Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Inception. The characters Alice and Aurora however, belong to me. Any stealing of these characters, though I don't know why anyone would want to steal them, will not be taken lightly. Alice is modeled after actress Hailee Steinfeld. Aurora is modeled after actress Lara Robinson. Enjoy.

As of now, I am no longer a point man. My job, however, does not end there. I see this as more like a promotion.

I used to believe that I would never fall in love, or get married, or have kids, but that all changed when Ariadne stepped. She's the only woman I met that piqued my interests. She won me over with her creativity and intelligence. For someone with no experience in dreamsharing, she was an expert within a day. And Ariadne isn't just intelligent; the way she lights up when she smiles makes me fall in love with her all over again.

The impossible happened; COBOL Engineering has been disbanded. I'm not completely sure to this day how that happened, but Saito began to assure me there wasn't a target on my head anymore. I still lied low for a bit and nothing happened. Ariadne knew the situation and she was still willing to take the risk. So we started meeting for coffee three times a week, and that turned into dinner almost every night. It wasn't long until we were engaged and planning our wedding.

I couldn't ask for a better life. Marrying her was the greatest decision I ever made. And many years ago, I've been promoted to Point Dad, as Eames calls it.

We have two beautiful daughters, now grown up and living independently.

Alice is our first born child, named after Alice Liddell from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. While she looks like my gender bent doppelganger, she has a personality like her mothers. She tends to be sarcastic, frustrating, stubborn, moody, has a temper problem, and has a habit of getting in trouble. I know she doesn't try to irritate me but she's so good at it.

Today, Alice continues some hobbies that she's had since she was a kid, but she makes a living as a paramedic. At first she wanted to run a skate shop at day and ghost hunt at night. Apparently, she witnessed a nasty car crash and watched as the only survivor was pulled into the ambulance. This changed her entire perception and all she thought about after that was saving lives.

Aurora was born when Alice was four. Of course we had to name her after Sleeping Beauty. We had to stick with the A names. She has her mother's hair and shares mutual facial features with her. As the opposite of Alice, she had my perfectionist behavior. Aurora is our little lady. I never had to worry about Alice going out with any boys but I had to keep my eye out on Aurora. And having the beauty of her mother, she's sure to lure in some boys like sirens do to sailors. That's why I kept my glock with me.

Aurora is now a certified veterinarian. Because of her anxiety, she can't have a job with too much adult interaction. Working with animals has always kept her content and she has an incredibly loving heart. She might as well be a Disney princess.

These are the chronicles of my experiences as a father.