TITLE: Falling on Deaf Ears

DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the characters or anything else recognisable as that of JK Rowling.

WARNINGS: Contains mentions of abuse and disabilities (Deafness)

PAIRINGS: None planned, Def no slash

SUMMARY: When Harry arrives at platform 9 and 3/4, it is a great surprise to everyone when he is deaf and severely injured. After being healed by Madame Pomfrey, he and Severus work together to reintegrate harry back into society. What will they uncover when they work though the problems of his past.

AUTOR NOTE: I do apologise for the delay in posting this chapter. Thanks to my beta AlElizabeth. Please note that where there are the *, this is someone signing whilst talking.


By the end of their two-hour session, Harry had managed to write the entire alphabet out with help. Severus knew that this was a large improvement. Unfortunately, the letters harry had been writing we illegible to anyone who did not know what he was writing. During the long walk up to the astronomy tower he contemplated different methods of being able to help Harry improve his handwriting.

*Harry, are you able to finger spell words? * The man asked wondering if they would be able to link the letters and spellings he already knew to the letters.

In response harry proved that he was indeed able to fingerspell by saying *Y-E-S * A smile crossed his lips when he realized why the man was asking, but soon turned to a frown. *But I can only really spell names and basic little words. * He seemed embarrassed that he was unable to spell anything more than that.

*We will worry about that another time, for now do you know what this lesson is and what you will need to do? * Harry shook his head hoping that he wouldn't be in trouble for saying that he didn't understand or know something. *Well you will look through a telescope at the stars and it will be your job to work out which part of the map you are looking at. I will remain to explain the instructions to you, but after that you will be on your own. If you have any trouble, please stand on the other side of the door and one of the helpers will escort you back to your dorm if needed. *

Harry smiled and continued following the man up the any flights of stairs that they would need to go up in order to reach the highest point in the tower.

When they reached the top, Snape explained to the professor the difficulties that harry would have. He also said that he would set harry up with the task they were going to do and make sure he understood what to do before leaving.

*Harry, you are to look though this and look at the stars. The is a map of the stars. As you can see some stars make shapes. It is your job to look through the telescope and see if you can work out which shape connects to which series of stars and draw it onto the map. I expect at least 5 of the shapes mapped out. * Severus explained it to harry including showing him the shapes in the stars. *When you have finished please hand the scroll to the professor and wait to be escorted back to the dorms. I will see you tomorrow at breakfast. Please wait in the great hall for me and I will take you for one more lesson before you have to attend another lesson. Goodnight Harry *

*Good night Professor * Harry said already looking through the telescope and working out the patterns in the sky. It was refreshing for a teacher to see s student so eager to learn and wanting to know everything that they could even though the reason for this was because of such dire circumstances.

A sharp nod was given to the professor as he left, hoping to maintain his title of bat of the dungeon.

It took a lot longer to explain what was needed to the rest of the children and by the time that they all understood and were settled off working, Harry was nearly half way thought the work. It appeared that the boy had a very keen eye for detail.

Usually he would only expect one or two of the consolations to be correctly identified by the end of the session. 20 minutes before the end, he felt a tug on a sleeve of his robe. There was Harry, standing with his parchment rolled up and pointing towards him a small smile on his face.

Reaching down he smiled in return. "Percy, thank you for staying to help out. Please would you show our harry to his bed." He reached down and took Harry's hand going to lead him down the stairs.

"Sir, did he finish all the work?" Percy looked shocked because even he wasn't able to identify them all in his first lesson, much less get it right.

In response, he unrolled the scroll and looked. "Indeed, it would seem that young Mr. Potter has got everything correct." Both looked impressed. *I am not sure however abut his apparent inability or want to join in with other students as I fear this may cause problems in group projects later on. Anyway, please get this young man to bed before he falls asleep. *

Harry was glad that he was allowed to leave early. He wasn't sure about what would have happened if he would have needed to do more work.

Sept 5th

It's strange how when you are really tired that you don't remember going to bed. Unfortunately, everyone always remembers having to get back up.

Ron had been shaking harry for a few minutes before he finally woke up. Realizing that someone was holding onto him and he was not the first awake to get the jobs done. Harry panicked. Rolling of the bed he huddled in the corner awaiting the blows he knew for sure were going to follow.

When Ron's alarm had gone off and he had dragged himself out of the bed, already late for breakfast, he thought to be kind and wake harry up so he wouldn't be hungry. Great to his surprise were the events that followed.

"Harry it's okay, we aren't going to hurt you. We just need to get to breakfast. I have learnt the way now so we won't get lost." He was trying everything he could to clam the boy, and it appeared that breakfast was the word to do it.

Reaching into Harry's trunk, he pulled out the school robes that harry would need to wear for the day along with the books and wash stuff he would need. He pulled harry into the bathrooms gave him his toothbrush, with toothpaste on, flannel, soap and clothes. Hoping that the boy would be all right to get on himself, he went into the cubical next door.

Ron had to wait a while for harry, but he was able muddling thorough everything in order to get himself ready. They made it to the great hall just in time to get some toast. Both had the morning free to do what they liked. Lucky for them, so did Hermione. So when the two boys wanted to go exploring the castle and grounds. They actually found themselves in the library. Surrounded by books.

It seemed, to harry, that the astronomy teacher had given the class homework to complete the maps of the sky. Harry had finished and so had nothing to do. He would have loved to be able to look thought the books and learn about any subject he ever wanted, but instead he was forced to sit doing nothing,

Hermione wondered why he wasn't practicing his writing. Surly it would be more helpful than sitting staring at the table while they did their work. She realized that he might be embarrassed to sit and work on something so basic whilst the others were doing such hard work. Deciding to help, she drew the alphabet in dots just like he mum had done so many years ago.

In the process of passing that parchment over to harry, he had the opportunity to look at her work. Having already completed it, he noticed that the constellations were in the correct place in accordance to each other but the starting star wasn't the one that she should have started with. Reaching for his quill then over to the parchment, Hermione thought that the boy was leaning to take the sheet that she had prepared for him. However when he carried on going and drew a line between a few stars on his sheet, she looked horrified. Having finished correcting her work he took the sheets and signed a quick thank you.

Harry made a start on the letters hoping that if he did them well enough then he would be able to show Snape. It didn't take long for him to realize that since writing on her work, Hermione had been looking gob smacked. Harry realized that maybe this witch didn't take corrections very well. He wished he could explain the mistake to her, but new that even if he tried to sign an explanation, she would not understand. Instead he pulled out his map of the sky, which he had received back at breakfast, from his bag and handed it over before finishing the work.

She said thank you but didn't seem very impressed about being helped by a boy who couldn't even write his name

Harry didn't care though he just continued to write the letters. Having finished the dotted ones, he went on to try and recreate them on a separate sheet.

"Well, Well, Well. Look what we have here. What would three students like yourselves be doing wondering the corridors whilst the is a perfectly good feast going on?" Snape strode up behind them making the three students jump.

"We were in the library sir." Hermione started to explain with Ron and from what harry could tell on the professor's face, they weren't doing a very good job. Unnoticed by the other two students, Harry had taken off his rucksack and pulled out the parchments with the letters on.

Severus noticed this. *What is this Harry? * The boy handed it to him and on the parchment, he saw the neatly formed letters. *These are very good; did you do them yourself? *

Harry had put his pack on his back freeing his hands to sing. *The first one, this girl drew dots like you did but then the rest of them I did on my own. Are they good enough to be able to move onto words yet? * The smallest smile spread across the professor's face and he inclined his head to answer and also help maintain his reputation of the bat.

"*Very good, now I would recommend that you all go to the great hall, there is some good food there. Have fun in transfiguration this afternoon. *" With billow of his robes, the man left down a small corridor.

Not wishing to bump into any other teacher, they hurried. True to his word, the food was very good. Harry still being nervous and not able to eat large portions took only a small plate of scrambled egg on toast with some fruit for pudding. The other tow, having come from good homes and laces, took generous helpings and even went back for seconds.

Ron and Hermione looked ready to fall asleep after the large meal. Both were disappointed when Percy came up behind them. "I have been asked to escort Mr. Potter to his transfiguration lesson. Please would you all join me? I need to get to my lesson in time also."

"Brother, cant we sit for a bit longer we have only just finished and I think I'm going to throw up if I have to climb any stairs." Percy ignored him and took Harry's hand pulling him to his feet and leading him from the hall without another look back to his brother.

Harry heard whisper under Percy breath but did not know what it meant. "Stupid git, he wouldn't eat that much t home."

Harry got his timetable out and pushed it towards Percy. He seemed to get the message and pointed towards a blue square. Hermione had matched all his books to colours and had made it easy for harry to know what lesson he was going to by which colour. It helped because he thought that after a while he would be happy enough to walk himself.

Minerva had asked Harry to be escorted because if he became lost he would not be able to ask for help or directions.

Obviously the trio was the first to arrive and they waited outside the classroom in silence.

Neither Ron nor Hermione were comfortable talking because they felt as though they were excluding Harry. Harry in truth preferred it when they talked; he liked listening to the noise and trying to work out what they were saying. Some words he recognized: food, bed, sleep etc., but on the whole he had no clue.

Whilst in astronomy last night he had not really looked at who was in his class and he hoped that it would be the same group for every lesson because then there would only be a select few that knew how stupid he was. Someone had just approached him to start conversation, but luckily for Harry the door opened and a calm voice beckoned him in.

Once everyone was seated, Harry next to Hermione and Ron next to Neville, the lesson began. "The art of transfiguration is a delicate one and will require hard work and determination to master. I hope that you will all apply yourselves in order to pass this course. I must make it clear now that no matter who you may be, where you may come from or what you may know already, we will be starting at the basics and working thought everything. Any misbehaving in my class will not be tolerated. Do you understand?"

There was a chorus of "Yes, Professor," from each student.

Harry did not know what was said but seed to realized that this woman was not someone to mess with. He was glad he set up the quill because he would ask Snape later to translate what she said.

By the time he came out of the daydream the lesson was in full swing and approaching the practical. A small boy whom he had not seen before started handing out matchsticks. When each student had one each the professor used he stick to change it into a needle.

"You have seen how it is done, now it is your turn." The class became very noisy with students yelling at their matchsticks and waving the wands round.

Everyone was so busy that no one noticed that Harry dropped under the desk and was huddled with his hands over his ears.
He had expected for the noise to become less towards the end of the lesson, but it only became louder when people were frustrated that it was not working. McGonagall was going between the desks helping student's to correct the wand movements and dictation.

She got quite a shock when she turned and looked towards where she expected Harry potter to be, and he was not there. "Miss Granger, where is Potter?" It was clear from her expression that she had not realized that he was missing either.

Sep 19, 2016She got quite a shock when she turned and looked towards where she expected Harry Potter to be, and he was not there. "Miss Granger, where is Potter?" It was very clear from her expression that she had not realized that he was missing either.

Standing up to look for him, she kicked something under the table that whimpered. Looking down McGonagall found harry. "It is okay Miss Granger, there is nothing that can be done to help now, and we must wait until the end of the class. Please continue with your work." She looked again at the terrified small boy. The kick had made him shrink even further into himself. "Please Severus, help this boy."

By the end of the class, no one had managed to change the matchstick. Asking the students to leave them on their desks, she dismissed everyone including Ron and Hermione.

First she sent a floo message to Severus to get to her classroom as soon as possible, next she went to summon the matchsticks to her hands. A sharp pain filled her hand as a perfectly formed needle poked into her palm. Confused because none of the students had managed, she scanned it to see who had completed the magic. To her surprise, the trace came from Potter.

After pondering this thought for a while longer, she was awoken by a knock on the door. "Come in."

Severus had been worried when he received the message, but due to his lesson being with third years who were working on a difficult potion, he could not end the lesson or leave. That was a long 20 minuets. Striding in the classroom he saw the head of Gryffindor holding up a needle and then a boy huddled under a table. Fearing the worst, he scowled. "Whatever happened in here?"

Minerva was very stressed and confused now. "To be honest, I don't know. He was fine the entire lesson but when I came to help him with his magic, he was hiding under the table. I haven't heard the boy utter a word since he got here, yet he has managed to perfectly turn this into a needle. No one else in the class managed. And even more, his wand is still in his bag." Normally explaining a situation to someone would help her to understand, but in this case she was just getting more confused. "I would have got him out but as I didn't know what was wrong or have any way to communicate, I guess I feared I would worsen it." She hung her head in shame. "Ill leave you to it."

Harry heard the lady walk out and looked up as the room was finally silent. *Hello Harry * He recognized the man. *Please would you come out from under there and tell me what the problem seems to be? *

He was very tentative and nervous about being in the open with the man but after a few moments of calm, he seemed to settle enough to answer. *Well I saw the lady change the thing and then got given one and thought I had to do the same. So I did it. But then everyone started shouting. It was so loud. I hid under the table hoping that no one would see that I was a freak that made things change. Then the girl next to me kicked me and I was so scared. * Harry was crying now, clearly very distressed by the events that happened.

*Okay, how about you come back to my quarters and we can find a solution. You remember it down there right, there is food and warmth and it is safe. * Harry nodded very happy with this new arrangement. *Follow me then* they both strode from the room, not wanting to risk harry having to step into a fireplace.