"I've faced many things in my career. No, my life. I've done things that were thought to be impossible. But... none of it prepared me for what was next. A single night. A single jewel. They changed everything. I've been having these visions lately ever since that night. I feel like there are others who see them as well. Is it a coincidence... or destiny?"

- Sly Cooper before the intro

The intro of the game briefly shows the parts of the series' protagonists slowly before having them appear from light in color order: Mario, Sly, Ratchet, Link, Sora, Sonic, and Rayman. Following them are several silhouetted characters. Appearing afterwards are the organizations that own the characters before the main logo is seen.

The rest of the intro briefly shows the events of the six games in the Sly Cooper series (for Sly 5's story, search Sly Cooper: Age of Thieves on the Sly Cooper Fanfic Wiki and for Sly 6's story, search Sly Cooper: Thieves of the Multiverses), showing all the key parts of all of them. It then goes to the night shown in Thieves of the Multiverses's secret ending, where a meteor shower was starting. Sly, who was on a pole, suddenly had a mysterious white gem appear in his hands. Then, he starts falling backwards. His team sees this and runs to him, but he kept falling to the street below (think of the intro of Kingdom Hearts). As he fell, it flashed between the other protagonists before "diving" into water. All seven are seen. After a while they land on their feet in the dark. It is Sly who steps forward and the darkness disappears to reveal a stained glass platform with himself and his gang with Paris in the background. Sensing another presence, he looks behind and sees someone standing on a farther platform with a single platform between them.