The Cast

Taylor Hebert as Macbeth

The Three Bullies as The Three Witches

Emma as Bully 1

Madison as Bully 2

Sophia as Bully 3

Kaiser as King Duncan

Lisa Wilbourne as Banquo

Stormtiger as Malcolm

Jean-Paul Vasil as Fleance

Emily Piggot as Hecate

Collin Wallis as MacDuff

Brian Labourn as Lennox

Aisha Labourn as Ross

Trickster as Porter

Amelia Lavere as Lady Macbeth

The Wards as The Murderers

=== MH ===

Act 1 Scene I

A small courtyard behind a high school, three bullies enter. Emma through a door next to a container, Madison through following behind, Sophia gliding through the wall in shadow form.

It's raining and a (school) bell can be heard.

Emma: When shall we three meet again?

Morning, lunch time, or after school?

Madison: When the first night out has just begun,

When the dragon's lost and won.

Sophia: That will be 'ere the dawn of sun.

Emma: Where is the place?

Madison: Upon this yard.

Sophia: There to meet MacHebert.

Emma: I come, to Fugly's.

Madison: Daddy calls.

Sophia: Anon.

All: Fair is foul and foul is fair:

Escape through back door and filthy air.


A/N: Alright, there you have it. I'm not sure I'll be able to transform the entirety of Macbeth into a play with Worm characters, but maybe I'll get half-way through. The good thing is that this stuff doesn't take too long to write(most of the time I work on this was spent laughing and breaking into tears because of it).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter/scene.

Please leave a review, I really want your thoughts for this one... just to see if you find this as funny as I do.


PS: I do not own Macbeth, nor do I own Worm, they were created by William Shakespeare and 'Wildbow', respectively. And although I am not sure who owns Macbeth nowadays, Worm still belongs to Wildbow.