Okay, I got the idea for this *air quotes* "one-shot" yesterday and was dying to get it uploaded. I have no idea if anyone else wrote a story similar to this...


I support Hiccstrid, I love it, gods. (Okay, is it Hiccstrid or Hicstrid?) Well this was going to be a "one shot" but I decided it to be a story chapter.

Why? No idea.

I thought making the whole thing from Hiccup's point of view but, I decided to use a method I am using in my other fandom fan fiction 'SlugTerra'. Not many know about it. It's just a Nerd Corps (Canada) Animated series...

It's available on YouTube as trailers and maybe as a few episodes...

Okay enough about other fandoms, it's like each chapter is in the POV of one of the characters, I repeat eachchapter.

Let's get on with the story...


I was flying high up in the clouds and her voice was replaying in my head. I groaned inwardly.

Beneath me Toothless purred as he shifted his weight and we were lowering down. I groaned as I fisted the air around me and fell flat on my back on my dragon, the Nightfury. My mother Valka and I had a talk and, seriously, I was in a bad mood. So I thought maybe flying might be helping me, but to no avail.

"Okay, I don't want to be the Dragon LORD!" I yelled, completely frustrated. Toothless crooned as he flapped his wings. My mom and I had a talk about me taking over controlling the Alpha after her.

I mean I was Twenty!

And I still needed to see the world. Also, I was no good at controlling the dragon. Also all that outspokenness, flying, destroying the hunters' ships, that was all her thing. Not mine.

What was my mother thinking?

"Hiccup, I know it will be hard but I also know that you'll do it well. You have the heart of a chief, a leader, and the soul of a dragon. You alone can bring our worlds together. This change, it's just instrumental in finding out who you are, my son." Her voice was soothing and deep, the perfect for a dragon lady. While... me?

I knew it I could never be her, all that she is, I'll never be her. And also I never met my dad. Mom said that he'd died in a dragon raid in a village. So no Dad and not Mom. Who was I?

I knew a billion things about dragons, having spent my blissful childhood with them. I knew my childish, younger-days ambition of becoming The Dragon Lord after my mom, not A Dragon Rider. But now that the reality has hit me, I can feel the pressure it had on my mom, to control the Alpha, to make perfect plans and decide her strategy. I could never be anything.

Why had it to be me? Why couldn't I have had an elder brother or sister, who could take my mother's place as the Rider? Why was I supposed to be an only child?

I sighed. So many unanswered questions and only one answered question.

My Dad. He was dead.

At last I touched down. I was in no good mood to see my mom now but if I, at least, could get my message to her, if it could save a lot of slack for her. She was in her room, a cavernous hole dug into the side of the mountain, the edges outlined with hexagonal rock that acted like steps. I had many secret rooms and passage ways that I used for easy transportations. So when I appeared from behind a curtain of hanging vines, my mom was not surprised.

"Hiccup, where've you been?" She asked me as she put away a few clothes. I scratched my head lightly and gave an awkward smile.

"Hey, Mom." I sighed and she cut me in.

"Have you decided?" She asked me as she sat down to take care of a Nadder's foot that was bruised. That was what I was talking about. She was taking care of a dragon and simultaneously maintaining a abnormal (well, that's how it felt to me. She knew about my hesitation and was yet asking me) conversation with me. She was, I don't know, awesome, a feral vigilante dragon lady. How in Odin's beard, could I master something she's had experience in for twenty years? I rubbed my neck as I sat on the bed.

"I don't know mom." I admitted. "It is a great thing, a big honour. But I don't think I am ready for it. At least, not yet." I sighed as I rubbed my palms. "No mom, I don't want to do it." I decided, looking at her, straight in the ice-green eye, when she turned around to me, her eyes furrowed and her mouth set in a stiff jaw. "Yeah, mom. Too much work and pressure. I can't-wont handle it!" I yelled as I ran out of the room, shutting out the now-growing-faint pleadings of my mother calling out, "Hiccup, come back!"

I just ran into my room and slid into a secret passageway just underneath the door. The keys were pretty difficult to find, but damn easy to use. It was just a depression into the ground/ wall that I had to push and the door would reveal itself. I didn't see Toothless in my room and I expected him to be with the Storm-Cutter Cloudjumper, my mother's dragon. I knew it then and there that I could never be a Dragon Lord, as my mother would tease me in my childhood, tickling me till I cried laughing. Those were the best of my days, the best, until now.

I collapsed onto the cool ground, my head in my hands and I let silent tears run down my freckled face. I decided to run away, away from the dragon Alpha/Bewilderbeast. Run away from my supposed future. The last one was harsh- run away from my mother, the one who brought me into our world, the one who taught me about our world. And the one who wanted me to rule our world. I wasn't ready yet. Why didn't she get that?

I stood up and followed the passageway to a fork, one going upwards, the other going a little right. I took the right one and emerged out in front of the Alpha, now dozing peacefully unaware that his human son was about to run away, away from all of... this.

I sneaked away on tiptoes and just before I entered my house I bowed down to the Alpha, giving my last respects to him, probably.

Mom was inside scratching the back of her dragon. When she saw me, well, get it that she was damn happy seeing me. I don't want to describe the way she put her arms around me and after a bone-splitting hug, let me go. She was pretty strong for a woman. The other women I had seen on my flights were bulky and well, Viking-like.

"I was so scared that you'd done something rash. You left Toothless here." She gestured to Toothless, lying on the ground, his face, then-hidden, now openly giving out his toothless-gummy smile.

I felt guilty and a guilty smile formed on my face as I settled down beside my Nightfury, giving him the well-deserved scratching. "No Mom," I protested. "I just need some time alone." I said, without meeting her gaze, all my focus on Toothless' black scaly hide.

"Okay..." She said as she walked out, her dragon following her faithfully. "I need to check out the perimeters to make sure they don't cross it. I might come tomorrow."

I just nodded; not knowing what to do. I was about to run away and she'd given me the most perfect moment to put my plan in action. I waited until the loud flapping of the Storm-Cutter grew monotonous along with the roars of other dragons, before speaking to my dragon.

"Tooth, we're leaving." The dragon perked his ears up and cocked his head at me. Thor, I hated it when he did that. He pouted like a big baby boo just to melt my heart. But then I couldn't control a dragon. I didn't know how to. I never controlled Toothless, he did whatever he wanted to do. I don't know how to control the dragon using that Bone-Knapper staff of my mother

Argh... I hated these conflicting thoughts. Why did it have to be so complicated?

The dragon followed me silently to my room, its head bent low. I knew Toothless had wonderful memories here and to be frank, I too had many. But when I was not capable of leading the dragons against the hunters, what right did I have to live here, to live under the care of the Bewilderbeast and not be of use to anyone? Mom didn't understand. I mean, she is getting old and weak; age is taking its toll on her. She was no longer that energetic woman who would jump onto a Hunter's ship and free the dragons manually and single-handedly.

I was never her. Never could be her.
Toothless nudged me. When I looked at him, I saw my tear-streaked reflection in its big black eyes. The tears were flowing down like a new stream. I wiped it hastily and began stuffing random things into a stolen rug sack. Many of the things we used were stolen from nearby settlements. When I flew with mom, I never felt guilty. Guilty, that I was robbing someone of a precious commodity. Now, I was leaving and the guilt that I was robbing someone of a precious commodity- more like the future chief of dragons, was gnawing at me, tearing out chunks of memories of my past, like as though it were my flesh. I was feeling empty every time I put a thing, like my clothes, in my bag. The house was clearing up, my room was getting empty and my heart was feeling heavy.

What was happening to me?

I put in extra tailfins into the bag on Toothless. After that incident... I shivered, not wanting to relish the terrible incident where my best friend lost his freedom to fly. I had made a prosthetic that I controlled with my foot, putting the tail in a couple of gears to fly and, so far it has been useful. But when it comes to sleek manoeuvres that require fast flying, it becomes tough.

One more reason my mother never let me fly on missions.

She was overprotective and now wanted me to take over as Chief of dragons, the Dragon Lord. And she expects me to do a good job. I sarcastically clapped my hands in my mind as I heaved the rug-sack over my shoulders.

I was leaving home, my home. Now.

One last look around, our last respect to the Alpha and a message for my mother should she come home soon, and we were off. I soared in the sky, the familiar Nightfury whistle roaring in my ears. How I loved it- the only part of training a dragon that was enjoyable.

In a minute the Nest disappeared behind our backs and we were flying smoothly over the calm blue sea, oblivious to the fact that my mother was going to cry, yell and go insane, reading my letter.

Oblivious to the fact that I had left a broken heart in my heart, the other waiting patiently in my mother's.

I had left home, never to come back.

We had been flying for the most of the afternoon, the scorching sun, a gift for our pain-ridden backs. I stretched my stiffened hands and feet. We had crossed a few villages, none of them capturing my attention as they should have. My mother's loving advices of staying away from settlements were gongs of a bell in my ears, ringing like an alarm every time a village came in my sight. I sighed as I shut the alarm out.

I was not going to forget her in near future.

Now it felt foolish to have done that, to have left my mother that way. A hasty decision of seeing the world for some time and then going back, nagged in the back of my head like a persistent flea, stubborn to let go.

Mom was gone. I had no mother now and no father. I was no longer Hiccup, the Dragon Lord. I had a fresh new start. A new beginning awaited me. A new Hiccup awaited me. A new Hiccup called-

At that moment all my thoughts came crashing down like the dragon I was riding on. Rough nets, thrown over me and Toothless, pulled at my skin leaving dark pattern of bruises on my hands and feet. The leather armour I wore (once again made from stolen material) protected me for gods-know-how-long in my life. My mask was pressed against my face, squashing my nose. I struggled in futility as we dived down to the ground at a great speed. Toothless groaned as he struggled.

"Hang in there, bud. We'll make it out." I looked at the now not-functioning tailfin to see the problem. The tail was not moving no matter how hard I tried. I gave up at the last moment. And was pulled down hardly. The ground came closer and closer and then... we crashed. I felt every singly bone in me, break to tiny pieces and I blacked out, the last thing I heard, "...A dragon rider..."

There was a dull pain in my head as I struggled to open my eyes. When I did, I found myself in a fairly small room, the fire blazing lazily in the hearth, flames flickering menacingly. My hand immediately went to my head as I began assessing the room. I was on a wooden bed; the door was right in front of me, ready to reveal someone behind it. I wrinkled my nose at the door to approve of my distrust, as though it would listen to me and shut itself. That's when I realised.


I tugged at the blanket pulling it away from my body. I put my feet on the ground and realised I was barefoot. My helmet lay on a table beside the bed and the window let in a gust of cold air that sent shivers down my spine. My leather suit was taken off and was, hopefully, safe in Gods-know-where place. I was in my red shirt and an olive green pants.

The sun was setting in a lovely way, in hues of pinks, yellows and reds. I ran my hand casually through my hair, admiring the rare beauty, and winced. There was a bandage wrapped badly around my head, a small tuft of brunet hair in the front covering my eyes. it looke as though only my head was broken and nothing else. I pushed my hair aside and tensed.

The door was opening, creaking more like, and a girl stepped inside.

She wasn't much: a standard skinny girl of a good height, probably about my age, holding a tray in her hand and glaring at me. I too glared at her as walked towards me and placed the tray harshly on the table.

"Sit." She commanded and I sat onto the bed. She had long blonde hair reaching her back, braided haphazardly in an I-don't-care manner, metal headband (was that called a kransen?) on her head, the golden bang covering her crystal blue eyes. She had a fur hood and wore a red top over a spiked skirt and blue pants with fur boots.

Man, and were those eyes beautiful.

"Eat." She shoved the bowl on the tray into my hands and crossed her arms.

"What is this?" I asked as I spat out the first spoon-feed I took. I rubbed my face in a rude way and stared at her.

She had a questioning look on her face "Who are you?" She asked me.

"Where is Toothless?" I asked her but it clearly didn't help. She looked more confused (and cute in a Viking-like way)

"Who's Toothless?" she asked me; I sighed. This wasn't going to get me anywhere.

"My dragon? With a saddle and an artificial tail -" I raised my eyebrows in a questioning way.

"Oh!" the girl smacked her head. "The dragon? It is in the arena with the others." She shrugged and gave a mean look to me. "What were you doing with it?" She asked me.

"My dragon. My wish. Why do you interfere?" I folded my arms and stared at her. We had a staring contest for a few minutes which was disturbed by the knocking of the door.

"Astrid?" a fairly gruff voice muffled by the door called out.

"Yes chief!"

She called out at the same time I asked,


"Yes, that's my name." She nodded and the door opened to reveal a huge man with orange beard fanning out in every direction. He had a helmet with horns jutting out of the side of his head. He wore a dark fur cape over his green undistinguishable dress. He nodded at Astrid and she left. Then he turned to me.

"Where am I?" I asked the man. "What is this place?"

"You are on the island of Berk." The man spoke. "I am Stoick, the chief of Berk."

"Where's my dragon?" I asked almost immediately, anger and an unknown fear of losing my friend taking control over me. I remembered Mom's advice and regretted having not heard it.

"Oh ho," He gave a booming laugh I tried to shut out. But it was futile. Even with my hands over my ears. "The dragon will be killed tomorrow." He chortled as I felt a huge lump of useless rocks pinning me to the ground. He then leaned over me and whispered, putting his hand between him and the door as though it would shut the conversation of our side from the other, "The girl, Astrid? She's going to do the honours." Stoick smiled. "Now then, who are you?"

And I felt myself getting buried by that pile of useless rocks, again. I prayed for the Alpha to come and help me. And then I did the unthinkable.

I charged at him.

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