinwood. Not feeling threatened by him just finding it hard to look at his horribly scared face she calmed her breathing and smiled.

"Hello, my name is Vicki, can you say Vicki?"

The man tilted his head smiled and said in effort. "V ick ee" He watched her smile and nod.

"That is right and you must be Adam?" She pointed to him and said softly, "Can you say Adam?"

He pointed a finger in Vicki's direction and said, "Ad am?" she laughed and he smiled, he liked the sound of her laughter, so much was running through his mind and he was no longer afraid while in her company. If anything he felt close to her. Various words were beginning to come to mind and he said softly in his deep baritone voice, "Mother?" With those words came images and thoughts that were familiar and unfamiliar.

Vicki shook her head no, "I am Vicki, not mother." She reached her hand for his face and saw him recoil in fear and she frowned and appeared to be sorry for frightening him. "I am sorry Adam?" Then it dawned on her this was the body that had been under the sheet that was to received a part of Barnabas' life force. "Oh you are Mr. Adams. Not Adam?" She realized he must be learning all over and her being a teacher came to her naturally. Folding her hands in her lap she smiled.

"Please sit Adam, and lets try to talk with one another and maybe I can teach you." Her words were soft and soothing and it struck a chord with Adam and he smiled and turned to look around, Vicki pointed to the chair, and seeing his confusion tried to stand to find she was still weak and started to fall forward,

Adam's reaction was immediate. He scooped her up and said tenderly, "Mother careful." He gently laid her on the bed and hovered over her for a moment.

"Adam, a chair, get a chair and bring it over by the bed, and let 'mother' teach you something. You are a smart man you can start to relearn and I am a teacher, you can learn from me, now see the chair?" she pointed to the chair and he smiled and walked to it. "Pick it up and bring it to the side of the bed." Adam lifted the chair picked it up and carried it to the side of the bed. "Very good Adam, now sit the chair down." He did as he was instructed. "Now sit on the chair." His confusion was only momentary and then he did as she instructed.

"Very good Adam, now lets start with basics."

Lang's Home

Eric Lang was beside himself, he had lost his biggest accomplishment in the span of a half an hour and now he was worried he would be discovered, this could be a disaster and his whole career, for that matter his whole life was about to disappear behind some cold grey bars or in a grave. On the island they did not bury a body, the chucked you into the ocean and you became seafood for the predators and the thought of that spurred him on to find Adam. He watched Julia attend Danielle with Clark standing by his wife, with an occasional glare in his direction.

"Clark, why are you not out looking for Adam?" Eric snapped, pausing for a moment to shoot a warning glare.

"I will go when Dr. Hoffman says Danni is going to be fine."

"Well with each minute you waste when she is in competent hands is another minute we all face judgment from this island if he is discovered." Eric shot back with more anger than he intended.

"You face judgment, Doctor Lang, you face judgment for what you have done you should face judgment." Jeff was angry enough to finally say how he felt and why he felt that way towards Eric Lang.

"We all face it Clark, you are an accessory after the fact."

Jeff left his wife's side and walked with the force of his irritation and anger towards Eric Lang. "I was forced into this by you, this is all your doing and you will face it and if I have to do some jail time or prison so be it. It would be worth it to get someone like you locked up."

"Jeff, please, just do as he says, don't fight with him, go find that creature, that poor creature that did not deserve to be here let alone probably hunted like some horrible monster by ignorant people, just don't fight. I am so tired. I just want to rest and I can't as long as I know Adam is gone and so is Mrs. Collins."

Jeff capitulated and sighed letting the tension out of his body. "I am going but you had better be thinking of a way to get him under control, obviously a strong sedative did not work." Clark marched out of the room leaving Eric to watch him leave with a look of pure hatred crossing his features.

Eric jumped when he felt pressure on his shoulder, Barnabas had laid his hand on his shoulder and now Barnabas spoke softly, "Come Dr. Lang, let us go upstairs allow Julia to help Mrs. Clark and we will try and figur3e out where he might have gone. I need to understand that happened between Adam and me in order to understand my own feelings I am having at this moment."

Danni looked confused and oddly simpatico with what Barnabas had said. "I have odd feelings too, nurturing ones that are oddly filled with compassion and concern."

Eric laughed, "That is it, you both are tied to the other two, perhaps by your telling me what is going on we might be able to entice them to come back here." Eric turned to Barnabas, "I am going to get a wheel chair and then we will get Danielle upstairs. By possibly having the two of you work together we can get them to come back here where its safe."

DuPres Planation

Vicki was feeling exhausted again, and the need to close her eyes and sleep was overtaking her to the point that Adam shook his head. "Mother you sleep, Adam sleep." He spoke with a hesitation of one learning to use words.

Vicki nodded, "I will sleep Adam we both need to rest we have been through a lot, why you and I both were in some way reborn today. So you sit and rest and I will sleep." Vick laid her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes, it did not take long until she was fast asleep and tumbling through a world of confusion and fear. The darkness weaved its way around her body clinging in a dampness that was like a fog. There were whispering voices floating around her and she was sure she recognized two of those voices.

The first and foremost was Barnabas's voice, he was looking for her and he was in a panic. "My Darling, where are you?"

"Mrs. Collins where are you?" Danni's voice was filled with worry and concerned, while Barnabas' voice was filled with the tenderness that was a part of the love he held for her.

She tried to call to them, they did not seem to hear her call. She was slowly becoming frustrated with the barrier that appeared to separate them. Finally in tearful frustration she slumped to her knees and began to weep, "Please I don't know where I am, it seems like Josette's Room only on an island."

Danielle's voice called, "Are you alone?"

"No, I am with Adam he brought me here."

Lang's Home

Danielle and Barnabas' eyes flew open, "She is at the DuPres Plantation in Josette's old room." Barnabas was up from his chair and felt the momentary weakness flood over him. He sat quickly.

"Sit Mr. Collins, sit and I will get Clark and we will go and bring her and Adam back." Barnabas was too weak to argue, he just wanted his wife back with him and safe.

Jeff Clark entered the parlor where everyone had moved and went to Danni's side and knelt by her, "I could not find him, I went around the island four times."

"Julia, you and Clark should come with me, let Mrs. Clark and Mr. Collins rest, we know where they went. "

Julia shook her head. "I think we should all go and you can Jeff can bring Adam back and I can stay with Vicki and Barnabas get them settled at the Plantation."

Eric was about to argue the point when he saw the determined stubborn look on Julia's face. "Fine, we need to go before they move again."

Danni shook her head. "They are too tired, Vicki is asleep that is how we were able to find her."

Barnabas nodded, "And Adam is asleep they are both exhausted but I get a very protective feeling coming from Adam, he must have seen this place in my mind and knew she would be safe there, he is now at rest and his mind is open but not receptive to suggestions."

Danni nodded, "Mrs. Collins is more awake in her sleep. She feels safe in his company and protective of him, a nurturing kind of protective."

Lang hustled them out of the house into the large car. "I know where this place is, I tried to buy it some years back, I was going to use it as my clinic but it was tied up in probate and had been for over sixty years, they were attempting to locate the owner, a Mr. Barnabas Collins and imagine my surprise when I finally met you."

Lang started the car and set the car in the direction of the Planation, "It is time we bring home my creation and get you reunited with your wife Mr. Collins."