Summary: What if Andros in "Wonder Woman" had another reason for NOT wanting the Earth to be contaminated besides Wonder Woman. What if his dislike of the Skrill was more personal than the episode showed and someone besides Wonder Woman was in danger from the Skrill.

Chapter 1- Alien Invasion

Alanna Andros watched nervously from the counsel chamber as her father, Andros, incinerated a Skrill fighter vessel. Her father had been fighting this battle against the Skrill since Alanna was very small. Every time they seemed to gain a foothold, the Skirll, being the vermin that they were, would come back to rear their ugly heads.

"The Skrill are attempting to escape," the head of the counsel, Chaka said from his place beside Alanna and Cell.

"Well, Father did say they would as they are smart in some ways, just not others," Alanna said.

"They appear to be successfully doing so," Cell observed.

"Your father, Alanna, has his squadron after them," Chaka said to Alanna.

"Unsucessfully," Cell pointed out; a comment Alanna felt was undeserved. It was something that didn't need to be said as everyone could see the Skrill was escaping.

Andros shot a laser at a battle station and a Skrill fighter. "They both have just been destroyed," Cell said.

"Perhaps. We shall see. I'll summon Andros," Chaka said.

"I'll go to the landing pod. Father would want to see me," Alanna said. Alanna ran as fast as she could and made it just as her father came out of his ship.

"Alanna," her father said heavily as he hugged her tightly.

"Father, are you all right," Alanna said, looking into her father's tired blue eyes.

"Of course, my Alanna, but the Skrill have escaped," Andros said, touching her curly brown hair, hair that closely resembled his.

"I know. I saw it with Chaka and Cell in the counsel chamber," Alanna said as they walked to the counsel room.

"Alanna, I will have to go fight the Skrill," Andros said.

"I know, Father. I know. I just hope you have better ideas of containing them than Chaka and Cell do. Between you and me, Cell sometimes behaves no better than the Skrill. Remember she didn't want you going after them when they killed Mother and we had to hide Melana. It's a good thing no one on Octarus know where Melana is," Alanna said.

"That is yet to be seen, Allana," Andros said under his breath as they entered the counsel chamber.

"We are sorry to summon you so early, Andros," Chaka said.

"I don't mind being summoned early. What I mind is failure.," Andros said tightly, his fingers on the back of Alanna's head. Andros was one of the very few fathers on Octarus who openly showed affection for his daughter. He had seen it once a long time ago and had thought it was a good idea that fathers could love their children.

"Then the Skrill have escaped?" Cell asked.

"Yes, Cell. Fortunately, the interceptor guard ships that were pursuing them were unmanned. No living creature was harmed when I destroyed it, but the Skrill didn't know that," Andros said.

"Of course not, Father. They are vermin," Alanna said, a statement that her father apparently didn't like.

"They were making a path for... What's the name of the planet, Andros?" Cell asked.

"Terra. Sometimes called Earth," Andros turned and with his amulet brought up a picture of a small planet on the viewscreen.

Andros stood next to his daughter as Earth filled the port. Andros loved the sight of Earth since the first time he had seen it in 1943. Of course he had been back to Earth since then. 10 years earlier he had left something on Earth that was very important.

"How can you remember the native name of every primitive planet? Earth?" Cell asked as Andros and Alanna turned back to face her and the members of the counsel.

"Earth has been part of my caseload for a long time, Cell. I feel responsible," Andros said.

"We appreciate that, Andros. And the Skrill, they carry a definite danger of contamination to the Earth creatures?" Chaka asked.

"They call themselves "Humans," Andros said, feeling tears come to his eyes as he thought of Melana. She was among the humans on Earth and if the drugs he had given her to erase her memory had worked, she would think of herself as one of them.

Cell laughed. "They would. The arrogance of innocence," Cell said disdainfully. "Well, Andros, do you think you can clear up this mess? Bring the Skrill back?"

" I am prepared to leave for Earth immediately. Alanna, can come with me if she wants," Andros said.

"I want to, Father," Alanna said.

"I thought you would," Andros said with a smile. Considering his daughters were twins, Alanna was the only one, besides himself, who knew where Melana was and had sworn to never divulge her whereabouts.

"Perhaps, besides Alanna, you should take some assistance," Chaka suggested.

"That won't be necessary. There's an Earth creature with whom my father and I have worked before and also Melana is on Earth as well. I have kept track of her since I left her there. She is with an agency in the capital city of the United States as a peacekeeper and scientist. I plan on sending word to the Earth Creature. She also works with Melana sometimes," Andros said.

Without consulting us? And you put one of our citizens among a planet of primitives?" Cell asked indignantly.

"Melana was until now perfectly safe. She has no idea who she is. She thinks she's an orphan, called Megan Whiting. I gave her some experimental drug. The people of Earth are very suspicious and fearful when it comes to people from other planets. The drug suppresses all memories for 12 years. She's in her fourteenth year. The drug should be starting to wear off. It'll start with sleepless nights as her memories will be in her dreams and painful migraine headaches. I need to be there to administer the antidote where the pain won't be so bad and if you knew Wonder Woman, you'd know why I've chosen her," Andros said, bringing up a picture of a woman in red, white, and blue, running through the trees and jumping over some kind of vehicle. The counsel looked impressed and Andros and Alanna left the chambers.

"Father, Melana really is on Earth and she really can't remember?" Alanna asked.

"No, but the antidote will help. Alanna, try to understand. When the Skrill killed your mother I had to protect both of you. It was safer to have one of you away and the other here, since I couldn't protect two girls at once. Your sister is going to need both of us. She will not believe I am her father and you are her sister. That is why I want you to come. We need to convince her that she is coming back here after we capture the Skrill," Andros said as they went to his ship and prepared for takeoff.