Kitty-N and Gas-O flew down the street on Kitty-N's motorcycle. Cops catching up closely behind them. Kitty-N slid through the wet streets, she curved over to the right getting onto the highway ramp. Up at the building levels she jived by other cars on the street. It quickly became very busy. Kitty-N slide through the cars hoping the cop cars wouldn't be able to get by the filled highway. The cop cars seemed to not care and were gaining on her fast. She slid to the other side of the street, going against the flow of traffic. She could feel Gas-O clutch onto her harder. The bike leaned left and right just beerily dodging the cars and trucks. The seed was becoming intense. The bike dove back out of the street and onto another ramp taking them to a higher level of the interstate.

She clutched the handle bar and increased the speed by her foot.

"We have to find some place to get off here!" Gas-O yelled to her. "We can't get away if we don't."

"Okay." She yelled back.

Kitty-N glanced about looking for some place to get off. She could see a spot that was being blocked off with a short cement wall. There was another ramp going down there. The cops that were brave enough to follow her this far were gaining on them now. This jump was there only chance.

"We have to jump it." Kitty-N told him.

"What! Are you crazy?" he replied in shock.

"We have to or they'll catch us."

Kitty-N pulled the bike back into a wheely a ramped across the back of a small car in front of her. In seconds she was leaning the bike up and over the cement road block. The bike flew above the traffic. The lower level of the interstate could be seen below.

"Lets go!" She yelled.

Kitty-N dove back off the motor cycle and grasped Gas-O as she did. She Span around the slammed onto the near by semi-Truck's top. Gas-O rolled across it almost as though he had been knocked incautious. Kitty-N landed heavily on her feet crouching down from impact then standing up.

"We have to get off this truck." She said to Gas-O who was slowly getting up from the truck's roof. "Wait here."

She crouched down and hung onto the side of the truck. She shimmed across over to the front of the truck and knocked on the window from the outside of the passenger side. The truck driver looked shocked and pulled the truck over to the side of the street.

"What the hell are you doing!" The driver said getting out of the truck but without even getting any type of response he could see Kitty-N and Gas-O running off down the road.

Gas-O sat down on Kitty-N's bed. Kitty-N was trying to fix up the huge scratch on Gas-O's leg.

"So why were they after us?" Kitty-N asked Gas-O.

"We'll it first began with my father and I. I had this girl friend. My dad... he didn't like her. She wasn't one of those good nice clean girls. So my dad and I got into a fight. I got so angry at him that wall in my lab I blew some of my toxic chemicals on him and through an axe into his head."

Kitty-N looked at him with a sick look on her face.

"No, no, no. It's not what you think. I was using defense. My dad's a little sick. He's always been this sick-o zombi type guy and now... well now he is a sick zombi."

"Right... and what dose this have to do with me?"

"We'll there is this company. The I.L.M.O. These people are for some reason unknown by me at this point trying to get certain people arrested... or killed. They have grudges against specific people for some reason or another. And they are going to take them out if they have to."

"But why me I don't get it. I didn't even know I did have a grudge held by some company."

"We'll you and I probably aren't the only people there after. You see the way they got the police to come after you is the ambush they put on you the other night. They had those guards come after you. Knowing you would win. Which actually they were more than likely being paid to be beat. You would get blamed for it. They knew you would run from the cops out of confusion. So that would only get you in more trouble. We have to clear our name. And to do that we have to find out who is behind all this I.L.M.O. business."

"So this won't stop?"

"Not until the world has what they want. Some one to blame. And until we catch the I.L.M.O. leader. We are the ones that are going to be blamed."

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