Theresa has moved on after Ethan married Gwen. They both left for LA shortly after they wed. Fox has just returned and is learning to take control of Crane Industries. The story picks up about six weeks after the wedding and Fox's return. Ethan Martin, Theresa's son by Julian supposedly has become ill and in LA Gwen and Ethan's baby is in trouble. The stage is set and on with the story.

Chapter 1

Fox stood at the doorway watching Theresa, his ex-stepmother and friend, rock his baby brother to sleep. Ethan Martin, the name she gave him, was extremely fussy. He had been very sick lately. Theresa herself had been working from home so she could take care of him. Fox watched as she finally managed to get the child to sleep. Putting him in his crib and turning on the monitor, she leaves the nursery after grabbing the receiver. She and fox walk into the room Alistair had given her for her study/home office.

"They still don't know what's wrong do they" asks a concerned Fox. "Dr. Russell still says it colic" says a weary Theresa, "But I have finally got an appointment with a specialist tomorrow." "That's good. You want me to join you two" asks Fox. "Sure, Alistair is going to be there too, the more there to support Ethan Martin the better. God knows that Julian could care less" says Theresa. The two continue to talk until they are interrupted ringing phone. Answering it, Alistair's voice boomed out of the speakerphone. "I hope everything's in order for tomorrow's appointment" he says. "Yes Alistair, Fox has even said he will come with us" replies Theresa. "Good, without Julian as one, Ethan Martin needs a father figure" Alistair replies, stunning both Theresa and Fox. Unknown to them, Julian and Rebecca are both outside the room hearing all that is going on in the study. "I will meet you three at the hospital at one p.m." Alistair states as he abruptly hangs up. Theresa hangs up the phone and looks at Fox. "I guess we'll see Alistair then" she says. "I'll be there" says Fox. He goes to say something else when Julian and Rebecca march through the door.

"What appointmentare you taking my son to Theresa" asks Julian with a snobby look on his face. "An appointment with the specialist. He's been sick for weeks" replies Theresa with an annoyed look on her face. "But didn't Dr. Russell say it was just colic" say a smirking Rebecca. She just doing this for the attention, thinks both Julian and Rebecca. "Ethan Martin is getting to old for it to be colic, besides the specialist, Dr. Jason Reid, wouldn't have allowed the appointment if there wasn't cause" Theresa responds. "Now will the both of would please leave my study, I have work to do" with that Theresa dismisses Julian and Rebecca. She tells Fox that she will see him at dinner and he leaves. After a few minutes of silence, Julian and Rebecca, both feeling the sting of being dismissed be Theresa of all people, leave the study. Rebecca went to find Ivy and Julian to drink in his own study. Both of them felt an uneasiness settle upon them. Bad times were upon them and karma was going to come knocking.

It was only a few hours later that the inhabitants of the Crane mansion found themselves around the dining room table. Theresa and Fox sat next to one another along with her son, in his highchair. Ivy, Rebecca, and Julian sat at one end of the table. There was an extra place set at the table when everyone arrived. All were puzzled at this, until the answer walked through the door. Into the dining room walked Alistair Crane, himself. He calmly walked to the table and sat down.

This stunned Julian, Ivy and Rebecca. Fox and Theresa were only a little surprised at this. In earlier conversations with the Crane patriarch told them he would be returning to Harmony. They also knew that he would be there the next day, they just didn't expect him so soon.

"We didn't expect you until tomorrow, Alistair" says Theresa. "Yeah Grandfather, why didn't you tell us you were coming earlier" asks Fox. "And miss seeing the looks of delight on the faces of my loved ones" says a smirking Alastair. With that, Alastair signals for the help to start serving dinner.

While Julian is still stunned, Rebecca is silently fuming. Here was Theresa, working her way in Alastair's good graces, she already had a champion in Fox and now it seems she has on in Alistair as well, thinks Rebecca. Julian just sat there and ate by rote. Thoughts just shot through his head. The big ones are: Once again Father is overlooking me, and, Will I never be rid of at least one thorn from my side. Ivy was just worried about Ethan and Gwen as well as their unborn baby.

She had just talked to Ethan before coming to the dining room for dinner. He told her of the stress that Gwen can't seem to let go of. Ivy inquired as to what and Ethan explains that Gwen is afraid that Theresa is going to come to LA and take him away from her. Ethan tells his mother that he constantly reassures her that won't be true and that it was Theresa herself that both suggested and talk Alistair into going to LA. This tidbit stunned Ivy. She asks Ethan to explain further. Ethan says that Theresa thought it best to avoid putting extra stress on Gwen by have a significant distance, so she talked to Alistair and got him to agree to temporarily assign Ethan to the LA offices of Crane. He told his mother they will be back after Gwen's recovered and the baby can travel safely. Taking in this and the sudden appearance Alistair, Ivy spends the dinner quiet and somber. She resolves to corner Rebecca and tell her of her conversation with Ethan that she had before dinner.

All through dinner Alistair, Theresa, and Fox kept up a lively conversation. They discussed plans for the next day, what's happen recently and Alistair even ask to try and feed Ethan Martin. This surprised Julian, Ivy and Rebecca. But not Theresa and Fox, both of whom have seen Alistair interact and care for Ethan Martin on previous visit. The others didn't notice the visits because Alistair played them really low-key. "Sure, Alistair, I think Ethan Martin would love for you to feed him" replied a calm Theresa, smiling. The high-chair sat between herself and Alistair at the end of the table. Fox was sitting on the opposite side; he was also smiling at the scene of his grandfather feeding his little brother.

The meal soon was finished and the Theresa left the room with Ethan Martin, to give him a bath and put him to bed. Fox walked out with Alistair, both discussing the plan for tomorrow. Alistair asked to see Fox in his private study. They both headed to that study.

Julian left the room, before Rebecca could snare him in some plot to get rid of Theresa. She should have learned by now that if Alistair is behind a person that person wins. Rebecca tried to catch up with Julian as he hotfoots out of the dining room but is waylaid by Ivy.

At first, Rebecca is annoyed at her so-called "friend", but after hearing that this has to do with her daughter she snaps into "mother-mode". "I talked to Ethan before dinner and he tells me that he and Gwen are having trouble" Ivy says as Rebecca pulls her surgical-enhanced upper arm from her grip. "What are you talking about Ivy" huffs Rebecca. "I talking Gwen might lose the baby," says Ivy through gritted teeth, "But I think I may have a solution." "Well, what is it" whines an impatient Rebecca, she wants to go call her daughter and check for herself that Gwen and the baby was okay. "I think one or the both of us should go there and reassure Gwen that the tramp Theresa is in Harmony and has taken Gwen's threat, you know the one where if she follows Gwen will destroy her, seriously" states Ivy all the while thinking, I think I can leave Sam alone long enough to ensure my grandchild is born healthy. "That's a good idea," Rebecca says after thinking for a bit, "I have the Crane jet and hotels ready for us tomorrow." After agreeing, Ivy goes to her room to start packing.

Rebecca goes to hers and calls Gwen. She is lucky and Gwen is the one who answers the phone. "OH Gwennie, How's my baby girl and precious granddaughter doing" Rebecca asks after Gwen says hello. When the phone rang Gwen instantly recognized the number. It was her mother. "Mother, things are not going good" Gwen says as she starts to tear up. "Tell mommy what's wrong" Rebecca continues. "I keep having this deep foreboding feeling that Theresa is in LA or that she will be soon. I also feeling like Ethan is going to leave me if I lose the baby" Gwen rapidly replies. "Gwennie, both Ivy and I will be out tomorrow promptly to help you destress and relax" Rebecca states after listening to Gwen, "and to put your mind at ease, Theresa is still here in Harmony. She will be here for a couple of days at least. That son of hers has some unnecessary doctor's appointment tomorrow." "Just like her to use her son for attention" says Gwen. They both say goodnight and hang up. Rebecca packs and picks out her outfit for travel the next day.


Rebecca gets into bed and waits for Julian. She soon hears him staggering up the hall. He comes into their shared bedroom. They now have to share a room or Alistair will kick them out. There was no changing his mind. Plus, Rebecca felt that Julian was drifting away from her. He was turning down sex more often now. Now he was drinking more often. Especially since Fox was brought in as the heir apparent instead of him. Rebecca had a sinking feeling that her days as a Crane were numbered.

In Ivy's room, she was busy packing as well. While she was excited about seeing her son and Gwen, she was hesitant about leaving Harmony and Sam. Plus, she was wary of the growing relationship between Fox and Theresa. That was also as alarming as the situation in LA. She just hoped that Fox had enough sense not to become involved with Theresa. Ivy finished packing and turned into her lonely bed. Her last thought before sleep claimed her was that she could also use the time in LA to figure out a foolproof plan to snag Sam and get the family she always wanted. Then like Rebecca and the rest of the mansion's inhabitants, Ivy fell asleep.


At Crane that next day, Julian arrived late, he had seen Ivy and Rebecca off in the Crane jet. He also tried to make it look like he didn't have a hangover. He dreaded a run-in with his father. Julian knew that Alistair would soon notice his drinking had been getting heavier and heavier. Also, Alistair "put the fear of god" so to speak into the help at the mansion and Crane Industries and its subsidiaries. Not that he had been interested in sex lately. Julian's foul mood has been known for a while at both work and home. Getting to his office with any little "surprises", Julian checks his messages and finds one from Theresa asking one last time if he would come to the appointment for their son. Believing it to be unnecessary doctor's appointment, Julian trusted Eve's opinion. She was next in line to be chief of staff at Harmony hospital. Julian thinks, Eve wouldn't let Ethan Martin suffer just because our son really did die of respiratory distress. Without another thought on the matter, Julian got down to work. Concentrating as best he can with a blinding headache, he preceded to work.

While Julian was rushing to his off and what not, Alistair and Fox got to the office early. They wanted to get as much paperwork as possible before the appointment that afternoon. Fox was leaving and having lunch and finished early enough that he decided to see if Alistair would like to join Theresa, Ethan Martin and himself, for lunch. Fox told his assistant that he was leaving and to hold his calls. He then preceded to his grandfather's office.

Knocking on the door, Fox waits to hear Alistair tell him to come in. He enters and point blank asks Alistair to join them for lunch. A little stunned, Alistair accepts the invitation. The two of the head over to the Crane Mansion. They are joined at the table in the solarium by Theresa and Ethan Martin. The four share and enjoyable lunch and then left for Ethan Martin's doctor's appointment.


Pilar woke that morning wondering not for the first time about her eldest daughter. Her grandson was ill and it seemed that Eve was blowing it off as colic. But deep down, Pilar knew something was seriously wrong with Ethan Martin. She knew what a blow it would be for Theresa to lose Ethan Martin. That worry was on her mind as she began her day.

Sheridan was in her cottage with her husband, Antonio, when she called her mother-in-law. She was worried for the older woman. What with everything going on with Ethan Martin and all. Sheridan was also reacting to the news that her father was back in town. He hadn't been in town since her wedding some few weeks prior.

Sheridan called her mother-in-law. She asked about Pilar's health and how the others were doing. Sheridan then asks about Luis specifically. She knew that her marrying Antonio was hard on him. Pilar assures Sheridan that Luis is hanging in there. They continue to talk for a while, they talk about Miguel and Charity's upcoming wedding and all. They hang up after planning to meet for tea.

At Harmony Hospital, Alistair, Theresa, Fox and Ethan Martin, all arrived promptly for Ethan Martin's doctor's appointment. They promptly sign in with the receptionist and sit down. Ethan Martin wasn't feeling well, as was usual for him lately. He sat on his grandfather's lap, surprisingly for the staff, and lean back to rub at his eyes. They soon were called back. They would also be getting the results of several tests the doctor had ordered when they see him, follow the nurse into the exam room.

Ethan Martin height and weight are check, with him fussing all through it, same with temp and how he's been lately. The nurse soon left after saying the doctor will be in soon. They didn't have to wait long. Dr. Reid was in not long after the nurse left.

Dr. Jason Reid was one of the leading pediatric specialist in the country. He was in his office after seeing his last patient reviewing the test results for Ethan Martin Crane. Dr. Reid had a good idea after reviewing, of what was ailing the youngest Crane and it wasn't good. He just had to confirm with a physical exam the diagnose. He, if not for the first time starting praying for the boy and his family.

Entering the exam room, "Hello, I'm Dr. Reid" he says. Reid then shakes hands with everyone and asks a few questions of the three adults. Then he examines Ethan Martin. Sadly, his suspicions are confirmed. Ethan Martin Crane has advance form of cancer.

With a grim expression on his face, he tries to find the words to tell the adults the news. Believing that, like ripping off a Band-Aid, he just comes right out and says it. "I'm sorry, but I have to inform you that I have no good news for you" Reid starts, "your son, Ms. Lopez-FitzGerald has an advanced form of cancer. He has maybe six months to a year to live."

This just stuns the three of them. Theresa just picks up her son and holds him, fighting back the tears that threaten to fall. Fighting back his own tears, Fox goes to comfort Theresa. Alistair and the doctor discuss options and then the doctor leaves. Alistair suggests they return to the mansion and tuck Ethan Martin into bed as he seemed tired.

They all left, Alistair called Theresa's family and told them to come to the mansion. They finally had news on what was wrong with Ethan Martin. Alistair then tells Theresa that she has his full support for as long as she needs it.