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"What should I do? What should I do?!"

One could swear fire was being burned into the hapless tiles of the unfortunate floor as a bulky blond with bright blue eyes paced wildly like a man possessed, restless as he impatiently waited for a certain someone to arrive at his house.

"What am I supposed to do?!" Hair was nearly ripped out of its roots as fistfuls were clutched, harshly yanked in exasperation. "How am I supposed to tell him?!" A certain brunet instantly popped into the man's mind, limpid brown eyes full of light and happiness flashing brilliantly. A bright blush instantly flamed up. "Mein Gott! Pull. Yourself. Together!" Poor brain that was taking those beatings from frustrated fists!

"Ve~Doitsu!" The door flew open, an auburn blur flashing past before colliding straight into the blond, arms wrapped in a vice grip. It was a wonder the blond didn't fall over.

The addressed glared. "ITALIEN! How many times do I have to tell you to call me Germany, not that?! Anything but that! It's in his language!" Shudder.

"Demo...demo!" The arms tightened as supple lips drew down into a pout. "You didn't have a problem with that in the past!"

Blue eyes narrowed dangerously, the use of that language fueling the German's rage. "ITALY!"

"Doitsu-san, I believe you shouldn't be so harsh to Italia-kun. He did nothing wrong." The rage only flared up at the sight of a raven man bearing piercing black eyes stepping into the picture.

Brown eyes lit up, the brunet's head snapping towards the newcomer. "NIHON!" The blond nation found a sudden lack of Italy as the auburn blur flashed toward the raven, trapping him in an absolute death grip, the energetic brunet rubbing their cheeks together. "Ciao! Ciao!" How the deep crimson flush went unnoticed by the Italian is a mystery even to this very day.

"What is he doing here, anyways?!" The rage boiled over as the brunet continued to give him affection, barely restraining the urge to punch a hole through a wall. Barely.

Japan turned towards Germany, expression unreadable. "Italia-kun came to visit me this morning and asked if I wanted to spend some time with him. I agreed, of course, but he said he was going to spend the day with you too, so I would have to tag along." He shrugged. "So here I am. Italia-kun was ahead of me because he ran here while I walked."

"I never invited you!" The enraged blond nation stomped over to the two smaller ones, glaring full force at one of them. However, despite the prominent height difference, the Asian wasn't intimidated in the least.

Italy frowned. "Demo Doitsu!" Cringe. "I want Nihon to hang out with us!" Twitch. "The three of us are best friends!" Flinch. "It's been a while since the three of us have hung out!" Tears began filling limpid brown eyes. "We used to always be together as the Axis; I miss those times so much!" Even the coldest of hearts would melt at the sight of such a beautiful creature in misery.

Germany sighed, unable to continue his protests at the sight of those tears; he hated seeing his precious Italy cry after all. "...Fine."

"YAY!" The tears instantly dried up as if they were never there, a dazzling grin taking place of the previous sadness. "Let's go to my place! There's going to be a fireworks festival tonight and I want you both to come!"

The blond's brow twitched. "Then why did you want to come to my place?"

"The thing is..." The brunet sheepishly scratched the back of his neck. "The people at my place are kinda busy setting up and I don't want you both to see that."

The raven chuckled. "Sokka." He smiled. "So you didn't want us to get caught up in the rush of people bustling about?"

"Exactly!" The energetic nation beamed. "And since Doitsu—" Cringe "—'s place is really close to mine, I decided we should meet up here!"

Japan nodded, his normally stoic features fond. "Subarashii, Italia-kun."

"Yatta!" The smile Italy gave could rival—and best—the sun.

The raven smirked. "I see you like speaking my language. Have my lessons helped you out?"

"Lessons?" Germany hissed.

The latter was ignored however, the brunet nodding rapidly at the former. "Sì! Sì! Boku wa omae no gengo ga suki!" Germany cringed at all the Japanese that slipped past the brunet's lips. However...

"So you do like my language?" The raven chuckled at the rapid nod he received. "I'm glad that's so."


Italy's ears perked up at the sudden noise. "Was that a timer?"

"Ja." Italy turned his attention back to Germany as he spoke. "In preparation for your arrival, I had some pasta and pizza prepared. Also, there's some gelato in the fridge. Enjoy."

The magic word had been spoken. "PAAAAASSSSSTTTTTAAAAAA~!" And he was out of the room in a flash, arms no longer around the raven as he sped into the kitchen. "PASTA! PASTA! PASTA! PASTA! PIZZA! GELATO! THANKS GERMANY!" The addressed smirked.

"It's on, isn't it?" Japan glared at the blond.

As a cry of utmost joy echoed throughout the entire house, Germany returned the glare. "Oh it's on."



Mein Gott=My God, Italien=Italy, Ja=Yes


Doitsu=Germany, Demo=But, Italia=Italy, Nihon=Japan, Sokka=I see, Subarashii=Wonderful, Yatta=All right, Boku wa omae no gengo ga suki=I like your language


Ciao=Hello, Sì=Yes

YES, I know that Italy actually refers to himself as 'Ore' in the Japanese version, but I like 'Boku' more for him.

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