"Detective" I hear her call out as I turn to walk away "Can I have a minute?"

"Meet you at the car" I tell my partner as I turn and walk back toward the blonde haired beauty. I can't help but smile as I approach her and wonder why she was calling me back.

"I've missed you the last few days" She whispers so that no one else can hear "I was wondering if you would like to come over tonight?"

I can't help but raise my eyebrows in a questioning manner. Yes, we have been seeing each other but it's been more along the lines of friends with benefits than an actual relationship. It's not that I don't want a relationship because I do. Not only is she an amazing woman but she is the first one to truly understand what I like, want and need in bed. But we both work for the same division and our cases would be jeopardized if anyone ever found out. So we keep it light despite the fact that the both us can tell how we feel about each other.

She steps even closer to me and I have to fight to control my breathing when her breath caresses my ear "I have a pool table now and would love for you to teach me to play."

A thousand images flashes through my mind. I see her on the edge of the table with her legs splayed open while go down on her. I can almost feel her tugging my short hair and holding me where she wants. Her leaning back on the table with her legs wrapped around my waist as I thrust over and over into her. Or better yet her laying on the velvet table with her ankles wrapped around my neck while she clawed my arms as I plowed into her again and again. I will say that has to be my favorite because of the screams I can rip from her throat.


I snap out of my thoughts when I hear her call my name and I have to push my desire for her down. I am so wet and turned on at the moment that I'm sure anyone who looks at me can tell. I know she can tell by the smirk that crosses her face. I often think she enjoys pushing me to my limits knowing that I can't do anything about it. But then again it could also be for her benefit as well since she has told me time and time again she loves it when she pushes me.

"What time?" I ask after swallowing several times in an attempt to put some moisture back into my mouth.

"Let's go for eight."

"Then I will see you at eight counselor" I tell her as I look around to make sure no one is looking before leaning in real close to her "make sure you're ready"

Here I am almost five hours later standing at her door and just as nervous as I was the first time she ever asked me to come over. Although the difference now is I know what's in store and the rules of the game. The only unknown variable is if I get to stay the night or leave early in the morning hours. Since it's the weekend I'm going with the former and not the latter. Taking a deep breath to calm my racing heart I raise my hand and knock on her door.

My breath catches in my throat as she opens the door and stands there for my admiration. I know she has dressed with my pleasure in mind. She is wearing a simple black dress with a pair of matching heels. Her hair is flowing freely around her shoulders and tonight she is wearing her contacts instead of her glasses. I know without a doubt when I raise her dress up that I will find she is wearing thigh highs that are attached to a garter belt with no underwear. Holy shit I can't wait to lift her up and sink into her velvet warmth that is waiting for me.

"You coming?" She asks her voice a shade deeper than normal with desire.

"Not before you" I inform her as I grabbed her roughly and pull her back against me so she knows what I want and expect tonight.

"Oh fuck" She moans as she grounds her ass against the added appendage that I am wearing.

"We will" I answer her as I move her hair to the side and pepper her neck with kisses "But first I am going to teach you how to play pool."

She whimpers as she snakes her hand between us and rubs my silicon cock through my pants. I have no doubt in my mind if I was actually a man I would be throbbing with need so badly that I would be luck to fully push into before I lost my load. Thank the lord above I was not born as a man so I can drag it out until her need becomes so great that it's painful.

I know that doesn't sound very enjoyable but believe me it is for both me and her. When I finally allow her tip over the edge she is wound so tight that her orgasm is one long continuous train that is at warp speed. She has on occasion clawed my back so bad during this event that I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital afterwards.

"Pool can wait" She states as she turns around in my arms and drops to her knees.

Before my brain can register what she is doing she has my zipper over half way down. I know her intentions are to pull my faux cock out and service me. Normally I would let her, because honestly that is one huge turn on for me and can quickly get me off enough to lessen the fire that is burning within me, but not tonight. Tonight that fire will be extinguished when I feel her clamp down on the phallus and scream as her orgasm washes over her.

I reach out and grab her wrist roughly with my right hand and twist it back and to the side using a move I have used on numerous suspects to restrain them. I look down when I hear her gasp and I smile. Her face is flush and her normal cobalt blue eyes are so black with desire. Her chest is rising and falling faster and faster causing her perky little breasts to protrude out more and more. The sight before me is almost all my undoing and it takes all I have to pull my zipper back up with my left hand.

I hear her moan and whimper in disappointment as I pull her back up to her feet and hold her elbows until I know she is steady.

"Please" she begs as she reaches for me when I move away from her.

The tone of her voice almost unravels my control. I have never denied her what she wanted when it has come to sex. Why would I she has always allowed me to do what I want and how I want. She has never once stopped me when I have taken it so rough that it's visibly obvious that it's painful for her to walk the next day. She certainly hasn't stopped me when I've been so careful and tender with her it's brought tears to her eyes.

I step forward once again and engulf her in my arms. I rub my hands up and down her back hoping to soothe her but I realize that it is useless. She is too tightly wound for anything at the moment and needs a temporary release. I decide to take pity on her and give her some relief because if I don't I will be lucky to get five minutes out of her. With the way I'm feeling and the mood I'm in that will not work.

"I think you need this worse than me" I whisper into her ear as I rub my hand up and down her arms.

I walk around her body and pull her flush against me. Her head automatically falls back and against my shoulder. I can feel her breath on my neck as she sighs and melts against me. I run my hands down the front of her dress until I have reached her hips.

"How wet are you?" I ask her as I begin to slowly bunch her dress up so I can reach her mound.

"Wet enough" She whispers as she nips my jaw line "Why don't you let me pleasure myself for you."

My head falls forward and I sink my teeth into the area where her shoulder meets neck. She knows how much I love to watch her pleasure herself but it is something she rarely volunteers to do. This tells me how much she is making this night about me and if it's possible I love her even more for it.

"Please" I almost whimper as I turn us so I can watch her in the mirror.

She raises her head up and connects her eyes with mine in the mirror. I try my best to keep my eyes locked with hers but I fail to do so when I notice her hand traveling down her body. Her perfectly shaved mound is fully exposed and glistening. I can see her engorged clit protruding and I know if I flick my tongue across it three times she would be bucking.

"See how wet you make me" She says as she pulls her lips apart and gives me an unobstructed view.

"I want you to make yourself cum" I instruct her as my hips push into her on their own accord. "But first I want you to run your fingers through your folds and get them as wet as you can. I want to taste you."

She does as I ask moaning in pleasure as she bumps against her clit. I am afraid that she will forget what I have ordered her to do when she circles her clit but she doesn't. Somehow she has found the strength to pull her fingers away and bring them up to my face.

I open my mouth and she inserts her fingers into it. I close my lips around them and moan at the first taste of her. I run my tongue up one side of her finger and then down the other. I close my eyes and concentrate on making sure I have savored every drop there is on her fingers before I finally release them.

"You taste so fucking good" I tell her as I lock my eyes with hers once more.

I lick my lips as I swallow and I feel her knees buckle some. Her body is even more tense than before and I decide to take pity on her. I really wanted to drag this out a little longer but I can't. Well let me rephrase that I can I just won't. Especially if I want her to give me full reign later.

"Make yourself cum" I order her.

Her breath catches in her throat as her fingers once again find their way to her clit. She slowly circles her clit with her fingers before traveling farther down and pushing two fingers into herself.

I can hear the sloshing sound of her wetness as she thrusts in and out of herself. As she starts to impale herself on her fingers I am amazed she has lasted this long. I know the only reason she hasn't is because she is not curving her fingers or allowing herself direct stimulation.

If this was any other time I would allow her to drag it out but not tonight. I release the grip my right hand has on her hips and quickly make my way to her clit. Oh my God it so engorged that I release a guttural groan from deep within.

"Oh baby it feels so good" She moans "I want to add a third finger."

"Go ahead" I say allowing her to stretch herself. The widening of her eyes causes my hips to once again flex into her "Now curve your fingers and find your spongy area."

"Oh fuck" She cries as she finds it and pushes against it.

"Now rub it" I say as I rub her clit and pinch it between my fingers.

Before I know it her nails are digging into the back of my neck as she screams loudly. Normally I would continue my assault on her clit to drag her orgasm out but I don't this time. I will later tonight until she begs me to stop but for right now I only wanted to take the edge off.

"Please don't stop" She whimpers as I pull my hand away.

"That was just a release for you" I whisper as I bring my fingers to your mouth and you greedily accept them.

You moan as you pull my fingers into your mouth and begin to work them over, cleaning every inch you can. You close your eyes and began to work with the same fever you do when you are on your knees for me.

"You're imaging this is my cock aren't you?" I ask as I rotate it against her ass "You want to take me in your mouth don't you?"

You nod as you release my fingers with a pop and turn to smile at me.

I crash my lips onto yours and plunge my tongue into your mouth. I wrap my left arm around your waist and pull you impossibly tighter against my body while my fingers circle our wrist and pull your fingers from within you. You cry into my mouth as I do this and your knees buckle.

I lessen my assault on your mouth and finally allow you to catch your breath. Once I know you have better control over yourself I lighten my grip and take a step away. You watch me in the mirror as I fully release you and take another step back.

"My turn" I say as I watch a smile cross your face and you lick your lips in anticipation.