A/N: I know it has taken me forever and I am so sorry that it has. Between working 40 plus hours and a full time college student its making it a little hard to keep up with all my stories. Although I do hope that this little hot slightly steamy chapter will make up for my absence. For those waiting on Private Dance and The Call to be updated I am working on it I promise I just ask for your patience a little longer.

I am leaning against the wall with my eyes closed when I feel more than hear you enter the room. The lack of noise as you walk across the floor tells me you have taken your heels off and a small part of me is upset with this knowledge. I enjoy watching your muscular calves as you walk around in heels almost as much as I enjoy the feel of them digging into my back when I lift you up and take you against the wall or on a counter.

A smile tugs at my lips as you walk up and wrap your arms around me and rest your head on my chest. I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness as I realize this is something we could never do out in public. Our jobs prohibit interoffice relationships or fraternization as they call it so we must keep our relationship a deep dark secret. Although honestly we have to be the worst kept secret at the DA's office. Everyone there seems to know that we are dating but lives by the military's old motto "don't ask don't tell."

"Are you ok?" you ask as you tilt your head up and place a kiss on the hollow portion of my neck.

I pull back and stare into your blue eyes that are turning darker by the second. I have to swallow hard a few times and fight back tears as I realize simply being this close to me is turning you on as much as it is me. I have never had this effect on a woman before and it is as terrifying as it is electrifying. I know that our love and passion is the type that movies and romance novels are made of but it is also the type that can destroy a person if you allow it to consume you as well.

I lean down and capture your lips in a slow and loving kiss. My need to take you and fuck you senseless seems to be dwindling as we duel for control of the kiss. This does not shock me since you seem to be able to extinguish the fire within me as quickly as you can start it. It is times like these that I am reminded and thankful that none of my past relationships has ever worked out, like everyone says there is a reason for unanswered prayers.

I pull back and rake my eyes over your face and as always I am in awe of your beauty. You have flawless skin that is always so pale. Your eyes are a crystal blue color that turns darker when you are turned on and turn almost grey when you are mad. Your lips are thin, delicate and feminine just like you. Without thinking I lift my hand and my thumb traces the outline of your lips.

"Hey" you whisper as you gain my attention and smile.

I see the questions swirling in your eyes as I feel my chest constrict at the openness I see there as well. I want to call my captain and inform him that I quit so I can call in a judge to marry us this second. I want to spend every waking moment making this blonde angel in my arms the happiest woman on the face of the earth.

"Hey, yourself." I whisper in a voice I almost don't recognize as my own. As I stand there and memorize your features I realize that I am becoming more and more turned on. There is no doubt in my mind if I was actually a man I would maintain a permanent hard on and who can blame me. I mean I'm with Alexandra Cabot, sex goddess on heels.

You wrap your arms loosely around my neck and graze your nails over the back of my neck. My body twitches at the touch and I hear you laugh lightly at my response. You know the type of affect your touch has on me and we both know you are using it to your advantage right now.

I allow you to tease me for a few more seconds before I place my hands on your hips and start walking you back toward your pool table. As I back your body against the table I began to bunch you dress up and over your hips before lifting you onto the table. It appears as if the only thing that is going to be taught on your new pool table is my ability to bring you to multiple orgasms.

"I need you again." I almost cry out the throbbing between my legs becoming unbearable and the constriction of my boxers against my cock is killing me. Yes, I know that it is a silicon extension of myself but to me it is an actual part of my body. To me I can feel it begin to harden and grow in size and length as if it was real. Of course it doesn't hurt that you know and accept this knowledge and you're not turned off from it like the women of my past.

You don't say a word as you raise up and release my cock from my boxers and stroke it gently. My body begins to relax as you touch me and I release the breath I had been holding.

"Let me make sure you're nice and wet" you moan as you drag your fingers through your folds and gather your arousal. Before I realize it you are working it over my cock until it is glistening and you are satisfied with the result.

I am beginning to breath so hard as I watch you and my patience is starting to wear thin. Without saying a word you guide the tip of the faux cock to your opening and spread your legs a little wider inviting me to take you as I please. The urge to push into you to the hilt as hard and as fast as I can is taking over my need to make sure I don't hurt you. You can see the battle within me and scratch your nails down my arm to ground me.

As I look up into your blue eyes you nod letting me know to take what I need, how I need and that is my undoing. Before I can even second guess myself or consider the consequences I grip your hips tightly with my hands and bring you to me as I thrust into you. You throw your head back and scream as I slam into you with such force that it jars my pelvic bone.

"Fuck baby you feel so good" you moan as I begin a relentless pace of fucking you. There is nothing remotely loving or caring in the pace I am using and you are willingly taking everything without regard to yourself or your needs. That knowledge alone cause my desire to spike even more.

"I can't I can't" I begin to pant as I continue my pace. I can feel your ass sliding on the velvet covering and I can only imagine how much it is hurting you and the "rug burn" it is going to leave.

"Don't stop" you cry out meeting me thrust for thrust your nails digging into my arms so much I am sure you are drawing blood "Please don't stop fuck me hard."

Your words are encouraging me on and I'm spiraling toward the edge at a pace I've never encountered before. I want to come so bad but I refuse to till I know you are satisfied and you realize this. Without being told or asked you guide your hand to your clit and begin working it at a pace that matches my thrusts.

"Oh fuck oh fuck" you moan as your head tilts back and your orgasm begins to wash over you.

I watch in amazement as your body freezes up beneath me and a silent scream rips through your throat. I am able to thrust into you one more time before your muscles clamp down on the cock so tight that I can no longer move and I finally crash over with you. My head instantly falls backwards and a throaty groan is released from deep within me. My hips begin to pump erratically as my body attempts to automatically drag my orgasm out. I can barely move within you and this knowledge sends me spiraling into a second but less powerful orgasm.

I fall forward and quickly brace myself so I don't crush you into the table. You instantly wrap your arms around me as I bury my head into your neck. I am breathing so hard I am sure I am going to hyperventilate. I can feel your nails scratching over my back as every muscle in my body begins to relax. Once I have my breathing under control I raise up so I can look at you and apologize for what has just happened when you place a finger on my lips.

"I love it when your desire for me is so intense you can't control yourself" you tell me with a smile and a look of love that could melt the coldest of hearts "I love that I am able to give you the relief you need when you get like that. It turns me on as much as it does you."

I completely relax at hearing the reassurance from you and slowly take your lips with mine. There is no battle for control or underlying need in the kiss. It is simply two people who is madly in love expressing themselves and in all honesty I don't think I could love you anymore than I do at this very moment.