TITLE: Falling on Deaf Ears

DISCLAMER: I do not own any of the characters or anything else recognisable as that of JK Rowling.

WARNINGS: Contains mentions of abuse and disabilities (Deafness)

PAIRINGS: None planned, Def no slash

SUMMARY: When Harry arrives at platform 9 and 3/4, it is a great surprise to everyone when he is deaf and severely injured. After being healed by Madame Pomfrey, he and Severus work together to reintegrate harry back into society. What will they uncover when they work though the problems of his past.

AUTOR NOTE: Please note that where there are the *, this is someone signing whilst talking. Would anyone like to be my beta reader as i am dyslexic and many people have been stating their difficulties in reading my work. I do not wish to loose readers due to my gramatical incapabilities.


It had taken severus a good hour to calm harry down, and that was including the hot coco that he had laced with calming draught. Now the boy was snuggling on his sofa by the fire looking at a wizard picture book. Although harry could not read, he enjoyed the way the animals moved around on the pages and was imagining his own story instead.

Harry much prefered it down in these rooms. They were cold like what he was used to. No one shouted either so he didnt need to feel confined by the ear defenders that started to give him a headache if worn for too long.

Clearing his trought, severus tried to find the right words to show harry that is was okay to do magic. *Harry, i know you may not fully understand this, however it is okay to do magic. Next time something like that happenes, instead of panicing like you just did, i want you to smile and next time you see me you can tell me. How does that sound? *

Harry was rather confused by this. *Sorry, sir, I do not think you signed something right then, Please would you be able to repeat it?* It was hard for Severus to work out if the boy was scared from his facial expression or if he was merely trying to make sense of the statement.

*Well Harry, I will repeat it however it will be the same as I signed it correctly last time. I suggested that in future, instead of panicking when you make something change using magic, hold in all that emotion until you see me, and then i can help to show you how good it is. Do you think this would be possible?* He still looked quite confused however hesitantly nodded his head. *Now what were you doing in the lesson?*

Harry reached into his bag and pulled out his parchment for the Professer to see.

After a few minuets of looking through the notations, he returned his attention to harry. *Would you like me translate this for you or would you like to practice what this explains. You may choose both.*

*Please could you read me the general gist of the work however i dont want to hear all of it. Then please could you show me what it is we were supposed to be doing.* The professer gave no answer and instead started to talk through all the notes from the lesson.

Harry watched carefully and whenever Severus throught that he may not have understood somthing he would ask a question. Reaching the end of the notes, he showed harry what needed to be done. *See, nice and simple. Would you like to try?* He knew that Harry could do this however he was slightly confused as to how he would be able to without talking.

Tentitivly he looked between the professer and the offending matchstick. Gathering all of his courage, he let out a breath and allowed the matchstick to change into the needle. Bracing himself for the blow that was bound to come, harry looked at the floor.

It took a while for severus to realise that the boy had actually changed it as he had not lifted a finger let alone a wand. Reaching over knowing the boy was expecting a beating, he mearly patted him on the back gently and congratulated him. *Woow, that was great Harry. If you can do this this the other two matchsticks then i think i may be able to find some chocolate. How does that sound?*

Harry was speachless. [pardon the pun] Not only was he not punished, the man had patted him on the back like he had seen his uncle do on Dudley. He was so distracted by this plesent feeling that he didnt notice the man signing. Luckly he had noticed and didnt comment on it, just repeating himself yet again.

In response to the man, he changed the matchstick again. *Welldone Harry, lets go find some chocolate, follow me.* There was a rare smile creeping onto his face.

Later that day, harry was in his common room with his two new friends attempting to play chess with Ron. Severus took the time to see the Headmaster.

"Albus, please. Harry will get there, he just needs a little time to adapt. I know that everyone thinks of him as the saviour of the wizarding wold however at the moment there is nothing that he can do to even start understanding the implications of this." Severus was getting annoyed.

Albus wore his usual smile "Understand though my boy, when it comes down to it, no matter is he can read, write, talk or anything else, what he needs to to know how to defend himself and kill Lord Voldemort." Severus was struggling to keep it together now "He has a job to full fill and there is nothing that can be done about that. You know the profacy, you know that he will return. He must be able to defend himself, no matter the cost."

"He is not a pawn in yours or anyone elses plan and i will not allow him to be either. I swore to his mother that i would protect him, so far i have failed by blindly trusting you." He strode towards the door "I will not make the same mistake again." Severus left the room determined to help this young boy that he was starting to care for no matter the cost.

Albus was unhappy, not only was there issues with Harry, but now the only hope of fixing things was starting to disapear too. "Don't worry Fawkes, all will be well."

"You are starting to get the hang of this harry. Well done. How about we play Exploding snap for a bit before bed as that is a bit less difficult." Ron agreed, happy to be away from the boy who nearly beat him at chess.

It took a few turns for harry to be comfortable with the mini explosons that happened everytime he put his hand down, but after a while he was smiling and joining in with the other two.

As the deck finished for the fifth time, Hermione announced that she was going to go to bed, and that the boys should as well.

The boys dragged themselves up the stairs and into their dorm. Ron got changed then snuggled under his think red comforter, harry just stood there unsure of what to do. After 20 minuets of standing there, he went in search of a cupboard. Finding the closes thing possible to a cupboard in the shower cubical, he curled up to sleep.

There wasnt the peaceful sleep he would have liked after such a difficult day.

It was barely midnight when Severus heard a timid knocking at his door. Moving towards it ready to reprimand whatever student dared to disturb him at this time in the evening, he was very surprised to see a flock of black hair. *Harry, is everything okay?* The small boy looked up. It nearly melted even the dungeon bats heart the tearstained vivid green eyes staring up at him. It reminded him of the night he called Lily that hated word.

Nothing else in this situation could be done, he pulled him into his chest and led him into his private living room. Mentally he made a note of harry. Not only did the poor boy have a tear stained face, he also wore rumpled robes. There was no sign of physical injury though so knew that he had not been hurt.

Sitting the boy on the large couch in front of the fire and entering his own bedroom to retrive the comforter. He wrapped it around harrys shoulders, pulled him down so his head was on his lap.

Over an hour went past of Severus stroking Harrys hair gently and humming some lullabys that he had heard when he was a child and upset by his Fathers abuse. The boy was asleep and although he did not want harry to wake up, he also needed sleep in order to be able to function during his lessons tomorrow.

How he did it, he did not know, however he managed to move the boy off his lap and stand up to return to bed. Transfiguring a pillow into another blanket he settled into bed.

Sleep came easily.

Next morning he woke to the smell of something good cooking.

Rising from his bed and putting on his clean clothes, he followed his nose to the kitchen that he had not in his entire time as professor used.

Before him was harry with a pan on the hob cooking what looked like porridge. Sitting behind the breakfast bar, he sat and watched the skilled small boy working. It was incredable that a boy who struggles with so much, can do what his peers have never tried.

Not long later Harry poured some of the porridge into bowl. Taking a small amount of honey, he swerled it in a perfect spiral around the bowl.

Placing the bowl in front of the man, harry stood and watched with wide eyes hoping that it was satiscactory. *Woaw harry, this is amazing. I would like you to join me and also have a bowl please.* Harry jumped to serve himself another before the man changed his mind.

*Thank you sir, this really is good. Would you like tea or coffee when you have finished please sir?* Harry was already standing heating the water. He knew he had forgotten something for the mans breakfast, he only hoped that he would be allowed to finish the bowl of porridge.

Severus looked up *I would like coffee please however i will make it when we have both finished, please continue eating.* Harry let out a breath he had been holding.

It wouldn't have taken long for Severus to finish his bowl however he decided to eat slower so as to stop the boy becoming pressured and making himself ill.

*Harry, you have a free period this morning, i am teaching 3rd years during this session however i would like you to come into the session and do some work.* Snape had stood up to make the coffee and brought a cup of pumpkin juice for harry.

*Please go and shower, dress and meet me back here in half an hour. If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to ask.* With that he stood and went into his own room.

Harry looked around trying to remember what he needed to do. A moment later, a house elf popped in to clear up the mess from breakfast. "Hello young sir, please do excuse me i did not realise you were here."

*Sorry Mr, i dont understand.* The little elf looked even more stressed by this. *My professer says that i need to have a shower and dress, do you think you would be able to help me?* He seemed to understand the gesture for shower and dress so he took harry's hand and led him towards the bathroom.

Turning the facet on, he allowed the water to run and warm up while he helped harry to undress. Gasping in shock at the scars littering the boys body "Sir, im sorry i did not know."

Harry had noticed but at the small elfs desperation to put it to right so he pretended not to notice.

It didnt take long for the elf to help Harry with in the shower and to have the boy out and starting to dry "I am going to get your clothes, two moments mister."

He popped out and back again in less than a second with clean robes ready.

*Hello sir* harry signed as he walked into the living room following his new friend.

Severus looked the boy down to ensure that everything was in place. "*Thank you Kally, that will be all.*" He turned and waved to harry before popping away again.

*Please follow me Harry.* Severus walked out of his quarters and into his class room.

He pulled out a chair at the back of the room and gestured to Harry to sit. *I would like you to listen during my lecture, you do not need to take notes, your focus is to link sounds and signs. When everyone settles to work i would like you to practice writing with these puzzles.* Severus made his way towards the front of the room *I do not expect you to move from that seat, please do not distract the class.*

*Yes, Sir.* It was only 5 minuets before the 3rd years started filing into the room and setting themselves up behind their desks.

As the twins walked in, the went to take their seat, noticed harry in the corner and relocated to a table closer to him, Harry did not miss the wink.

The lecture was very interesting, Snape ensured that he signed throughout. By the end, many of the students were starting to stop paying attention. It was at this point that Professor Snape decided to put the instructions on the board and set them off brewing their potion.

Harry reached over and took one of the parchments. He started joining the dots that were on there. Next to each dot was a number, There was a key which showed what number goes in what order. He didnt realise until he had finished that he had drawn a dragon. Underneith was the dots were some letters that he assumed meant dragon.

It took the entire lesson for harry to complete half of the shapes. He heared everyone stand to leave and the professor move towards him. *Well done Harry, I will escort you to your next lesson.*

Harry's lessons that day went well. He stayed in hall of the sessions, took noted using his special quill and didnt have another panic attack when he made his feather fly around the rooms in the charms class.

During lunch time, Hermione had helped him to write the alphabet without the need for dots. He couldnt wait until Dinner when he knew his Potions Professor was going to collect him and he could tell him about everything that went on during the day.