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DEA Agent Carina Miller is exhausted. As she enters her apartment, all she can think about is a shower and then bed.

For three days, she and her team had staked out a warehouse that intel had indicated was being used to smuggle cocaine. Turns out the place is used to store props for the entertainment industry. What someone had seen being brought in were only fakes for use in some cop show.

Someone at headquarters is gonna pay for this.

Although, she must admit that when they finally busted in, the look on the security guards face was kinda priceless.

As she undresses she hears a beeping from one of her night tables. Opening the drawer, she sees it's the "Sarah" phone, the burner the two of them use to talk privately. The beeping indicates a voice message.

Wonder what Walker wants?

She keys in the code and listens."Hi, Carina. This is Bradley from the Beachside Bistro. You asked me to call you, and I'm glad you did. I saw what happened with you and your boyfriend and I'd like to say I'm sorry. But to be honest, a geeky guy like that doesn't deserve a beautiful blonde like you. If you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. I'm off tomorrow. Call me. PS:You looked spectacular in that red bikini." He then left a phone number.

What kind of mission could create the circumstances for this message?

That aside, it was obvious that Walker was getting back at her for that time Carina had set her up with one of her fellow DEA agents. It had been a complete disaster, although he wasn't that bad of a guy. A little conceited, perhaps a bit presumptuous. OK, more than a little or a bit. That must have been, what? Four, five years ago. That woman has a long memory.

Carina can tell that Bradley is bad news. Moving in on someone just after an apparent break up is just slimy. That was bad enough but he also had an appalling lack of insight.

When she had first seen Chuck and Sarah together, she knew right away they were right for each other. Chuck, while cute enough, wasn't her type. But she could see that he could be everything Sarah needed. It was so obvious to pretty much everyone except Walker herself. In Carina's opinion even Bradley should have seen it, although, in all fairness, he'd probably turned off his brain the moment she'd walked in the door.

Carina toys with the idea of setting up a raid on Bradley's apartment. Likely they could find something illegal. She decides she'll give that some more thought. In the meantime, she'll just have to get a new number to stop him from calling.

The situation prompts her speculation as to any movement on the Chuck & Sarah front. Likely Walker's still holding back. That girl needs a swift kick in the rear. Time for Carina to step in.

When I see her the next time, Walker will never know what hit her.


"Chuck, I've had my eyes closed for the last ten minutes. Where exactly are you taking me?"

"I'm surprised with you, Agent Walker. I thought all competent agents were supposed to know where they are even if blindfolded." She can hear the smile as he speaks.

"Well, Mr. Bartowski, we were going south for about three minutes, but we've been traveling west for the last seven. We left the freeway about four minutes go and are now in a low-density urban area, within a quarter mile of the ocean."

"Sarah, I'm disappointed in you. You don't seem to know exactly what street we're on. No gold star for you." His words don't mask the respect she hears in his voice, impressed as always by her abilities. After a year as a couple, Chuck has never slackened in showing his appreciation for her.

The mission, the one that had incidentally brought them together, had become the stuff of legend in the intelligence community. Even though names and places weren't mentioned, many of the main events eventually leaked out.

In each retelling, the female agent's bikini became that much smaller, to the point that if you believed what you heard, she would have been virtually naked throughout the mission. And that's with ignoring the apparently numerous wardrobe malfunctions. The slap had gone from reddening his cheek to fracturing her partners jaw, but he'd bravely ignored the pain and kept on going. The kiss in front of the Fulcrum van had eventually morphed into a heated make out session with the two of them rolling on the ground, utterly lost in their passion, just short of being arrested for indecent exposure and lewd behavior.

The first time this had gotten back to Sarah and Chuck, the reactions were as predictable as they were opposite. Sarah, fuming, had vowed she was going to track down the culprits and have them sent to the CIA's most desolate, arctic substation. Chuck had laughed so hard, he'd fallen off his chair.

Eventually, Sarah, learning from Chuck's example, started to see the humor as well. One night as they cuddled on the couch, she had thanked him for helping her overcome her annoyance.

"Teach you not to take self so seriously, I will," he'd croaked in his best Yoda voice.

As she had playfully swatted at him, he'd covered his head with his hands. Laughing, he'd muttered, "The force is strong with this one."

"The Red Bikini Beach Caper," as some wag at headquarters took to calling it, was so talked about precisely because it had been so incredibly successful.

The GPS tracker, which the techs nicknamed Opportunity, had performed for weeks longer than the specs said it should have. Part of the reason it had escaped detection is that it only broadcast it's location every few minutes and then only a microburst of data was sent.

Sarah had asked why they'd given the tracker a name and why that particular one. Chuck had explained, "The Mars Rover named Opportunity has lasted for years longer than it was designed for and it kinda became a favorite among the techies. I think they call the tracker that because they feel a similar affinity for it."

Greenslade had unknowingly led them to numerous Fulcrum agents and these, in turn, had led to others and so on. More and more CIA/NSA resources were poured into the operation and eventually they got a very good read on Fulcrum's table of organization.

At Chuck's suggestion, they had set up a sting operation to sell Fulcrum a version of the software they'd originally wanted from Kurtenbach. The difference was that this program would surreptitiously send data about the direction Fulcrum's inquiries were taking, thus allowing countermeasures to be taken. Chuck had written a large percentage of the code and had been highly praised by the tech guys. Sarah had beamed with pride over his accomplishments. Although Chuck tended to minimize his contributions, Sarah made sure he got credit where it was due.

When it had come time to act on the intel they'd accumulated, the simultaneous country wide strikes had resulted in the gutting of Fulcrum. An estimated 90% of their operatives were in custody. That along with the shutting down of dozens of offices and bases had finally taken Fulcrum out.

Beckman had been ecstatic. She was effusive in her praise of the original team, especially Sarah and Chuck. As the three of them had stood together in the Castle briefing room, Sarah had suddenly been struck by an idea.

If it was ever going to work, this would be the time.

When Beckman had paused, Sarah had spoken, "Speaking on behalf of the team, we would like to say how much we appreciate your commendation, General."

"You're welcome, you've certainly earned it," was Beckman's reply.

Sarah had continued, "General, with all the work that Chuck has done to contribute to this success, don't you feel that some sort of remuneration would be in order? After all, he's done a tremendous amount of work all on his own time. I strongly feel this recognition should be on a continuing basis."

Chuck had looked at Sarah, surprised, and had appeared ready to comment on this issue. With a subtle hand gesture, she had asked him to stay quiet.

Beckman had then asked, "Major Casey, how do you feel about this?"

Casey had quickly replied, "Bartowski has certainly been pulling his weight. I'm in full agreement with Agent Walker."

Beckman had pondered this for a few moments. "Agent Walker, Major Casey, I tend to agree with you." She'd then looked at Chuck and said, "Mr. Bartowski, you are now a Special Analyst for this team. Pay, including back pay, and other benefits will be worked out shortly."

Chuck was very thankful and a little overwhelmed, but Sarah had known that would be nothing compared to what was going to happen next.

Sarah had then asked, "So Chuck is now officially an analyst?"

Beckman had nodded.

"In that case, since there are no rules against an agent having a relationship with an analyst, I would now officially inform you that Chuck and I are dating."

The expression on Beckman's face had been priceless. Flabbergasted was the word that came to Sarah's mind. She'd heard a "What the hell just happened?" grunt from Casey and could sense, rather than see, the stunned look on Chuck's face.

Beckman had started to speak but then closed her mouth, realizing how neatly she had been trapped. After a moment, she had done something totally unforeseen. She'd smiled widely, saying, "Well done, Agent Walker. There will be no objections to your relationship with Analyst Bartowski. Beckman out."

Just before the connection was broken, all three of them could've sworn they heard the General chuckling.

Casey had walked over to Sarah and shook her hand. "I don't think I've seen too many things done as neatly as that. I suspect you two will want to share some lady feelings, so I'm off to clean my guns."

"Thank's for backing me up, John," was Sarah's grateful reply.

"You're welcome. He deserves it," were Casey's parting words.

Chuck had turned to Sarah, still looking a little stunned, and asked,

"Was what just happened what I think it was?"

Sarah had smiled as she answered, "What do you think happened?"

"I think we've been given the green light to be a couple."

Sarah, still smiling, had just nodded.

He'd looked at her for a long moment before saying, "Sarah, sometimes I wonder how I could possibly love you even more, and then you do something like this and I do." He'd taken her in his arms, holding her closely, while quietly thanking her, over and over.

Safe in his arms, her eyes filled with those damn tears that seemed to come so easily now, Sarah had thought how important this was to Chuck. Ever since that day, he had wanted to shout their love from the rooftops. As happy as they are, sometimes he is so disappointed and frustrated when their need for discretion doesn't allow it. But it wasn't just him. This was equally important to her. Now he could shout all he wanted, they could, together.

And they had.

At the first opportunity, they had informed Ellie and Devon. Both Sarah and Chuck had been at first a little disappointed with the reaction they received.

"Bro, thanks for the official update, but it's been obvious for a while that you two are finally together," was Devon's smiling response.

They'd turned to Ellie and she had confirmed this by a happy nod. "We're so glad that you've been able to get over whatever your issues were. But Devon is right, we knew a couple of months ago. It seems that someone wasn't able to keep their feelings hidden."

Chuck had immediately turned to Sarah and contritely said, "I'm so sorry, Sarah. I did my best but I guess they saw through me."

Sarah had put her hand gently on his cheek and softly said, "Hey, don't worry. I know you tried. No harm done." Their moment had been interrupted by quiet chuckles from Ellie and Devon.

Chuck had looked at Ellie and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Chuck, it wasn't you," was her reply.

Confused, he'd said, "Well if it wasn't me, who was it?"

Ellie had just nodded towards Sarah.

Sarah had pointed to herself, exclaiming, "Me?!"

"Yes, Sarah. You. Ever since you've come into our lives, we could tell you cared for Chuck but we knew something was holding you back. We don't know what it was, not our business. However, a while ago we could tell you were past it."

"How did you know?"

Ellie had paused here, and then softly continued, "Sarah, sweetie, we know you love my brother very much, but I don't think you know how far gone you are. I mean, really far gone. You're so happy that you're almost glowing. You smile pretty much all the time, but your smile gets even bigger when Chuck comes into the room. Whenever you walk into the apartment together, you've got that 'Look at me. I've just been kissed by the man I love' expression on you face. Once, when Devon and I came home after a late shift, you two were sleeping, cuddled on the couch. Even in your sleep, you looked so happy, so contented."

Sarah had looked at Devon for confirmation. He'd just nodded.

"I didn't realize it was that obvious," Sarah had wonderingly replied, tears gathering.

Devon had chipped in, "Well, like you said, no harm done. Besides, the Chuckster was just as obvious. We knew he was a goner a long time ago, but we weren't sure if it was just a one-sided thing or not. We were waiting for you to come around."

Ellie had then tearfully added, "And we're so happy you did." There was no need or place for any further conversation as the two women had then engaged in a prolonged and tearful hugging session.

As the guys looked tolerantly on, Devon had given Chuck a fist bump and said, "Awesome."

Chuck couldn't have agreed more.

The next day, perhaps better prepared by this experience, Chuck and Sarah had given Morgan the news.

"It's about time I got the skinny. I was just about ready for an intervention until I saw that you'd sorted things out. Everyone at the Buy More could tell that something had changed for the better. Even Jeff, in his occasional lucid moments, could see the difference. Although I doubt that stopped him from hitting on you. Right, Sarah?"

She had nodded at that.

Morgan snorted. "Not surprised."

His voice had then taken on a more serious tone, "Sarah, my man is the best person I've ever known, the best friend. To be honest, I'm not sure you appreciated or deserved him at first, but I can see you do now. I hope you know how lucky you are to have him."

Sarah had answered with appropriate solemnity, "Yes, Morgan. I do know that."

"And you, dude. I hope you know how fortunate you are to find someone incredible as Sarah."

Chuck, looking intently at her, had answered very seriously, "Yes, I know. I am extremely fortunate."

Morgan had then added, "Well then, to slightly misquote a very wise man, 'Random chance seems to have operated in your favor.' "

"Spock, 'The Doomsday Machine.' "

Both Morgan and Chuck had looked slack-jawed with amazement when these words came from Sarah's mouth.

"How…how did you know that?" Chuck had asked, still clearly stunned.

"What?! We watched it together a few months ago. It just sorta stuck," was Sarah's reply as she'd shrugged her shoulders.

Morgan had then blurted out, "Sarah, if you weren't already taken, I would marry you right now."

Chuck and Sarah had agreed that Casey had all the information about the two of them he needed, very likely more than he wanted. So that only left Carina.

Sarah had texted her to see if they could meet, but when she didn't get a response thought she may have been on response came in the form of Carina storming in the next day. As she was unaware of recent developments, Sarah had quickly apprised her of the situation. It had only taken one long look at the two of them to be convinced. She'd mumbled how Sarah had dodged a good butt kicking by finally getting her act together.

Later that day, as Carina was leaving she'd stopped by the door and given Sarah a long hug and whispered something in her ear. After a cheerful goodbye to Chuck, she was gone.

Chuck had curiously asked what she'd said. Sarah paused before answering, sounding a little puzzled, "She said, 'I know you get to choose but remember I don't like pink.' "

They had looked at each other and then it had hit them. They'd both been so focused on the short term, about finally getting their real relationship off the ground, that long-term plans had taken a backseat.

Chuck had taken Sarah's hand and said, very earnestly, "We'll have to remember that."

And today, Analyst Chuck Bartowski is here beside her, driving her to who knows where.

"Chuck, are we there yet?" She whines with a mock pout, eyes still closed.

He laughs and answers, "Almost."

Sarah can feel him stop the car and then parallel park. It is a testament to the depth of their relationship that she has no concerns about him pranging her precious Porsche. He is the only other person she trusts to drive it. Not even Bryce had been allowed, even though he'd asked many times.

Chuck, on the other hand, had never asked. As close as they are, he never presumes anything. Never feels, that as the boyfriend, he can assume certain privileges. So he had been very surprised when she had offered. He'd recognized what it meant, and shown his gratitude in all seriousness. Just one more entry on the long list of things she loves about him.

Chuck opens her door and helps her out, making sure she doesn't stumble, her eyes still closed. As he leads her to the sidewalk, she hears the alarm set. As they walk for a bit, her arm in his, Sarah can tell they're heading towards the ocean. She is tempted to cheat and take a peek, but remembers her promise, so, with a small sigh, keeps her eyes closed.

He hears it and chuckles. "Just a little longer."

Sarah sighs again, but smiles as she says, "Chuck, this better not be some silly surprise. You know how I hate them."

"No, Sarah. It's definitely not silly," he replies, again with that smile in his voice, a clear indication that despite her words, he knows how she really feels.

The truth is that Sarah has come to love his little surprises. An unexpected bunch of gardenias. A candle light dinner by the fountain. The night he had taken her to the beach to watch a meteor shower. However, his choice of words, him not telling her where they're going, indicates that this one is a little more serious.

He comes to a gentle stop and she feels him turn his body towards her.

"OK. You can open your eyes."

She does and is temporarily blinded by the bright sunshine. When her eyes adjust she realizes where they are.

At a crosswalk. No, not a crosswalk. The crosswalk.

A flood of beautiful, tearful memories threatens to overwhelm her. Of course, it was a year ago today. Trust Chuck to remember.

He's facing her as he takes her hands in his and softly says, "I had thought this day a year ago was the best day of my life. It turns out I was wrong."

Sarah, thinking how that day was so very important, is confused, worried by his words but before she can say anything, he continues, "I was wrong because every new day since then has been the best day of my life. Each day we're together is so much better than I could have ever possibly imagined."

He pauses before saying, "Sarah, there's only one thing that will make it even better."

The walk sign comes on and Chuck gently takes her hand and leads her into the crosswalk. It's good that he does so because for some reason her vision is a little blurry right now.

After a few steps, he turns and goes down on one knee. "Sarah Walker, will you marry me and make every day we have together the best day of our lives?"

He's holding up a ring, but she can't see it clearly because the only thing in focus is his face. She knows the ring will be beautiful, that later she'll love it, but right now it really doesn't matter. At this moment, for all the difference it makes to her feelings, it could be out of a Cracker Jack box.

All she truly cares about is the man holding it, offering himself to her.

Offering her a life she never thought she could have. Or deserve.

Offering her...happiness.

There is, of course, only one possible answer.

The End.


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