After they get back from the mission Chase saw Skyler on the balcony. He went out to talk to her.

"Hey, Skyler can we talk for a minute." She sat down on one of the chairs. Chase when and sat down next to her. "Look I'm sorry I about what happaned on the mission. I was just mad when Bree, Kaz, and Olvier wanted to have you as their mission leader."Skyler turned around to look at Chase. "I'm sorry you felt that way. It was just in the monet they wanted my to be the leader, and I know we had to go save those people."

"Well, you did do an excellent job on that mission and you were a great leader."

"The way Bree, Douglas and Mr. Davenport talk you're a great leader to. And Kaz really likes working with you."

"You know maybe we could work together and both be leaders. Let's team up from our team."

Chase and Skyler walked into the penthouse. Bree was on her phone. Kaz and Oliver were watching tv. Skyler grabbed the remote and turned off the tv. "Hey, what's that about?" Kaz asked.

Skyler started. "As you guys know, both have been team leaders."

"Yea, we like better." Kaz said.

"Anyhow", Chase started, "We've been talking and we decided to team up and both leaders."

Skyler finished for him. "That way we each help you guys on missions. Or take over if somehow one of us can make it to the mission control room on time.".

Bree, Kaz, and Oliver, all looked at each other. " I guess we can work with that, Bree said.

Who knows, maybe this could lead to something else.

The end.

After the last episode, I started thinking about how much Chase and Skyler remind of Robin and Starfire on teen titans. (Skyler and Starfire are both for other planets. Ironic.) So I decided to write an alternative ending to Follow The Leader.