Hello, long time no see : ) Well, I was just roving over the site and an idea came to me, I want to see how all of you feel about it…if anything at all...haha Anywho, the idea was that maybe I could/should give this story a little re-vamp if you will. Since I wrote this story when I was younger, it's obviously not as developed as it could be, so I was thinking maybe I could go through it, change things, elaborate even more…and possibly even change the ending. I'm also considering picking up its sequel "Stranded", in which some things would also change and improve. So I would need to at least partially change this story to continue or change the second, so I hope to get some feedback before I just go in and totally flip things around. I'd really like to do this and greatly improve a story which you all seemed to feedback on the matter would be greatly appreciated! Please contact me at anytime…through the comments or e-mail- IM as well – Babybeth1107: ) Thank you so much for your time!